6 Tips for a

Non Toxic Bedroom

Focus on a few important areas and transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. The effort is worth it. You can improve your health and your quality of life when you create a better place to sleep.

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Did you know?

Most mattresses contain harmful chemicals including potential carcinogens and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). New mattresses can stink while emitting these vapors. But don't be fooled into thinking that once the smell is gone, the vapors will follow. They continue to pollute the air you breathe all night long.


  • Formaldehyde
  • Toluene
  • Benzene
  • Fire retardants
  • Petroleum
  • Polyurethane foam


SAMINA is the non-toxic, healthy brand of European sleep systems and accessories that people choose when they are concerned about what they put next to their skin and what they breathe for hours at a time. The founder of SAMINA is a doctor who created the ideal place for bodies to relax deeply, recover, and detoxify.

Adriano bed frame for SAMINA

If it bears a SAMINA label, it was made by hand in Austria from certified organic, natural, and sustainable materials. SAMINA is the healthy bed that supports your entire body and gives you the comfort you crave to sleep deeply. Peace of mind and a well-rested body. Sweet dreams, indeed!

The SAMINA Sleep System offers

  • Comforting back support customized for each partner.
  • An open air design and breathable materials means fewer dust mites and mold spores.
  • A cooler bed in hot weather that's also warmer in the winter. Really!
  • No toxic fire-retardant chemicals connected to breathing issues and cancer.
  • Innovative options like sleeping grounded and sleeping inclined.

Watch a video explanation of the sleep system in less than a minute >>> CLICK HERE <<<

SAMINA vs. Other Brands

SAMINA customers are regular people who want to live healthy lifestyles and also includes many doctors, wellness coaches, holistic practitioners, health entrepreneurs, and biohackers who replace many popular name brands with SAMINA. It's easy to see why ---

Mattress Brand Comparison Chart - SAMINA vs Other Brands
cover page_6 Tips for a Non Toxic Bedroom


6 Tips for a
Non Toxic Bedroom

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