How is an Inclined Sleep Better for Your Health?

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How is an Inclined Sleep Better for Your Health?

A deep and comfortable sleep is crucial to a long and healthy life. There are many ways to improve your nightly sleep, including selecting an eco-friendly mattress, grounding yourself with a comfortable grounding pad, and selecting bedding that offers the best support and health benefits. At SAMINA, we consider ourselves sleep experts and one thing we’ve noticed in our time working with beds, mattresses and sleep accessories is that inclined sleep provides a multitude of advantages.

Here we’d like to shed some light on how choosing an inclined bed, like the SAMINA Gravity Inclined Bed, can help you sleep better and feel better.

What is Inclined Sleep?

Inclined sleep, as the name suggests, is sleeping in a bed which elevates the head above feet with body in horizontal position.

At SAMINA, we provide healthier sleeping opportunities for our customers with a bed built specifically for inclined rest. Here are some of the ways the Gravity Inclined Bed can help you improve your sleep.

Less Acid Reflux

The human stomach is a complicated and sensitive system. For some, the natural acids in our stomachs don’t always stay where they’re supposed to. Acid reflux and other issues resulting in the rising of stomach acids is uncomfortable and dangerous if left untreated. While an inclined mattress can’t replace a doctor’s assistance, it can help stave off symptoms and increase your long-term comfort.

According to one scientific study, which examined the difference between laying flat and laying inclined, patients encountered less acid reflux while inclined. Choosing a bed frame with an incline provides you with the same gastrointestinal support, reducing symptoms of acid reflux and adding to the comfort of any luxury mattress.

Less Pressure to Your Skin and Muscles

Throughout the day, your body takes a beating. Gravity combined with an active lifestyle compresses your spine and joints. This leaves your body craving the time it can stretch out and relax at night on a certified green mattress. Traditional flat beds place pressure along the entirety of your body as you sleep. Choosing an inclined bed frame, however, reduces this pressure, giving your muscles, skin and bones the chance to decompress after a long hard day.

Some of the best evidence of inclined sleep for low-pressure comes from the health industry. There are many reasons hospital beds incline, but one is the reduction of pressure from skin and muscle tissue during rest. When the human body spends long periods of time in bed, sores can form along the skin from pressure. Inclining the mattress reduces this pressure and resulting discomfort. While your typical 8-hours of sleep at night doesn’t warrant fear of bedsores, it still causes ongoing pressure during a time your body should be regenerating. Choosing a bed with a slight incline is best for body and mind.

Better Breathing

There’s a reason why hospitals use inclined beds for patients having trouble breathing or regulating heart rate. Studies show that inclining a bed frame opens air passages and allows for easier breathing. While the SAMINA Gravity Inclined Bed doesn’t offer extreme elevations, it does gently lift your head and recline your feet enough to be beneficial yet subtle for a good night’s sleep.

The best example of elevating a bed for optimal breathing is from childhood. Anybody who has ever stayed home sick from school is sure to remember being propped up on extra pillows to lessen coughing symptoms and make it easier to breathe. The same can be said of the Gravity Inclined Bed, although to a less obvious degree.

Individuals who snore may also find that elevating the bed decreases the frequency with which you do. This could improve sleep patterns, decreasing the number of times you wake during the night due to snoring. Pairing your inclined bed frame with a non-toxic mattress increases these respiratory health benefits.

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