Back Pain Relief & Spinal Health With SAMINA

Back Pain Relief & Spinal Health With SAMINA

Back Pain from Lack of Bed Support

Damage to your back negatively affects your spinal health which is one of the drawbacks of the wrong mattress. A bed without proper back support is likely to cause you to develop painful problems in places where there were none before. When we stress our bodies into unnatural shapes or positions, we tend to suffer the consequences. Unlike most mattresses or beds, the SAMINA sleep system provides active support, effectively reducing or eliminating back pain associated with a lack of bed support. The body has orthopedic needs during sleep and the SAMINA system can fulfill it especially from the perspective of improving the health of the spine, the neck, and the shoulder.

Solutions from SAMINA

General and lower back pain can come from a number of sources. An irritation to the bones, ligaments, or joints will cause pain or pain that radiates to other body parts. Back problems can also inflict back muscle spasms, which can lead to severe pain and even disability. Here is how the SAMINA sleep system can help with back problems.

The Natural Position of the Spine

When lying down, our system supports the spine in every position. The natural position of the spine is supposed to be a double S-shape; our system contours to maintain that all night long. The patented SAMINA slat frame gives your back a gentle stretch and this expansion of your entire spine (all 33 vertebrae!) alleviates tension and reduces painful pressure on spinal discs and nerves. The slat frames also prevent tension between your intervertebral discs and on your spinal cord where pinched nerves create pain.

SAMINA Slat Frame

More people must recognize how important bed support is. Most general beds and mattresses play a passive role for the sleeper based on the material of the bed. Heavy body parts such as the shoulders and buttocks entail more pressure and the natural S-shape of the spine can be deterred through lack of pressure equalization on conventional mattresses. As a direct effect, your spine and muscles have to create the necessary balance by becoming taut. Thanks to the double-sided, freely suspended slat frame of the SAMINA sleep system, your body will realize optimal recovery of your back, both the spine and musculature. SAMINA supports and eases the strain caused by common mattresses on the body.

Neck Support



For complete resolution of your back pain, proper neck support is completely necessary. With the right orthopedic pillow on our sleep system, your neck will receive gentle support below, opening your throat to aid in breathing and reduce snoring. We recommend the SAMINA Delta pillow, our most popular style, which correctly positions the neck and the head to benefit the cervical spine.

Spinal Health Solution

Relief from back pain is one of many benefits people sleeping on the complete SAMINA sleep system appreciate. Each component is designed to meet all the important requirements needed for a bed that you would expect from one promoting good and healthy sleep. Your orthopedic problems can often be answered with just one solution. Visit our website at or call us at toll-free 1-877-494-1091 to discover the benefits of the Samina sleep system on your spinal health.

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