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All SAMINA products are made from certified organic materials. Additionally, no additives or other chemicals such as flame retardants are added to these materials resulting in a product line that maintains the highest purity and organic standards. Specifically, the organic cotton and Bio-Ceramic ® Organic Cotton fabrics have dual certifications: (1) GOTS, the Global Organic Latex Standard; and (2) Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – one of the most recognized labels for harmful substances testing. The natural rubber used in all products such as the mattress and pillows is GOLS certified, the Global Organic Latex Standard, assuring that the rubber contains at least 95% organic raw material. Additional certifications include the German Eco-Institut label for low-pollutant and low-emission indoor products and, iIn the United States, SAMINA USA and Canada (Natural by Design, Corp.) has been thoroughly vetted for its business practices including the production methods earning a Green America Business certification.
The SAMINA slats require a bed frame to “hug” the slats on all four sides so that they can hug you all night. In other words, the slats should move up and down in support of your body weight contouring snugly to your spine. Without a bed frame, the slats do not work as designed and may splay out sideways diminishing the spinal support. There are a number of bed frame options including the bed frame customers already that may be suitable. Learn more about bed frames and different options for consideration: Our Bed Frame, Your Bed Frame, Designer Bed Frames.
The design of the SAMINA sleeping system is so simple that it can be installed in almost any bed frame. The SAMINA slats require a frame surrounding them on all four sides so that the slats move vertically, i.e., up and down, and not horizontally, side-to-side. In this way, they function as designed to contour perfectly to the sleeper’s back and body for complete spinal support. In many cases, individual bed frames can work and we offer free consultation including advice on how to modify for the SAMINA system. Most modifications, but not all, require very simple adjustments. To learn and view examples, click here or call to discuss. Toll-free 1-877-494-1091
SAMINA is made in Austria so the standard sizes are for European beds in metric measurements, however, we also carry American sizes and can produce custom sizes, too. When you purchase one of our bed frames, you can be confident the system will fit perfectly within the frame so the slats will work as designed for spinal support. Further, our bed frames are not mass-manufactured with synthetic materials or off-gassing chemicals. The Pummer bed frame is made
  • without metal;
  • can be assembled without tools;
  • easy to dissemble for moving;
  • with sustainably-sourced hard woods; and
  • with an organic oil finish—no off-gassing varnishes or paints.
Based on our experience, people who are allergic to wool can still sleep fine in SAMINA. The products containing wool include the mattress topper, duvets and pillows which are all encased in organic cotton so one never comes in direct contact with the wool. Furthermore, the wool we use is cleaned using an old German soap technique instead of harsh detergents that strip away the lanolin. Wool fibers are naturally hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust mites. Furthermore, we eliminate about 150 body toxins via the skin during sleep and these toxins are absorbed by our bedding. We eliminate about 300 liters of body fluid (sweat) annually and the sheep’s wool effectively neutralizes these pollutants which is why SAMINA uses wool.
This is a common question especially from budget-conscious people who want to invest in a system over time. What people don’t realize is that the healthy sleep system design requires three essential layers: (1) the slats for back and full body support; (2) the natural rubber mattress for comfort and to promote even circulation; and (3) the wool pad topper for bed climate control. Skipping any of these layers will compromise one’s sleep. We offer financing so people can experience all of the benefits of healthy sleep when budget is a concern. Call to learn more. Toll-free 1-877-494-1091
With regular consistent sleeping for 7 to 9 hours nightly, SAMINA sleep systems will last for many years. There is a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty for any material defects from date of purchase. Even with the best care, body wastes, salts and other metabolites sweat out of the body and metabolic toxins collect in the covers as well as in the mattress core. Natural materials also decompose over time so some replacement and maintenance is necessary to prolong and renew use of the system for decades. The chart below offers the replacement guideline for SAMINA products:
Pillows 3 to 5 years for hygienic reasons
Wool pad topper 10 to 12 years
Wool-filled duvets 10 to 12 years
Natural rubber mattress 15 to 20 years
Natural rubber inside slats 15 to 20 years
No. SAMINA products have no metal components by design making the bed less attractive to potentially harmful EMF’s.
Yes. This is one of the innovative features of the SAMINA system, specifically the slats. When the bed feels too firm for one partner but no the other, only one side may be made softer by removing alternating slats usually in a specific area. Cushions may be added to relieve pressure or bolsters added to make it firmer. Depending on the issue, there are different modifications that may be made including the addition of an additional wool pad topper or a 1” or 2” natural rubber mattress. Customers are encouraged to consult with the representative who sold them the system whose experience and training they can rely for appropriate advice.
No. Dry cleaning is not recommended because the natural materials and fibers may be contaminated or destroyed in this harsh chemical process. The beauty of SAMINA is the innovative design crafted simply and naturally from pure organic materials making it a cozy, clean environment for sleep. Anything that would deter this is not recommended. Because of the moisture absorbing capabilities of the wool and the open-air design that encourages air flow and moisture evaporation, we consider it somewhat self-cleaning. Spot cleaning fabric as necessary with a diluted organic cleaner like Dr. Bronner’s or MyGreenFills products.
Caring for the system and cleaning components is fairly low maintenance and best described in this short video, Caring for Your SAMINA System. How to clean other products in the SAMINA healthy sleep product line are described in this brief video, Caring for Your SAMINA Products. In a nut shell, air flow is key to moisture evaporation and keeping the bed clean so gently shaking duvets and wool toppers and setting them for a few hours in fresh air is advisable. Sunlight can damage natural rubber so we recommend no exposure to direct sun. You should also turn the components over four times a year and switching sides especially when one partner significantly heavier.
Simply stated, grounding the body helps bring it back into balance. People who sleep grounded report and studies show that grounding improves melatonin production so people fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. Grounding reportedly has many other health benefits related to reducing inflammation, oxidative stress, and pain. SAMINA created the Lokosana® grounding pad over 20 years ago and designed its whole product line to be free from metal for these benefits. Grounding works on us because we are electro-magnetic beings that can be thrown off balance from metabolic processes naturally occurring in our bodies as well as from external pollutants and toxins like smoking, alcohol, diet, electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) from technology, and air pollution, among a host of other things. This oxidative stress, regardless of cause is linked to aging and illness causing the creation of free radicals (an atom with an unpaired electron). When you stand barefoot on the surface of theelectrically-charged earth, free radicals are neutralized by the transfer of electrons from the ground to your body. Sleeping on a grounding pad connected via a cord to the ground in your electrical panel via an outlet mimics this barefoot connection with the earth.
Yes. Although intended to lay between two layers of the SAMINA system, many people use on their own mattresses beneath a sheet and protection cover. So long as the outlet into which it is plugged is properly grounded, the Lokosana grounding pad is effective in every environment. Body voltage measurements before (higher voltage) and after (lower voltage) prove this time and again.
Like all SAMINA products, the Lokosana grounding pad is handcrafted in Austria from the highest and most pure natural and organic materials. This particular product has several layers and is a both a labor- and time-intensive product to create. Multiple steps are required to combine the inside layers of this pad including: a silver-organic cotton fabric, a thin layer of virgin wool, individual Swiss bio-magnets inserted and sewn into organic cotton, the wiring to connect to ground (neutral) outlet, the attachment of the plug and all of this encased in an organic cotton fabric. Also, the metallic fabric is so highly effective because of the high amount of pure silver used which is not only one of the most conductive known metals, it is also one of the more expensive.


The hotels with Power Sleeping Rooms by SAMINA are located in the Alpine region of Austria where the SAMINA headquarters and production center are located. For a complete list by country, click below [NOTE: the information is in German. On a PC, scroll your mouse anywhere on page and right click to select “Translate to English”.]
At this time, the only SAMINA showroom in North America is located approximately 20 minutes northeast of downtown Los Angeles in lovely Pasadena, the home of the Rose Bowl. To schedule an appointment, please call toll-free 1-877-494-1091 or email your request to


Rarely does a SAMINA customer request to return the hardware for a good night’s sleep, yet we offer the following as a guideline to assure a positive customer experience. When the original buyer finds the bed not comfortable enough, too hard or too soft, there are several comfort adjustments that can be made. These include but are not limited to the removal of slats to soften, the addition of supports to increase firmness, or the addition of cushions too lessen support for certain areas of the body. Cushions and simple supports will be provided at no additional charge within the first 90 days from date of purchase. Should the customer require an additional layer, one may be purchased at a discount from retail list price. Infrequently, when the adjustment is not satisfactory, circumstances may necessitate a return. The customer must contact the Company to request a return authorization within 30 days from date of purchase. Due to the intimate and hygienic nature of organic SAMINA products, wool products are not eligible for return. Returns are accepted only within 30 days from the date of purchase, in the original packaging, with proof of purchase, at the customer’s expense to ship and, once received in “like new” condition a 25% restocking fee will be applied, as is customary with large furniture purchases. Original shipping & delivery costs are not refundable.
The warranty can be read in full by clicking on "Warranty" in the footer of each page on this website . It applies only to sales of new SAMINA brand products by Natural by Design Corp and Natural by Design ND Ltd representatives in the USA and Canada (doing business as SAMINA North America, SAMINA Canada, and/or SAMINA USA). The warranty does not apply to items sold “as is” or “final” at the time of purchase. The warranty states that goods sold to the original buyer will be free of defects in material and workmanship or replaced by company for a period of 2 years from date of purchase. Warranty is subject to normal use under normal conditions. Damage that occurs in transit during shipping will be covered so long as the customer adheres to the process steps (reviews product upon receipt, releases carrier to deliver to addressee, and so forth). Due to the intimate and hygienic nature of organic SAMINA products, wool pad toppers are not eligible for return. If a customer is dissatisfied with their SAMINA purchase for any reason, they first should contact the SAMINA dealer from whom they purchased the product to explore comfort adjustments that may satisfactorily remedy the issue. If after 30 days, a solution is not amenable then the customer may request a refund pursuant to the company’s policy.
From time to time, we offer financial assistance and special financing offers. For current promotions, please contact Claus Pummer at or 1.877.494.1091
Yes, most products in inventory are on-line. However, due to the highly personal nature of each system, we can only place sleep system orders after confirming the correct configuration for the customer to ensure it is ordered right the first time. Due to the fluctuating nature of our bed frame inventory, contact us for current available options.
Yes. Ordering by telephone or in person are the preferred methods to confirm order and all details related to delivery, white glove service, old mattress removal and payment. You can also purchase on-line. Simply click on the button "Shop Now" at the bottom of this page or "SHOP" in the upper right hand corner of this page.
We comply with state and federal laws with respect to sales tax. Sales tax must be charged in California and in some counties as required by local regulations.
Acceptable forms of payment include credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), check or money order, wire transfer, and we also accept cash.
Natural by Design, Corp (USA) and Natural by Design ND Ltd (Canada) are the exclusive North American importers of SAMINA brand products. You can also purchase SAMINA healthy sleep systems and products on-line through our own e-commerce site. Click on the button "Shop Now" at the bottom of this page or "SHOP" in the upper right hand corner of this page to order on-line.
Yes. SAMINA products can be made to specifications according to individual requirements. We are pleased to work with interior designers, architects, and custom home builders.
Yes. SAMINA is lightweight, supportive and comfortable. We have many inquiries to install SAMINA systems in various vehicles designed for sleeping and are happy to discuss with you. Contact Claus Pummer at or toll-free 1.877.494.1091


Yes. White glove service is available within specific geographic markets for an additional fee and includes delivery, installation, and packaging removal.
Yes. We accept Canadian dollars. For current policy and pricing, please contact us.
As the exclusive North American importers of SAMINA, we support the English-speaking market with worldwide shipping. We make every effort to select the most cost-effective and reliable method of shipping. If you have specific questions about your location and pricing in your local currency, please contact
Standard size systems and products delivered within the USA and Canada generally take from order to delivery about two (2) weeks. Estimated delivery times will be given at the time of order and also depend on the current inventory at the time of ordering. All details from scheduling date and time of delivery will be communicated at the time of purchase.
For local deliveries in southern California, your old mattress and box spring can be removed. This varies by location for other areas. Please inquire at time of purchase if this is a concern.
The Pummer adjustable inclined bed frame is best assembled with two people. It can be put together without the use of any tools although a rubber mallet can be helpful. For details including how to adjust the level of inclination, please see Assembling the Pummer Inclined Bed Frame for SAMINA.
How the different pieces of the SAMINA healthy sleep system are layered inside of a bed frame is explained step by step in this instructional video, Arranging the SAMINA System in Your Bed Frame. From top to bottom:
  • 1. Organic cotton protection cover (machine-washable)
  • 2. Wool pad topper
  • 3. Lokosana grounding pad (optional)
  • 4. Natural rubber mattress
  • 5. Orthopedic slats


Our healthy sleep concierge service is available Monday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm PST.
Our aim is to reply to you within 24 hours.

Phone: Toll-free in US and Canada 1.877.494.1091