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How Does A Quality Mattress Benefit Heart Health?

by Claus Pummer |February 28, 2020 |0 Comments | Blogs, healthy sleep | , , , , , ,

While the importance of sleep is well known and scientifically documented, warnings for sleep deprivation are rarely taken seriously. Many Read More

My Experience with Samina: A Physician’s Perspective by Dr. Aviad Elgez, ND

by Claus Pummer |January 9, 2020 |0 Comments | Blogs, Blogs special, Brain health, Healing, Health and Wellness, healthy sleep, Natural Medicine, Performance & Recovery, Samina General News, sleep health, Sleep Tips

As a naturopathic doctor that focuses his practice on environmental medicine and healthy clean living, I came across a very Read More

Claus Pummer, Sleep Coach

by Denise Pummer |November 12, 2019 |0 Comments | Press Articles

“Our bedrooms are no longer bedrooms. They are offices and living rooms and playrooms.” ormally trained as a furniture maker, Read More

Festival Season in Green

by Denise Pummer |November 12, 2019 |0 Comments | Press Articles

The Green Festival makes its rounds throughout the year in key cities. Last month it landed in New York City Read More

Bring Nature Indoors: The Benefits of Wood

by Denise Pummer |October 29, 2019 |0 Comments | Health and Wellness

“Nothing is more powerful than nature.”  -Dr. Guenther Amann-Jennson Creator and CEO, SAMINA In the aftermath of recent storms here Read More

Gratitude—A New Way to Sleep Well?

by Denise Pummer |October 10, 2019 |0 Comments | Blogs, Samina General News

Our Canadian neighbors celebrate Thanksgiving this year on Monday, October 14th. Their holiday was designated in 1957 to give thanks Read More

Best Tips For Regenerative Sleep With Claus Pummer

by Denise Pummer |September 12, 2019 |0 Comments | Press Articles

What drives your passion for helping others take back their health? First my mom fell ill and passed, then my Read More