Kombi-med Pillow

Kombi-med Pillow


The SAMINA Kombi-med has a curved neck area. This gentle arc is filled with a narrow core of shredded natural rubber surrounded by organic sheep’s wool. The whole pillow is covered in Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton. The special recess on the shoulder line adapts well to the normal inward sway of the neck (cervical lordosis) and the shoulder area. It is especially supportive for back and side sleepers.

Kombi-med Pillow Insert crosscut



Kombi-med Pillow has a narrow core of shredded natural rubber surrounded by virgin wool on one side.


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SAMINA products are handmade in common European sizes. In the USA and Canada, pillow sizes are generally: QUEEN 20” x 30” and KING 20” x 36”. Because the SAMINA sizes are only slightly smaller, pillowcases of any brand generally fit.

For more information about the innovative Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton material exclusively available from SAMINA, see Bio-Ceramic® Bedding.

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20" x 31" [50cm x 80cm] = Queen