Samina Healthy Sleep System

Healthy sleep is the most important source of rest and health. Sleep in its purest form – healthy, ecological and sustainable – is the greatest source of regeneration and health for us.

Scientific studies have shown that sleep quality has a direct effect on the sleeper’s vitality and health. This shows once again the great potential of regenerative sleep. Sleep promotes performance, life energies and therefore success. Your conscious decision to opt for a nature-compliant healthy-sleep concept is an important step that benefits you night after night.

For more than 30 years, SAMINA has been promoting healthy and bioenergetic sleep® with high-quality organic natural products and unique product innovations.

The SAMINA healthy-sleep philosophy turns every sleeping area into a unique oasis of relaxation, regeneration and calm. Best possible sleep quality for maximum customer satisfaction.




Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together!

The idea behind the SAMINA healthy-sleep products

The man behind the traditional family business SAMINA is Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson, an experienced sleep psychologist and renowned health expert. He is the inventor of the bioenergetic sleep® and the SAMINA healthy-sleep solution. In his bestsellers (“Schlaf dich jung, fit und erfolgreich” and “Schlaf dich gesund!”), the successful author passes on his knowledge and valuable advice.

The SAMINA healthy-sleep products form a complete and consistent system. The idea behind the SAMINA healthy-sleep solution is based on the latest research findings of modern sleep medicine. The sleep system is in line with all sleep medical and orthopaedic requirements needed for healthy sleep. It also meets all bed-climate, hygiene, material as well as construction and electro-biology requirements.

The SAMINA healthy-sleep concept fully meets all important requirements of orthopaedic lying and, in contrast to many other bed systems, it is an active healthy-sleep solution. Regardless of body size, shape and weight, the system supports the neck and loin areas so that heavy body parts like shoulder and hip do not sink in.

The spine can maintain its natural S-shape, which ensures that you can properly regenerate during the night. This in turn allows the back, muscles and spine to truly rest. You can feel this effect when you try out the SAMINA system in our shop.

The materials used and processed are all natural and meet the highest quality standards. The goal of the SAMINA sleep system is to achieve harmony on all levels. All elements are perfectly balanced with each other and promote healthy sleep. The basis of every SAMINA sleep system is the freely suspended, double-sided slat frame, which balances out every body movement in your sleep.

The SAMINA healthy-sleep advisor helps you with your concerns and focuses on your individual wishes. Our free sleep advice is always informed by valuable new findings from sleep medicine.


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