“ We believe that daily relaxation is essential for our health, wealth, productivity and longevity. Spoonk acupressure mat is the game changer…when it comes to deeper sleep, back pain, anxiety and stress managing tool. ”

Like the Spoonk™ acupressure mat, the SAMINA® sleep system is a game-changer when it comes to upgrading the quality of your sleep. SAMINA is the European brand of luxury organic, hand-crafted beds, pillows, duvets and grounding pads designed exclusively for healthy sleep.

Did you know?

You sleep 1/3 of your life. That is 4 months of every year in bed!

When you decide to make sleep wellness a top priority for you, Spoonk makes the investment easier with a special 10% discount towards your investment in a SAMINA sleep system or any other single product.

In the US and Canada, SAMINA is available from the exclusive importer located near Los Angeles for prompt delivery—this includes Alaska and Hawaii plus just about anywhere else in the world.

We encourage you to learn more about what you can do to get the best sleep possible and explore sleep with SAMINA. One of the best ways to do this is through a complimentary consultation so given how much time we spend in bed and how critical sleep is to our overall health, it just makes


A system is a set of different things working together. In our case, what you would normally think of a mattress is several different components or layers, each integrating the best concepts of sleep medicine with natural sleep principles for healthy, whole body sleep. We call this the SAMINA sleep system.

There are three essential layers but you can also add additional items like grounding pads, pillows and duvets to enhance your sleep. We like to compare the essential layers to your body. It’s easier to understand how much more support you get than from an ordinary mattress:

Bones and Spine – get support from the double-layers of wooden slats that flex and contour to give your entire body active support all night long. A pair of slats side by side ensures that each sleeper gets the just-right support for her or him. The slats also can be adjusted to address injuries, other sensitivities, or extra weight.

Soft tissues, joints, muscles – receive comforting support from the organic natural rubber mattress. This layer also promotes good circulation while lying down.

Skin and Sweat – the wool pad topper controls the climate of your bed naturally to prevent over-heating and sweating which can disrupt your sleep. Couples who often disagree about what’s too hot/too cold love this feature! Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Bio-electrical System – We offer the Lokosana® grounding pad by SAMINA to help bring your body back into balance from oxidative stress and free radicals. It is an add-on and especially recommended for people who are EMF-sensitive.

With complete body support, SAMINA has your sleep wellness covered like no ordinary mattress.

Click here for a quick video overview of the product line.


We hope you find the answers you are looking for and personally assure that a real human being is ready to talk to you. We’re kind of “old school” in that regard and we promised the good people at Spoonk that we would take very good care of you… including a special discount offer.

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