We offer the finest Italian organic bed frames by Luxlet to complement the  SAMINA healthy sleep system. What is an organic bed frame? It is one made from 100% natural materials like sustainably sourced, FSC-certified solid hardwoods, not formaldehyde-drenched particleboard, and only organic oil finishes are applied so no synthetic varnishes or paints with harsh chemical off-gassing. They are also masterfully created so that no metal is in the final construction. Why is metal-free important? Metal has proven harmful in your bed because it can behave like antennae attracting non-native electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s) towards your body and interrupt your natural Circadian sleep rhythm.

SAMINA sleep systems require a bed frame so the SAMINA slats can work as designed moving up and down to support your spine and cannot move from side to side. Luxlet created custom bed frames exclusively for SAMINA sleep systems. When you order a Luxlet bed frame, you have our assurance the system will fit perfectly. When you have another bed frames, SAMINA often can be installed with some modifications. Learn more about using your own bed frame by clicking here.

Bed Frames Designed for SAMINA




Your future depends on your dreams. So go to sleep!


Production begins with Mother Nature and our responsibility to the planet means we rely exclusively on 100% FSC-certified hardwoods.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) makes sure that forests are responsibly managed with more than 380 million acres of certified forests under their system including more than 150 million acres in the United States and Canada.

The sleek design of the bed frames are not only modern, but also fashion forward. Slim curves provide the comfort and support your frame needs for a SAMINA bed.

Gorgeous headboards from carefully selected raw wood are available including custom orders. Side tables, or night stands, are also available upon request. Custom orders are also welcome. We are delighted to work with directly with interior designers to provide specifications for your own custom bed frames, too. Just remember that what goes in the bed frame for your healthy sleep is what is really important. We recommend simplicity when these choices seem complex or overwhelming.


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