The Perfect Bed for Couples

The Perfect Bed for Couples

by Claus Pummer |December 6, 2018

Sleeping Together is Good for Couples

We know individuals suffer when it comes to a lack of sleep, from organ function and blood circulation to mental and physical body aches…sleep can help a lot of people fix a lot of problems and ailments. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention has even proclaimed insufficient sleep as a public health epidemic. Since this is the month when couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d highlight issues of couple sleeping together. Studies show a lack of sleep is causing problems amongst couples. The Better Sleep Council says that 61% of consumers crave sleep more than sex. They also claim that “those with lower marital satisfaction are more likely than their counterparts to have problems sleeping.” Their survey found that one in four Americans in a relationship would rather sleep alone. But why sleep alone when there are great benefits to sleeping with a partner?


• Relieves Stress
• Healthy Heart
• Releases Oxytocin
• Warmth
• More Energy
• Fall Asleep Faster

The solution for couples wanting to sleep alone is to use a sleep system that allows two individuals to get the sleep they need, while still being able to sleep together. With SAMINA products, we know that a quality sleep system can improve your sleep (and maybe even your relationship if the lack of sleep is causing issues). In fact SAMINA’s Sleep System is a harmonizing bed for couples. Now two people can sleep next to each other and still maintain a healthy night’s rest. Here’s how!

Highest Sleeping Comfort

The problem with most mattresses is that they are made for everyone instead of custom made specifically for you and your partner. As a result you end up sleeping on a mattress that might be comfortable for one person, but a mattress that misses key components to ensure both people in bed are individually cozy. Each of the healthy parts of SAMINA’s Sleep System is designed with the correct components for each individual’s shape and size. The system easily self-adjusts to meet the unique requirements of different people.

The bottom layer of the system provides back support like no other bed. This layer is a wooden slat frame that provides active support, fulfilling the orthopedic needs of the body during sleep. It completely supports your back and spine. Yet no two sleeping partners have the same body size, weight and proportion so spinal support (the double-slatted wood frame) can be modified when needed. For example, when it feels too firm by one partner, slats can be removed or replaced with wool cushions relieving the sleeper from feeling too much support or pressure. This means that if you’re sleeping on a mattress that is being supported underneath, by two individual components, in SAMINA this is the flexible slat frames, you’ll enhance the sleep of each individual.

This happens because each person is sleeping on their own slat frame, even though they’re sleeping on the same top mattress. Having your own slat frame underneath the mattress will help with a snug sleep because it moves with your spine. Even if your partner was tossing and turning on their side of the bed, your slate frame won’t be disrupted. This is a welcome contrast to ordinary mattresses that use box springs or regular bed frames that move on your side of the bed because someone is moving on the other side.

Individual Pillows

The pillows designed by SAMINA have been created in collaboration with orthopedists, physical therapists and other professionals for different sleep issues and patterns that individuals have. The line of proper pillows are made from organic, natural materials. Using natural materials encourage healthy breathing, which is essential to your good night’s sleep. With all the different shapes and sizes that people come in, the line of SAMINA pillows help support the unique contours of your head and neck.

• SAMINA Gamba: Suitable for people with hip problems, designed by back expert Toni Hochreutener
• SAMINA Combi-med: Designed with a shaped neck area and adapts well to the normal inward sway of the neck and the shoulder area
• SAMINA Delta: For people who sleep on their backs or sides, this concave shaped pillow is SAMINA’s top-selling and most beloved pillow.
• SAMINA Balance: Provides correct position of the neck and head to benefit the cervical spine
With plenty more proper pillows to choose from, you and your partner can find pillows that are perfectly suited for your specific needs.

Ideal Sleeping Climates

With four different types of comforters, SAMINA has the perfect one for your body temperature depending on whether you’re cold or hot at night. It also varies by seasonal sleep. The Midsummer Night Dream Duvet is the lightest of the wool comforters and is ideal for climates with warmer temperatures or for hot summer nights. This also makes it perfect for the person who sweats a lot at night or finds themselves hotter in the evenings. The Summer Duvet is nearly twice as heavy for warm summer months and more temperate climates, which means relatively moderate evenings that aren’t extremely hot or cold.

The Spring/Autumn Duvet keeps you cozy as the temperatures get cooler, making it the perfect duvet for people who get colder at night. Lastly, there is the Four Seasons Duvet that can be created combining the Midnight Summer Duvet with the Summer Duvet or the Summer Duvet with the Spring/Autumn Duvet. Since each duvet comes with ties on the side, the two combinations can be made to create a Four Seasons Duvet that is on the thicker side for added warmth and comfort. Using separate duvets for you and your partner maximizes your sleep experience. Now one person won’t be too hot or too cold, while the other is the opposite.

Accessories After The Fact

The accessories are made to make sure that sleep is a personalized affair for each person. When sharing a bed with a spouse, it can be hard with other mattresses to create an environment where both parties can still sleep comfortably in positions that work for them. That’s why SAMINA created accessories that can make sleep individualistic to your needs, no matter how your partner sleeps next to you.

SAMINA’s Header/Footer Wedges create a unique raised position for the person using them, as opposed to raising the entire bed, this helps raise an individual a couple of inches to improve blood circulation. If you sleep on your side and/or have shoulder and neck tension, the SAMINA Shoulder Bolster can help with relief and stabilization. With several other bed attachments, SAMINA really created a sleep system that caters specifically to you, no matter how your partner sleeps.

From the sleep system to the pillows, bed attachments to comforters, SAMINA has crafted the perfect bed for couples. Keep in mind that although The Better Sleep Council’s study states that “1 in 4 couples say they sleep better alone than with their partner” they also say, “contrary to this belief, research shows that the psychological benefits we get having closeness at night trump the objective costs of sleeping with a partner.” We want to make sure that you’re getting both the psychological and physical benefits of being able to sleep with your partner and with SAMINA’s products, you can!

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