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Sleeping with Toxic Chemicals

Imagine, you’ve finally upgraded to your dream mattress. It feels soft and you hope you can finally get a comfortable night’s rest. But what many people don’t know is that (even today!) most mattresses are filled with toxic chemicals. Unsuspecting sleepers are completely unaware that their mattress is actually doing them more harm than good, even if they believe that they are getting a comfortable night’s rest.

Most of the chemicals that are found on a mattress are flame-retardant and stain-resistant chemicals. These petrochemicals are notorious for being hidden in a spectrum of mattresses. From a coil mattress to memory foam, the chemically enhanced beds can cause serious long term effects.

Long Term Effects

According to health website Mercola, flame-retardant chemicals have been linked to serious health risks, including infertility, birth defects, neurodevelopment delays, reduced IQ, hormone disruptions, cancer, and even behavioral problems in children. Mercola also identifies flame-retardant chemicals as one of 17 “high priority” chemical groups that should be avoided to reduce breast cancer.

Since the mid- 1960s most mattresses have been made of polyurethane foam, which is petroleum-based material that emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Polyurethane has been known to cause lung irritation and asthma attacks, while also irritating the skin. Most mattresses have also been made with formaldehyde, which is one of the adhesives that hold mattresses together. Just like with polyurethane, formaldehyde has its own list of side effects that include eye, nose, and throat irritation.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), high levels of formaldehyde can cause coughing, wheezing, chest pains, and bronchitis. The worst part is mattress manufacturers aren’t actually required to label the chemicals their mattresses contain, which makes it more difficult for the average shopper to know what’s actually in the mattress that they’re thinking about buying. With so many disastrous side effects, people are turning to healthier alternatives to fall asleep.

SAMINA Supports Your Healthy Sleep


SAMINA uses unadulterated, natural materials in all of their products, from the organic mattress to the pillows. The natural rubber mattress SAMINA has designed is a “green” mattress alternative that is not filled with toxic chemicals. Due to the nature of the rubber, it also has hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite qualities. These benefits will further help you get a good night sleep, if you’re not already breathing easily knowing you’re not inhaling harmful chemicals.

More Than Just A Natural Mattress

samina pillowWhen it comes to a toxic-free sleep, don’t just stop at the mattress. Also consider items like your pillows, bedding, and bed frames to make sure you’re truly sleeping in a chemical-free environment. Apart from the natural mattress, SAMINA also offers healthy pillows that are made from natural materials in soft, organic cotton. Natural materials, like organic cotton, actually encourage clear, healthy breathing, unlike the toxic options.

Many comforters, duvets, and blankets contain formaldehyde; which is why SAMINA offers a chemical-free option with our Bio-ceramic® organic cotton bedding, and comfortable comforters. Wrap yourself up in our natural bedding to keep yourself cozy in the winter or to cool you down in the summer. Snuggle up with SAMINA’s safe bedding without feeling like you’re sleeping with hazardous materials.

The natural bed frames we have, come from the Italian company Luxlet. They’ve created luxurious bed frames that are made with 100% natural materials like hard wood with organic oils. Unlike other bed frames that are made with synthetic varnishes and paints. The worst part of bed frames (chock full of VOCs) is that dangerous chemicals are used in toxic wood oil and glue that binds the bed frame (and the headboard) together.

Beneficial Bed Products

SAMINA makes sure that you get more than just a good night’s rest, but also healthy sleep for years to come. Using SAMINA products can guarantee you and your family that you’re not sleeping with harmful materials. At SAMINA, the products are made in a clean environment nestled in the clean air of the Voralberg Mountains in Austria, not a toxic factory. For more information on other ways the SAMINA products can help you, check out our Benefits page.

We always ask, “where would you like to sleep? A factory or the forest?”

SAMINA Will Help Improve Healthy Sleep for Kids

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Kids Need Healthy Sleep

Healthy sleep for kids has become a growing concern with parents. In today’s world, we’re thinking about how to make the planet a healthier place, and how to make our minds and bodies the healthiest they can be. Sleep is an important part of making our minds and bodies healthier. For children, sleep accounts for the largest part of their young lives which is why using SAMINA products is key for a good night’s rest for your children.

Natural Materials

Healthy sleep for kids starts with the right materials. SAMINA products are made from organically grown, organic certified and unadulterated materials. All of the products are carefully and gently produced in the best tradition of craftsmanship by hand so that the natural properties and benefits of the materials are retained.

Pure Wool

Children need warmth while they sleep, however they sweat faster than adults. This is why pure wool is ideal for warmth because it also provides the optimum temperature balance to prevent over-heating. In fact, the wool is not only helpful with temperature balance but it is a product of free-roaming, pesticide-free, living sheep. It’s also washed by hand and never chemically processed. This means that it’s safe for children (and adults!) to sleep with and, importantly, the sheep are ethically sheared. The high lanolin content in the natural wool is also a deterrent to dust mites making the bedding very hygienic even for the most sensitive sleepers.

Pillows for Babies and Toddlers

SAMINA has a special pillow filled with sheep’s wool. It was designed with a low profile to nurture little heads and necks with comfort. Speaking of babies, SAMINA has nursing and positioning pillows that are especially suitable for use while pregnant, during birth, while breast-feeding, or simply for the relaxation of mother and child. Handmade SAMINA quality goes into every detail and the pillow is made from unpolluted raw materials such as virgin sheep’s wool and organic cotton.

Rest Easy Now

Not only are SAMINA products some of the safest for you to use, but also for the use of your children. As detailed above, the products include organic, non-toxic sleep products with cuddly comfort to begin healthy sleep habits that last a lifetime. With SAMINA providing a healthy sleep for kids, you (and the little ones!) can rest easily.

Reduce Sweat While Sleeping With SAMINA Bedding

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Sweat While Sleeping

To sweat while sleeping, is never a comfortable night’s rest for anyone. Sweat is our body’s cooling mechanism, which can be triggered when it’s hot or when there is excess movement (i.e. exercising, running, physical activities). It’s a natural process of our bodies that we all have. However, it’s safe to say that we’d rather sweat outside, than sweat while sleeping. Fortunately, there are certain bedding materials that can help with sweat which is part of our natural detoxification. When it comes to improving your sleep and decreasing the chance of sweat, your understanding of the climate of your bed and your bedding material could be the key to understand why we sweat while sleeping, and what you can do about it.

Bed Climate

To accomplish relaxing, healthy sleep; a harmonious bed climate is imperative in getting through a hot month. Bed climate can be influenced by several key elements: room temperature, humidity, breathability, and the sleeper’s own body temperature. While we are sleeping, our bodies’ demand for heat rises. Toxins are also excreted through the skin by sweat. This makes it important to sleep in a dry-warm bed climate made out of the right natural materials.

Materials That Increase Sweat

A bed made out of the wrong materials can release a negative effect for sweaters. For instance, bedding made out of synthetic materials has a tendency to trap heat, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep experience. Polyester doesn’t breathe and it will hold all your sweat in rather than release it, no matter how light and airy it is. Silk is a luxurious, soft, and cool fabric that would make a bed very comfortable to sleep in. However, silk loves to cling on to moisture so once you start sweating, it won’t be a very fun night’s rest. Down fibers and feathers are also not able to wick moisture. They repel moisture from them, so sweat gets trapped between you and the duvet, bed, or mattress.

Pure Sheep’s Wool

The SAMINA Sleep System features bedding with open air circulation, breathable layers, and natural materials made from 100% organic cotton and filled with virgin sheep’s wool. These materials guarantee a more harmonious bed climate all year round. Handcrafted from 100% biologically active virgin sheep’s wool, it is a unique fiber that adjusts to all types of sleeping conditions. Wool bedding helps to normalize a sleepers’ temperature. It “self regulates” the temperature, making sure that each person is maintaining their own body temperature even when they’re sharing the bed with another person.

Carefully Crafted Wool

Essentially when the weather is cold, the wool warms and vice versa when the weather is warm. What makes sheep’s wool an ideal bedding material for sleepers is the ability to absorb about 30% of its own weight in moisture, thus keeping you warm and dry at the same time. In order to maintain the many positive elements of the wool, it has to be carefully processed by hand. After humanely shearing from live sheep, the wool is washed and hand-processed (not chemically processed which destroys its natural properties) into fleeces and fabrics before being sewn in the toppers, duvets, and pillows at SAMINA.

Reduce Sweat With SAMINA

With SAMINA’s bedding products, natural and high quality materials are carefully crafted in order to achieve relaxing, healthy sleep. SAMINA organic cotton and wool bedding will help reduce sweat, provide harmonious climate control, and maximize comfort in sleep. Visit our Benefits page to discover more insight on the many benefits of the SAMINA sleep system. Make sure to go on our website to search for your perfect SAMINA product today.

Back Pain Relief & Spinal Health With SAMINA

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Back Pain from Lack of Bed Support

Damage to your back negatively affects your spinal health which is one of the drawbacks of the wrong mattress. A bed without proper back support is likely to cause you to develop painful problems in places where there were none before. When we stress our bodies into unnatural shapes or positions, we tend to suffer the consequences. Unlike most mattresses or beds, the SAMINA sleep system provides active support, effectively reducing or eliminating back pain associated with a lack of bed support. The body has orthopedic needs during sleep and the SAMINA system can fulfill it especially from the perspective of improving the health of the spine, the neck, and the shoulder.

Solutions from SAMINA

General and lower back pain can come from a number of sources. An irritation to the bones, ligaments, or joints will cause pain or pain that radiates to other body parts. Back problems can also inflict back muscle spasms, which can lead to severe pain and even disability. Here is how the SAMINA sleep system can help with back problems.

The Natural Position of the Spine

When lying down, our system supports the spine in every position. The natural position of the spine is supposed to be a double S-shape; our system contours to maintain that all night long. The patented SAMINA slat frame gives your back a gentle stretch and this expansion of your entire spine (all 33 vertebrae!) alleviates tension and reduces painful pressure on spinal discs and nerves. The slat frames also prevent tension between your intervertebral discs and on your spinal cord where pinched nerves create pain.

SAMINA Slat Frame

More people must recognize how important bed support is. Most general beds and mattresses play a passive role for the sleeper based on the material of the bed. Heavy body parts such as the shoulders and buttocks entail more pressure and the natural S-shape of the spine can be deterred through lack of pressure equalization on conventional mattresses. As a direct effect, your spine and muscles have to create the necessary balance by becoming taut. Thanks to the double-sided, freely suspended slat frame of the SAMINA sleep system, your body will realize optimal recovery of your back, both the spine and musculature. SAMINA supports and eases the strain caused by common mattresses on the body.

Neck Support



For complete resolution of your back pain, proper neck support is completely necessary. With the right orthopedic pillow on our sleep system, your neck will receive gentle support below, opening your throat to aid in breathing and reduce snoring. We recommend the SAMINA Delta pillow, our most popular style, which correctly positions the neck and the head to benefit the cervical spine.

Spinal Health Solution

Relief from back pain is one of many benefits people sleeping on the complete SAMINA sleep system appreciate. Each component is designed to meet all the important requirements needed for a bed that you would expect from one promoting good and healthy sleep. Your orthopedic problems can often be answered with just one solution. Visit our website at or call us at toll-free 1-877-494-1091 to discover the benefits of the Samina sleep system on your spinal health.

Healthy Sleeping Through Earthing On The Lokosana Pad

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The Barefoot Effect

The link between us humans and the biological effects of the earth’s magnetic field is actually beneficial to our health and well-being, however most likely not talked about enough or even widely misunderstood. “The Barefoot Effect” or earthing is a phenomenon revealing that the direct contact with the ground, like when we’re barefoot, helps us to release positively charged electrons to the negatively charged earth. Generally speaking, people feel a lot more refreshed and healthy when they are outdoors and feeling the grass beneath their feet. See, playing outside is good for you! “The Barefoot Effect” lends itself to the concept of Samina’s Lokosana pad that helps to improve quality of sleep through earthing (or grounding) and the desired stabilization of natural magnetic fields. So you can get those beneficial effects of being barefoot while you are sleeping on the comfort of your Samina sleep system.

In Need of More Natural Energy

We are electromagnetic beings. As such, we need to be grounded – just like our appliances! Think about it: our DNA is hard-wired from thousands of years of human existence. For the better part of that time, we walked in direct contact with the ground and directly connected to the Earth. There’s a reason we have more nerve endings in our feet than any other area of our body. Earthing (or grounding) creates the benefits of walking barefoot on the Earth’s ground due to the positive effects of the Earth’s electrons transferring to the human body.

Regain Natural Balance

In this age of an electronic-fueled society full of constant use of phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. We are spending a majority of our time indoors, detached from the earth’s soil. We’ve become so stuck to our electronic devices, we’ve on the verge of becoming hermits. This frequent use of electronic devices and being immersed by electro-magnetic radiation in our modern environments leads to static electricity in our bodies which can also be the culprit of health problems like sleep disorders, headaches, tiredness, and inflammation. Grounding with Lokosana helps restore natural sleep and a balanced electrical state of your body. Generally speaking, people who sleep grounded report falling asleep faster, sleeping deeper and realizing the benefits from an improved quality of sleep.

Lokosana Grounding Pad

The Lokosana grounding pad promotes natural electricity. It acts as crucial piece in the Samina healthy sleep system, but can also work with any bed. The pad operates through a current-less connection from an electrical outlet, integrating the grounding component. It can also work indirectly without having to touch you while being layered within the different mattresses and pads of the Samina sleep system. Bio magnets inside the pad also helps to restore the balance of the earth’s magnetic field, covering most of the body. Unlike other similar products, Lokosana uses a high amount of silver embedded in an organic cotton fabric which becomes a better conductor of electricity than our own highly conductive bodies. This means that instead of you becoming bombarded with EMF’s, Lokosana does letting you sleep more soundly without this unnecessary interference. Although highly effective, it is also pricier due to the silver content.




Lokosana Grounding Pad


Earthing Will Lead to Better Sleep

Overall, health and healing through earthing is the effect that Lokosana sets to achieve. The Samina sleeping system is full of multiple components that all combine to support natural and healthy sleep for every individual. Visit our website at or call us at toll-free 1-877-494-1091 to discover the benefits of the Samina sleep system keeping in mind that no other sleep system or bed has a earthing solution and “The Barefoot Effect” to help you realize the total benefits from healthy sleep.

The Dangers of Sleeping With EMFs in Your Bedroom

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Health is at Risk Every Night

Currently, we live in the golden age of technology. Our modern electronic devices, gadgets, and appliances have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. We’ve become attached to these devices, so much that they’re always with us, even when we sleep.

However, these devices are releasing an EMF (electromagnetic field) that is negatively affecting our sleep and our bodies. You may have thought that sleeping next to your phone while the TV is on was harmless, but the fact is that it can cause sleep deprivation, depression, and even emit radiation. To prevent your bedroom from becoming a danger zone, here are the effects that can be emitting from your everyday devices and how we can prevent these EMFs from affecting us.

What are EMFs?

EMFs are wireless energy waves that surround electronic devices. Specifically, these are artificial EMFs since they’re created by human technology. According to the WHO, EMFs have an effect on us since our bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses. Now, focusing on sleep and EMFs, think about what type of electronics are usually around your bed. TV, cell phones, alarm clock, electric blanket, baby monitors, lights, and laptops are among the many gadgets and appliances in your bedroom that can cause you serious health effects and sleep loss. Some of these effects include insomnia, mood disturbances, relationship problems, reduced immunity, and poor work performance. Here’s what to look out for before you go to sleep.

Cell Phones: The true fact is that our very own cell phones can emit a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on body tissues that are near it while we sleep. The effect is that it disrupts our sleep patterns and immune system. Also, the blue light on cell phones can slow down the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls our sleep cycle. If we are using our phones up until we sleep, it will keep reducing melatonin, thus making it harder for us to stay asleep.

Electrical Devices: This includes TVs, stereos, and air conditioners. These wired, electrical devices emit strong electrical fields, even when they’re off. Same as phones, these devices can reduce melatonin and cause sleep loss. Some of us love to watch TV before we sleep and sometimes we might fall asleep while the TV is still on. However, according to Dr. Guy Meadows of the Sleep School, sleeping with the TV on can lead to depression. With these devices, we will have a hard time reaching our deep level of sleep which could lead to poor moods when we are awake.

Bedroom Lighting: Exposure to your lights right before you go to bed can potentially disrupt your sleep cycle. Especially from CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs), which can also emit electromagnetic radiation.

WiFi: Sad, but true. WiFi is the main contributor to electromagnetic radiation. Although you may not use it sometimes, it still continues to run throughout the house.

Voltage: According to the Gerson Institute, voltage in your house is a constant electric field that can affect every cell of your body. The electrically charged particles in your cells (ions, protons, and electrons) are constantly attracted, causing agitation during sleep. Electric fields will commonly come from circuits and power cords, so even when the appliance is turned off, the EMF remains.

Solving the Problem

Many solutions to the EMF problem are simple; turn them off and keep them away from your head before you sleep. The extreme solution would be to keep these devices in another room. Make sure to unplug all your electronics and appliances in your bedroom as well. For us, cell phone addicts, limiting the usage of our phones before we sleep will help us get into sleep better, plus turning on airplane mode will reduce the EMF, so the affect will be minimal. For WiFi, you may need to get a wired router instead if you are very sensitive to EMFs.

Guide to Healthy Sleep

Hopefully, now that you know what EMFs are and their effects, you can apply this knowledge to keeping your bedroom radiation-free and get back to sleeping peacefully again. We, at Samina, are happy to endorse healthy sleep as we are committed to creating bed products that can help fully realize this ideal. We are fully committed to helping people get renewed energy and overcoming sleep loss. Preventing EMFs is just one of our many ideals toward achieving healthy sleep.