Each layer of the system, including the natural mattress, was specifically designed to support something the human body needs while sleeping—this is the SAMINA Healthy Sleep Concept. The system works with your body and each layer works synergistically to ensure you fall asleep easy, you stay asleep and reducing or eliminating reasons your bed may cause you to toss and turn or awaken like you’re too sweaty, hot or cold, and that you awaken refreshed.

From the orthopedic flexible slat frame to the orthopedic pillows, the SAMINA Sleep System contours to each person’s individual shape and size.

To cover you while you sleep, SAMINA offers bioactive duvets filled by hand with amazingly soft sheep’s wool and encased in one of three SAMINA fabrics—Organic Cotton, Pure Wool, or its trademarked Bio-Ceramic fabric. To complete the sleep system, because healthy sleep begins at the head, SAMINA offers an array of orthopedic pillows each designed to provide specific support to the cervical spine and head.

Celebrity Testimonials


“In the long run, healthy sleep is the most cost-effective way of healing. I, personally, sleep in SAMINA and recommend it to anyone who asks what the healthiest bed is.”

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD
Physician and scientific advisor, Founder – Sophia Health Institute, & SAMINA sleeper


“SAMINA is the last bed you’ll ever need and the only bed you’ll ever want.”

 JJ Virgin (right)
Celebrity nutritionist, media personality, New York Times Best-selling author & SAMINA sleeper

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“SAMINA is not just a bed. It is an entire system and what I sleep in. It even has an EMF-grounding pad which is important protection from this modern environmental toxin.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO
Physician, Founder mercola.com and Dr. Mercola® Premium Products,  New York Times Best-selling author & SAMINA sleeper

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“This is probably the lowest toxin, highest quality, luxury mattress available. SAMINA is the Bentley of beds.”

Dave Asprey (left)
Entrepreneur, Biohacker, Creator of Bulletproof Coffee, New York Times Best selling author & SAMINA Sleeper

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“There is not a better bed. There is not a better sleep surface. There is not a better love-making surface. And especially nothing I’ve ever seen made to this level of organic standards.”

Daniel Vitalis
Host of Rewild Yourself Podcast and founder of SurThrival product line




Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep! Over the past 25 years, we have delighted 300,000 customers with our healthy-sleep products – including many celebrity sleepers.

Samina Sleep

The bottom most layer of the system is an orthopedic flexible slat frame made from natural materials including organic cotton designed to provide the sleeper with unrivaled back support. On top of this is the next layer, a natural mattress made from pure rubber that’s a lightweight and durable cushioning layer of comfort to give you an even distribution of pressure on your body in any sleeping position and it contains pinholes for breathability which makes it one of the best mattresses on the market. On top of it is the Lokosana® body grounding pad that gets a sleeper through the night with the “barefoot effect” neutralizing the effect of electromagnetic radiation (so-called EMR or EMF’s) that have proven to disrupt sleep especially in our modern technology-filled environments. The topmost layer complements the natural mattress; it is a climate-regulating wool pad topper that creates an ideal dry-warm bed environment to help you sleep through the night without waking because you are too sweaty, too hot or too cold (really!).


The 100% natural materials such as ash wood, natural rubber, virgin sheep’s wool, and organic cotton are unadulterated while they are hand-crafted in Austria into the world’s best sleep system. The best quality raw materials are used and great care is taken to preserve the integrity and conserve the subtle energies of these natural materials. Made by hand with traditional craftsmanship to avoid using machine-based manufacturers keeps the materials pure even during the production process for ultimate benefit to your overall health. Hand-crafting the products allows a personal touch from SAMINA to the consumer, as they take time to inspect each bed, each slat frame, each duvet, etc. Importantly, the gentle energies from the hands of caring human beings is directly reflected into each holistic sleep system.

Every year new sleep studies come out about ways to fall asleep faster, new sleep supplements to eat or drink, innovative sleep devices and general tricks to fall asleep are introduced. SAMINA has been in business for over 25 years and the philosophy when we began is the same as it is today. We’re supporting naturally healthy sleep with one of the best mattresses, the best sleep surface, and the best bed environment for your body. No fads, no trends, no crazes. SAMINA puts the focus on the sleeper and the principles of natural sleep using modern sleep research to help create a healthy sleep system (more than just latex beds) that refreshes your life by giving you just healthy sleep.


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