Reduce Sweat While Sleeping With SAMINA Bedding

Reduce Sweat While Sleeping With SAMINA Bedding

by Claus Pummer |December 6, 2018

Sweat While Sleeping

To sweat while sleeping, is never a comfortable night’s rest for anyone. Sweat is our body’s cooling mechanism, which can be triggered when it’s hot or when there is excess movement (i.e. exercising, running, physical activities). It’s a natural process of our bodies that we all have. However, it’s safe to say that we’d rather sweat outside, than sweat while sleeping. Fortunately, there are certain bedding materials that can help with sweat which is part of our natural detoxification. When it comes to improving your sleep and decreasing the chance of sweat, your understanding of the climate of your bed and your bedding material could be the key to understand why we sweat while sleeping, and what you can do about it.

Bed Climate

To accomplish relaxing, healthy sleep; a harmonious bed climate is imperative in getting through a hot month. Bed climate can be influenced by several key elements: room temperature, humidity, breathability, and the sleeper’s own body temperature. While we are sleeping, our bodies’ demand for heat rises. Toxins are also excreted through the skin by sweat. This makes it important to sleep in a dry-warm bed climate made out of the right natural materials.

Materials That Increase Sweat

A bed made out of the wrong materials can release a negative effect for sweaters. For instance, bedding made out of synthetic materials has a tendency to trap heat, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep experience. Polyester doesn’t breathe and it will hold all your sweat in rather than release it, no matter how light and airy it is. Silk is a luxurious, soft, and cool fabric that would make a bed very comfortable to sleep in. However, silk loves to cling on to moisture so once you start sweating, it won’t be a very fun night’s rest. Down fibers and feathers are also not able to wick moisture. They repel moisture from them, so sweat gets trapped between you and the duvet, bed, or mattress.

Pure Sheep’s Wool

The SAMINA Sleep System features bedding with open air circulation, breathable layers, and natural materials made from 100% organic cotton and filled with virgin sheep’s wool. These materials guarantee a more harmonious bed climate all year round. Handcrafted from 100% biologically active virgin sheep’s wool, it is a unique fiber that adjusts to all types of sleeping conditions. Wool bedding helps to normalize a sleepers’ temperature. It “self regulates” the temperature, making sure that each person is maintaining their own body temperature even when they’re sharing the bed with another person.

Carefully Crafted Wool

Essentially when the weather is cold, the wool warms and vice versa when the weather is warm. What makes sheep’s wool an ideal bedding material for sleepers is the ability to absorb about 30% of its own weight in moisture, thus keeping you warm and dry at the same time. In order to maintain the many positive elements of the wool, it has to be carefully processed by hand. After humanely shearing from live sheep, the wool is washed and hand-processed (not chemically processed which destroys its natural properties) into fleeces and fabrics before being sewn in the toppers, duvets, and pillows at SAMINA.

Reduce Sweat With SAMINA

With SAMINA’s bedding products, natural and high quality materials are carefully crafted in order to achieve relaxing, healthy sleep. SAMINA organic cotton and wool bedding will help reduce sweat, provide harmonious climate control, and maximize comfort in sleep. Visit our Benefits page to discover more insight on the many benefits of the SAMINA sleep system. Make sure to go on our website to search for your perfect SAMINA product today.

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