Kombi-med Pillow

Kombi-med Pillow


The SAMINA Kombi-med has a shaped neck area filled with a narrow natural rubber core surrounded by organic sheep’s wool and encased in Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton. It adapts well to the normal inward sway of the neck and the shoulder area. It is especially supportive when sleeping on your back or side.

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SAMINA products are handcrafted in Austria and, accordingly, our pillows are made according to common sizes in Europe. In the USA and Canada, pillow sizes are generally: QUEEN 20” x 30” and KING are 20” x 36”. US pillow sizes are slightly different and, because the SAMINA sizes are only slightly smaller, pillowcases of any brand generally fit.

For more information about the innovative Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton material exclusively available from SAMINA, see Bio-Ceramic® Bedding.

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20" x 31" [50cm x 80cm] = Queen