The Dangers of Sleeping With EMFs in Your Bedroom

Top view of tech-addicted mixed race couple sleeping with their cell phones, modern electronic gadgets in hand.

The Dangers of Sleeping With EMFs in Your Bedroom

Our modern electronic devices, gadgets, and appliances have seamlessly become an integral part of our daily lives and routines. They have become so deeply intertwined with our existence that they accompany us to bed while we sleep, highlighting the depth of our attachment to them. However these devices emit an electromagnetic field (EMF) that can have detrimental effects on our sleep and potentially harm our bodies. Let’s explore the effects of EMF on our sleep and our health.

Putting your health at risk every night.

You may have think that sleeping next to your phone or leaving the TV on during the night is harmless. Unfortunately, this nightly exposure to electromagnetic radiation can disrupt your sleep and possibly have worse effects. To ensure your bedroom remains a safe haven, it is crucial to understand the effects that emanate from your everyday devices and take preventive measures to minimize the impact of EMFs on our sleep that impacts your whole well-being.


What are EMFs?

EMFs are wireless energy waves that surround electronic devices. Specifically, these are artificial EMFs since they’re created by human technology. According to the WHO, EMFs have an effect on us since our bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses. Now, focusing on sleep and EMFs, think about what type of electronics are usually around your bed. TV, cell phones, cordless phones, digital alarm clocks, electric blanket, baby monitors, lights, laptops, e-readers, and the list of gadgets and appliances in your bedroom goes on. What you may not realize is that the EMFs they emit can cause you serious health effects and sleep loss. Some of these effects include insomnia, mood disturbances, relationship problems, reduced immunity, and poor work performance. Here are a few devices you should think about not having nearby before you go to sleep.

Exposure Concerns by Type of Device

Cell Phones: The fact is that our very own cell phones can emit a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on body tissues that are near it while we sleep. The effect is that it disrupts our sleep patterns and immune system. Also, the blue light on cell phones can slow down the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls our sleep cycle. If we are using our phones up until we sleep, it will keep reducing melatonin, thus making it harder for us to stay asleep.

Electrical Devices: This includes TVs, stereos, and air conditioners. These wired, electrical devices emit strong electrical fields, even when they’re off. Same as phones, these devices can reduce melatonin and cause sleep loss. Some of us love to watch TV before we sleep and sometimes we might fall asleep while the TV is still on. However, according to Dr. Guy Meadows of the Sleep School, sleeping with the TV on can lead to depression. With these devices, we will have a hard time reaching our deep level of sleep which could lead to poor moods when we are awake.

Bedroom Lighting: Exposure to your lights right before you go to bed can potentially disrupt your sleep cycle. Especially from CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs), which can also emit electromagnetic radiation.

WiFi: WiFi is a major contributor to your electromagnetic radiation exposure. Even when you’re not using a WiFi device, it still continues to run throughout the house. There are potential long-term ramifications, too. Click here to learn more about the health consequences of wireless radiation.

Voltage: According to the Gerson Institute, voltage in your house is a constant electric field that can affect every cell of your body. The electrically charged particles in your cells (ions, protons, and electrons) are constantly attracted, causing agitation during sleep. Electric fields will commonly come from circuits and power cords, so even when the appliance is turned off, the EMF remains.

Solving the Problem

Many solutions to the EMF problem are simple; turn them off and keep them away from your head and body before you sleep. The extreme solution would be to keep these devices in another room and powered off. Make sure to unplug all your electronics and appliances in your bedroom as well. For cell phone addicts, limit the use of your phone before bedtime to ready your mind for sleep. If you must leave your phone on, for example you need the morning alarm to wake up, then turn it on airplane mode to reduce the EMF, so the affect will be minimal. If you are particularly sensitive to EMFs, it might be beneficial to consider using a wired router instead of WiFi. This can help minimize potential concerns while maintaining connectivity.

Guide to Healthy Sleep

Hopefully, now that you know what EMFs are and their effects, you can apply this knowledge to keeping your bedroom radiation-free and get back to sleeping peacefully again. We, at SAMINA, endorse healthy sleep and we are committed to creating bed products that can help people renew their energy from sleep and overcome sleep loss. Preventing EMFs is just one of our many ideals toward achieving healthy sleep. Learn more – read: “Why the Healthy Sleep Guy Worries about EMF Exposure”