Four Season Light Duvet

Four Season Light Duvet


Includes both a Summer and Midsummer Night’s Dream duvet that can be used together.

Filled with pure virgin sheep’s wool and encased in 100% certified organic cotton. Four Seasons duvets are two duvets purchased together as a set and at a bundled discount.

Available Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King

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SAMINA duvets are filled with humanely sourced virgin sheep’s wool and encased in SAMINA’s proprietary luxurious Bio-Ceramic Organic cotton fabric. The moisture wicking properties of wool fibers keep an even temperature in bed keeping you cozy, warm and dry (not sweaty) under the covers.

We recommend use with a duvet cover and offer our own private line of duvet covers for SAMINA duvets. To request current availability, click here.

SAMINA Four Seasons duvets are a combination of two duvets that may be used separately or tied together on all four sides during the coldest months of the year. When purchased as a set, the price is less than purchasing each duvet separately.

Midsummer Night’s Dream is the lightest of the 3 styles. The Summer duvet contains about twice the amount of wool as the Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Spring/Autumn contains about twice the amount of wool as the Summer duvet.

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Available Sizes

We offer the most popular sizes, however, there are a number of other sizes available. If you need another size, please CONTACT US for a quotation.
63" x 83" [160cm x 210cm] = TWIN
86" x 86" [218.4cm x 218.4cm] = FULL/QUEEN
102" x 86" [259cm x 218.4cm] = KING