Healthy Sleeping Through Earthing On The Lokosana Pad

Healthy Sleeping Through Earthing On The Lokosana Pad

The Barefoot Effect

The link between us humans and the biological effects of the earth’s magnetic field is actually beneficial to our health and well-being, however most likely not talked about enough or even widely misunderstood. “The Barefoot Effect” or earthing is a phenomenon revealing that the direct contact with the ground, like when we’re barefoot, helps us to release positively charged electrons to the negatively charged earth. Generally speaking, people feel a lot more refreshed and healthy when they are outdoors and feeling the grass beneath their feet. See, playing outside is good for you! “The Barefoot Effect” lends itself to the concept of Samina’s Lokosana pad that helps to improve quality of sleep through earthing (or grounding) and the desired stabilization of natural magnetic fields. So you can get those beneficial effects of being barefoot while you are sleeping on the comfort of your Samina sleep system.

In Need of More Natural Energy

We are electromagnetic beings. As such, we need to be grounded – just like our appliances! Think about it: our DNA is hard-wired from thousands of years of human existence. For the better part of that time, we walked in direct contact with the ground and directly connected to the Earth. There’s a reason we have more nerve endings in our feet than any other area of our body. Earthing (or grounding) creates the benefits of walking barefoot on the Earth’s ground due to the positive effects of the Earth’s electrons transferring to the human body.

Regain Natural Balance

In this age of an electronic-fueled society full of constant use of phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. We are spending a majority of our time indoors, detached from the earth’s soil. We’ve become so stuck to our electronic devices, we’ve on the verge of becoming hermits. This frequent use of electronic devices and being immersed by electro-magnetic radiation in our modern environments leads to static electricity in our bodies which can also be the culprit of health problems like sleep disorders, headaches, tiredness, and inflammation. Grounding with Lokosana helps restore natural sleep and a balanced electrical state of your body. Generally speaking, people who sleep grounded report falling asleep faster, sleeping deeper and realizing the benefits from an improved quality of sleep.

Lokosana Grounding Pad

The Lokosana grounding pad promotes natural electricity. It acts as crucial piece in the Samina healthy sleep system, but can also work with any bed. The pad operates through a current-less connection from an electrical outlet, integrating the grounding component. It can also work indirectly without having to touch you while being layered within the different mattresses and pads of the Samina sleep system. Bio magnets inside the pad also helps to restore the balance of the earth’s magnetic field, covering most of the body. Unlike other similar products, Lokosana uses a high amount of silver embedded in an organic cotton fabric which becomes a better conductor of electricity than our own highly conductive bodies. This means that instead of you becoming bombarded with EMF’s, Lokosana does letting you sleep more soundly without this unnecessary interference. Although highly effective, it is also pricier due to the silver content.




Lokosana Grounding Pad


Earthing Will Lead to Better Sleep

Overall, health and healing through earthing is the effect that Lokosana sets to achieve. The Samina sleeping system is full of multiple components that all combine to support natural and healthy sleep for every individual. Visit our website at or call us at toll-free 1-877-494-1091 to discover the benefits of the Samina sleep system keeping in mind that no other sleep system or bed has a earthing solution and “The Barefoot Effect” to help you realize the total benefits from healthy sleep.