by Denise Pummer |July 12, 2019

SAMINA was designed to incorporate everything we now know the human body needs for a good night’s sleep. It is a complete sleep system made of natural materials—imported from Austria—that includes a wool mattress topper, grounding pad, latex rubber mattress, wood slat frame, and even an adjustable bed frame made of wood, plus support pillows. In addition there are orthopedic sleep pillows, duvets stuffed with “100 % organic virgin sheep’s wool obtained only from sheep that run wild” in a 100% organic cotton case, and metal-free, sustainable wood bed frames in all types of wood. “The natural materials used by SAMINA have a positive effect on recuperation and sleep quality. Much consideration is given to sourcing the valuable raw materials so that only the best quality, eco-friendly, sustainable and healthy materials are selected to create SAMINA products.” These include organic virgin wool from free-running sheep, natural untreated ash wood, 100% natural rubber, and cotton and wool fabrics. These beds are found in many upscale hotels in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. SAMINA has 50 retail stores in the German-speaking markets (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) and is now available in the US through SAMINA North America.

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