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  • SAMINA Delta Pillow - Queen
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    Delta Pillow


    Delta is the most popular style of SAMINA’s organic, orthopedic pillow selection. It has a highly elastic natural rubber core that adapts to the neck to prevent strain in the neck. The natural rubber core is wrapped in Bio-Ceramic organic cotton then inserted into an envelope of virgin wool covered in Bio-Ceramic cotton. This is a great pillow for both side- and back-sleepers. The high version is recommended for people with broad shoulders. Inserts are also available to increase the height for more flexible variations.

    SAMINA Delta Pillow - side view


    Side view of the Delta Pillow:

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  • samina-kissen-standard
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    Standard Pillow


    Filled with pure organic sheep’s wool and encased with Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton, the SAMINA Standard is also available with lighter filling. Standard Light has about half of the filling of a regular Standard pillow. Standard Extra Light has 2/3 less filling than a regular Standard pillow. both of the lighter pillows are especially suitable for children.

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  • SAMINA Balance Pillow
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    Balance Pillow


    The SAMINA Balance pillow has a narrow natural rubber insert on one long side that can be positioned directly behind the neck for support. Flip to the other side to sleep without the extra support. Correct positioning of the neck and head relieves strain on the cervical spine making this pillow especially good for back sleepers. It’s filled with virgin wool and covered in Bio-Ceramic SAMINA Organic Cotton.

    Balancing pillow with crosscut



    With a core of natural rubber for neck support on one side, you can flip the Balance pillow around to sleep with less support, too.

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  • SAMINA Anti-Aging Pillow image
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    Anti-Aging Pillow


    The core of the Anti-Aging pillow is filled with shredded natural rubber flakes giving it a feel of a formless pillow that is squishy and pliable. It is surrounded by virgin wool encased in certified organic cotton. This pillow is great for both side- and back-sleepers.

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  • Kombi-med Pillow by SAMINA
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    Kombi-med Pillow


    The SAMINA Kombi-med has a curved neck area. This gentle arc is filled with a narrow core of shredded natural rubber surrounded by organic sheep’s wool. The whole pillow is covered in Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton. The special recess on the shoulder line adapts well to the normal inward sway of the neck (cervical lordosis) and the shoulder area. It is especially supportive for back and side sleepers.

    Kombi-med Pillow Insert crosscut



    Kombi-med Pillow has a narrow core of shredded natural rubber surrounded by virgin wool on one side.


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  • SAMINA Swiss Stone Pine Pillow
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    Swiss Stone Pine Pillow by SAMINA


    The Swiss stone pine is a comforting wood. The core of this handmade pillow consists of natural Swiss stone pine wood chips from controlled organic cultivation. The scent of pine wood pampers the senses, creates a feeling of wellness, and improves sleep quality. The Swiss stone pine pillow is available in queen size only. Its ideal for sleeping on your back and to bring the outdoors into your home.

    Swiss Stone Pine Pillow

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  • Stillkissen
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    Positioning & Nursing Pillow (Body Pillow)


    Filled generously with pure virgin sheep’s wool and encased in Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton, the pillow comes with a custom removable pillowcase made from machine-washable 100% organic cotton cover. This pillow is ideal for use during pregnancy, for nursing moms and their newborns, or anybody that needs extra support or wants additional comfort when lying down.

    The SAMINA positioning & nursing pillow includes a custom-made 100% organic cotton pillowcase that is machine-washable. (not pictured)

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  • SAMINA Neck Pillow_
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    Neck Pillow


    The Neck pillow by SAMINA is called the “Hörnchen” in German which means croissant. It is a long, narrow orthopedic pillow designed to fit in the sway of the neck with little other support for the head. Easy to travel with, it is filled with virgin wool and encased in Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton exclusively from SAMINA.

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  • Comfort_TV_Pillow_SAMINA-white-background
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    Comfort (TV) Pillow


    A small pillow suitable for travel, while watching TV, or anywhere you want a little support beneath your head. This little pillow is filled with pure merino wool and covered in organic cotton. Although it’s not intended to use for sleeping, it would be nice for a nap. This makes a great gift, too! Like all SAMINA products, it is non-toxic,  hypo-allergenic, and comfortable, too! A custom-made removable organic cotton pillowcase is included. (Available in white only.)

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  • samina-reise-kissen-papillon.jpeg
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    Papillon (Travel Pillow)


    The perfect travel pillow for use in cars, trains, and planes. We all know what it’s like, particularly during a long commute when you’re stuck sitting upward. The SAMINA Papillon travel pillow is filled with organic sheep’s wool and encased in organic cotton offering support on both sides of the head while in a sitting position.

    This SAMINA pillow includes a custom-made 100% organic cotton pillowcase that is machine-washable. (not pictured)

    For more information about the innovative Bio-Ceramic® Organic cotton material exclusively available from SAMINA, see Bio-Ceramic® Bedding.

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