SAMINA is the Solution for Back Pain

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Waking up in the morning with back pain is a sign that your mattress lacks proper spinal support. SAMINA slats are the made-to-order solution to help you sleep comfortably all night and, more importantly, wake up feeling well-rested without backaches. That’s why SAMINA is the best mattress for many people to prevent and cure their back pain. Painless is the way to start your day!

Back pain remains one of the top reasons our customers make the investment in SAMINA. They suffer from post-surgical pain, injuries, accidents, carrying excess pounds, or the ordinary stress of daily living like long days sitting in an office chair, standing, walking, and the effects of aging eventually felt by all of us. SAMINA can reduce or eliminate back pain associated with a lack of support in bed as well as other causes. Read what they say about back pain relief from SAMINA below and here.

The Secret to Our Support: SAMINA SLATS

SAMINA Healthy Sleep System is made from layers, all crafted by hand using only certified organic and natural materials. Each layer works differently to support you and your personal sleep needs all night long. SAMINA slats are the innovative solution for the back support you’re missing. King and queen size beds have a pair of slats so each sleeper gets the individual support he/she needs in all the right places, all night long. This is what makes SAMINA the best mattress for back pain. Learn more in our blog: “SAMINA Slats: Are Wooden Bed Slats What Your Back Needs?


The Spine is the Key Factor

SAMINA slats are the bottom layer of the system providing active support through the other layers, namely, the natural rubber mattress and wool pad topper. The slats are adjustable so each sleeper feels a gentle stretch of the spine alleviating tension and reducing painful pressure on spinal discs and nerves. As a result, the comforting support lessens the unconscious body’s need to move so you sleep deeper all through the night and can finally experience back pain relief.


The patented slats contour to your spine supporting its natural shape. (SEE IMAGE) This is important because whenever you stress your body into an unnatural shape or position, you will suffer the consequences. For example, women who wear high heels eventually feel the effects of forming their feet into unnatural forms. Sometimes these effects are immediate and painful, sometimes they are temporary but they can also last much longer.  A bed lacking back support can cause back pain or worsen existing problems. On average, you spend about 7 to 9 consecutive hours in bed and this represents long-term stress on your back so the decision to have the best mattress to prevent back pain is more important than you may have thought.


What doctors and other health experts say

SAMINA sleep systems are the choice of many doctors and other health and wellness professionals. Most importantly, they recognize the back support a SAMINA bed offers, as well as, the health benefits from a better sleep environment. Read their  Professional Opinions to learn more.

SAMINA Slats Are a Game Changer

Daria, San Francisco

“After being a stomach sleeper for my whole life I still can’t believe I’m sleeping on my side and back for the whole night and wake up without any hip pain or any pain for that matter. I have finally revolutionized my sleep thanks to SAMINA.”

Mrs. Junkin, Ontario, Canada

“For a number of years, I woke up every morning with pain and stiffness in my lower back. Several months ago, we purchased a SAMINA sleep system and after only a couple of nights, I woke up pain free. And I have been pain free since. I am a big fan of this bed!”

The Hoffmans, Oregon

“We purchased the SAMINA bed in 2006. Since then, our low back and hips have never been happier. My husband and I are 6’0” and 5’1” and are equally satisfied with comfort and support.”

Mr. Black, Berlin, Germany / NYC

“It’s hard not to sound like I’m exaggerating when asked how I feel about the SAMINA bed. I’d been struggling with back pain for years after a lifetime of sports. The last 9 months on the SAMINA bed have delivered, night by night, so much orthopedic relief, it’s astounding.”

Is SAMINA your back pain solution?

You are not alone. People waste big money on mattresses promising the best night’s sleep yet a bed mass-manufactured for all bodies cannot work like SAMINA, an organic bed crafted for your body. Adjustable back support and pure natural materials hug you all night long for deep restful sleep, so you awaken without back pain and feeling great.

Call today to find out if SAMINA is the solution you’ve been looking for and learn how the SAMINA slats work to improve your sleep and the health of your back. Your body will thank you! And, let’s face it, when you are well-rested and pain-free, so will the people in your life.


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