"Let's change the things we CAN control, so we worry less about the ones we can't."

Lara Adler

Assuming you are already familiar with her work, you know that Lara Adler advocates a healthy lifestyle by reducing and eliminating exposure to toxins that can contribute to underlying health issues. She says,

“The goal is not to get to ZERO toxins, it is to minimize the exposures we can, while also optimizing our innate ability to detoxify and metabolize what we can’t avoid.”

Lara also knows that sleep is critical to your overall wellbeing and, while there are many things in the environment we cannot control, there are many factors about your sleep that ARE in your control—like how much you sleep, your bedroom, and your bed.

Promoting healthy choices to make your home a clean and toxin-free sanctuary where you can you live healthful days and get the rest and recovery you need every night, is a philosophy Lara lives by. So, when it was time to choose her mattress, she carefully evaluated every option before confidently selecting SAMINA for her own sleep wellness.


SAMINA is the European luxury brand of organic, hand-crafted healthy sleep systems and products. When you decide to make sleep wellness a top priority for you, Lara can make the investment easier for you with a special 10% Discount towards your good night’s sleep in a SAMINA sleep system (this offer is also valid for other products except bed frames).

Did you know?

Many mattresses contain formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, fire retardants, and other toxic compounds that, even after airing out for 6 months, still emit vapors into the air.

Learn more about how critical sleep is to your health and what we need for a good night’s sleep to really appreciate the many ways SAMINA is the top choice of health and wellness professionals like Lara. Here are but a few considerations:

MaterialsSAMINASpring Coil BrandsMemory Foam BrandsOrganic Brands
Synthetic FoamNever
Metal SpringsNever
Fire RetardantsNever

What is a sleep system?

A system is a set of different things that work together. In our case, what you would normally think of as the mattress is several different components or layers blending concepts of sleep medicine with natural sleep principles for a healthy, holistic solution. We call this the SAMINA sleep system.

There are only three essential layers: (1) the Orthopedic Flexible Slat Frame; (2) the Natural Rubber Mattress; and (3) the Climate-regulating Wool Pad topper. To enhance your sleep and comfort, SAMINA also offers optional items including grounding pads, pillows and duvets.

What the SAMINA Sleep System Offers

  • Best and most comfortable back support.
  • A bed made exclusively from certified organic, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic materials.
  • Fewer dust mites for better breathing.
  • Naturally better bed temperature so you don’t sleep too hot or too cold.
  • Improved sleep quality to awaken well-rested and feeling good.
  • To bring the body back into balance with the Lokosana® grounding pad.
  • …and much more.

Click here for a quick video overview of the product line.

SAMINA is sleep in its most natural form.

What could SAMINA do for you?

SAMINA offers a complete healthy sleep solution where other mattress brands miss the mark. In fact, most mattress options would not give you what Lara considers to be a “safe night’s sleep”.

Consider the prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene or other mysterious chemicals hiding behind proprietary names in common mattress brands and the fact that your own body heat can trigger the release of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that you then breathe in all night long.

Consider something many people don’t even think about and that is the potential hazard of sleeping on a bed made with metal coil springs and box springs that attract EMF’s and can disrupt your sleep. It’s estimated that as many as 40% of Americans suffer from electrohypersensitivity (or EHS). While it is difficult to escape EMF-exposure during our daylight waking hours, it is absolutely something that should be avoided when you sleep.

While many people only consider the comfort of the bed when choosing a mattress, SAMINA sleepers don’t compromise in this area and rave about the back support from the patented slat system and the coziness of pure and natural, non-toxic materials.

For all these considerations and more, SAMINA is the brand Lara chose for her sleep wellness and why she can recommend it with confidence.

A Personal Welcome

Congratulations on discovering SAMINA! The fact you want to learn more about healthy sleep is wonderful news…most of all for you! Most people don’t realize how important sleep is to their general health, their immunity, hormone balance, anti-aging, mood, longevity and just how well you look and feel, generally.

I know SAMINA was life-changing for me. Over 20 years ago, as a carpenter, my own work was back-breaking. I needed this bed with its incomparable back support. But I got even more than that.

If you are looking for the best bed for your healthy sleep, look no further. Although we have many answers on our website, we are more than happy to assist you with any questions you have and I personally promised Lara to take special care of you.

Please call or email today to get you on the road to better sleep!

Sleep well to stay healthy!

Claus Pummer

1.877.494.1091 Toll-free (in US and Canada)

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Sleep in SAMINA – you’ll be in good company.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

Physician and scientific advisor, founder –
Sophia Health Institute & SAMINA sleeper

“There is no metal in the SAMINA bed and thus does not serve as a conductor or antenna for any EMF fields. If you sleep in a shielded bedroom, their grounding system can further help isolate you from an electrical fields and lower your body voltage which helps to radically improve the quality of your restorative sleep.”

J J Virgin

Celebrity nutritionist, media personality,
New York Times Best-selling author, & SAMINA sleeper

“SAMINA is the last bed you’ll ever need and the only bed you’ll ever want.”

Dave Asprey

Biohacker & Bulletproof Founder
NYTimes bestselling Author & SAMINA sleeper

“Samina beds provide possibly the highest end sleep experience possible because they pay attention to every little, detail, even things you wouldn’t know make a difference.The result is an amazing night’s sleep like no other!”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO

Physician, founder mercola.com,
New York Times Best-selling author & SAMINA sleeper

“A good night sleep is one of the most important tools to achieve optimal health. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to sleep on a Samina sleep system as I am convinced it is the highest quality sleeping systems on the market. ”