Live Spring Water

We began researching the “best” water for us to drink and it quickly became overwhelming. Filtered water? Which filter? Reverse osmosis? Ion-exchange? Alkaline water? Maybe we should just buy bottled water? (Avoid all plastic containers and we were left with even fewer options.) As Dr. Mercola, a SAMINA sleeper and trusted friend discloses, much of the water inside bottles is just tap water! Then we learned about Live Water and this is the only solution that resonated with us. Pure, unprocessed spring-fed water straight from Mother Earth into reusable glass bottles delivered to our doorstep. Just as with anything we endorse, we began drinking this water ourselves and loved that there was no after-taste, no sediment, no additives.

WE felt that this was great water but we also value the sage advice of our colleague, the late Dr. Ben Johnson, to “test not guess” and the results were highly satisfactory. Full of minerals and free from contaminants found in common tap water, we are confident LIVE WATER is clean and natural spring water. If you visit our Pasadena showroom, we will be sure to offer you a glass!

Special Offer for Friends of SAMINA

Click here and use the code “SAMINA” when you check out for a discount. To find a spring near you OR, if you live on the West Coast and want to explore the delivery service of pure spring water from Oregon to your home and family (limited delivery area on West Coast)


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