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Samina Healthy Sleep System

SAMINA healthy Sleep System with labeled layers

The SAMINA healthy sleep system is the ideal solution for your sleep because it incorporates what we know you need for a good night’s sleep starting with the most comfortable back support. Each nontoxic layer in the SAMINA sleep system is designed for your holistic wellbeing and healthy sleep. Keep reading to understand how insufficient a single layer, or mattress, is to get the best quality sleep and why our sleep system is superior.

SAMINA brings nature into your bed so you can sleep the way you were meant to—naturally. The SAMINA healthy sleep system, like the human body, is made of layers that work together so you have the essential conditions to fall asleep, stay asleep, and to wake up rested and feeling revived.

SAMINA Slats for Optimal Back Support with Minimal Motion Transfer

The wooden bed slats support the body and spine to enable total relaxation, excellent recuperation, and reduced stress on the back, spine, and muscles. SAMINA slats offer the most comfortable back support but also a therapeutic  gentle traction of the spine. When the intervertebral discs have more space, they can regenerate properly and surrounding muscles can relax, too.

The unique design of the SAMINA sleep system will always include a pair of slats per queen or king size bed; one set of slats per sleeper for individual, customized support. Individual slats also minimize motion transfer. SAMINA slats are an integral part of the orthopedic support in the sleep system while virtually eliminating pressure points, tense muscles and numbness from poor circulation. Learn more>>>click here.


Natural Rubber Mattress for Superior Elasticity

The natural rubber mattress in the SAMINA sleep system efficiently transfers the action and properties of the flexible slat frame with support along each spinal vertebra. The GOLS-certified organic talalay latex is characterized by particularly superior elasticity and exceptionally good resilience to assure a high level of comfort while sleeping.

Ever experience the annoyance of a mattress sagging in the middle? Thanks to its porous cellular structure, the SAMINA natural rubber mattress ensures springiness without sagging. Natural latex lasts longer than most commercial foams including “memory foam.”

Furthermore, pure organic rubber without the addition of man-made chemicals or fire retardants means SAMINA is a nontoxic bed. It’s also naturally anti-microbial. The open-air design and breathable materials ensure less moisture, too. This  helps prohibit mold, mildew, and bacteria. Our low-maintenance, light weight, and durable mattress is encased in GOTS-certified organic cotton and is an integral component of the SAMINA healthy sleep system.


Lokosana Grounding Pad for the “Barefoot in Nature Effect” Throughout the Night

The basic idea of the LokosanaTM grounding pad is to improve the quality of sleep through grounding (also known as “earthing”) and the desired stabilization of natural magnetic fields. Scientific studies have proven that when we ground our bodies, free electrons in our body flow more easily. People report that sleeping grounded improves circulation, lessens pain, and they awaken feeling better and with more energy.

Most people feel great in the great outdoors especially when they are barefoot and have direct contact with the earth, that is, when they are physically grounded. The Lokosana grounding pad is a revolutionary way for you to have  the “barefoot in nature effect” throughout the night. As part of the SAMINA healthy sleep system, the grounding pad would sit on top of the natural latex mattress directly below the wool pad topper.

The Lokosana grounding pad is also sold separately for use on any bed.


Climate-regulating Virgin Sheep’s Wool Mattress Topper

The SAMINA sheep’s wool mattress topper is the top layer of the SAMINA sleeping system. It is filled with 100% virgin sheep’s wool which, in addition to a high rate of moisture absorption, also has an ideal self-cleaning capability. Thus, the moisture which is sustenance for allergy-causing dust mites is eliminated. The dry heat allows for a good night’s sleep and also has anti-rheumatic benefits lessening the occurrence of a stiff back or neck. The shell of the virgin sheep’s wool mattress topper comes in options made from either organic cotton or the patented SAMINA Bio-ceramic® organic cotton.

The SAMINA sleep system layers were intended to work synergistically together. However, the wool pad topper is ideal for any bed and sold separately. Click on the “Shop Now” button at the bottom of this page.

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Optional Accessories

SAMINA also offers a series of sophisticated accessories such as hip booster inserts (for people with curvier shapes) and shoulder bolsters (especially good for side-sleepers with broad shoulders).


Expert Consultation

The addition of accessories and other adjustments are best determined in consultation with a SAMINA adviser. This is done upon ordering to ensure the absolute best sleep from the first night and all SAMINA clients are eligible for life-long consultation to ensure they will always have the best quality sleep.


Our healthy sleep concierge service is available Monday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm PST.
Our aim is to reply to you within 24 hours.

Phone: Toll-free in US and Canada 1.877.494.1091