Yael Ehrenkönig


Samina has fundamentally changed our sleep. We were looking for a new sleep system. At Stilwerk we came across Samina. When laying in the Samina Sample Bed, we knew this bed was for us. We travel a lot, slept in many beds of the world-best hotels, but the Samina system is comparable with none. Due to the price, we first considered a cheaper, similar-looking variant. We thought that there couldn’t be such a big difference. That’s what we thought! But it was far from it. After a week, we changed the other sleep system and settled on Samina. We did not regret it for a minute. My husband’s persistent back pain disappeared. Whenever we let friends try out our Samina bed, they don’t want to get back up again! Everyone is surprised by the noticeable difference. The service and customer care are also unique. Everyone should value their health and wellbeing enough to invest in this bedding system.

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Jorge Cruise

New York Times Bestseller Author, Renowned Weight Loss Coach

One of the craziest things I learned last year was that the bed that I was sleeping on.. Was poison! And the scary thing is.. You are probably sleeping on a poisonous bed too and you had no idea!

I am so grateful that I befriended Claus and Denise Pummer, who enlightened me on all things beds and sleeps and were able to direct me to the best bed I’ve ever had. I’m not even kidding when I tell you I haven’t slept this well in years.

So for all you people out there who are having problems sleeping, this is one of my remedies I suggest to all of my celebrity clients to try and improve their sleep. Sleep is very important and as an adult you should be trying to get between 7 to 9 hours per night.  I’ve been really happy with my SAMINA mattress. [Learn more about Jorge and his approach to healthy diet and living: The Cruise Control Diet]

Dr. Aviad Elgez, ND, Toronto, ON Canada 

Naturopathic Doctor, EnviroMed Clinic @ Xiaolan Health Centre

“For years I have been educating my patients about the importance of sleeping on a truly clean, natural, and non-off gassing mattress.  SAMINA has taken this to a new level of well being.  I was truly impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of both the SAMINA bed and their VOC free, solid wood-no metal, inclined bed frame. I was surprised to find out that my quality of sleep improved right away.”

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Hans Frykman, MD, PhD

CEO & Founder, Neurocode

I would recommend you to get the incline Samina bed with grounding pad. This will increase clearance of your oligomer a-beta plaque during the night. Also, the mis-firing of your cardiocytes will improve significantly if not disturbed by outside WiFi and other RF and EM interferences. I sleep in Samina both in Vancouver and Stockholm. We got rid of best in class $100K Hasten’s beds everywhere and never regret a day. Your overall wellbeing will improve tremendously in addition to your cardiac. Samina is the Tesla of beds.

Samina is one of my best purchases ever! I am healthy and sleep “well” even before. However, Samina took my RESTORATIVE rest to a whole new level. I am much more relaxed every day now. I have that deep energy level through the day. I am a physician and medical director for two highly specialized clinical labs in Vancouver BC. Hans Frykman MD PhD FRCPC

Dr. Liesel Grentz, DO – Kentucky

The bed is great and I wish I could sleep on it every night!


Mehrdad Razavi, MD
Medical Director, Innovative Sleep Centers, ISC
San Francisco, CA

My Wife and I enjoyed our Giant Tempurpedic mattress for years until we tried Samina. After trying Samina just for one night, my wife’s chronic cough resolved completely. Hindsight, her chronic cough may have been due to dust allergy. Furthermore, we both started feeling less pain and stiffness upon awakening, which we used to attribute to aging. Samina made us feel healthier, aligned, and overall younger. We are grateful to Samina and Claus for their education and support.

In the past, we would get up during the night to either open or close our window, which was very disruptive to our sleep. With SAMINA, the temperature is constant and always pleasant. No night sweats or cold feet anymore!

I stopped dreaming many years ago. But after sleeping on SAMINA mattress, I started having dreams again and after waking up from a wonderful deep sleep, my joints are not stiff anymore! So it looks like that joint stiffness was related to the wrong mattress and not the normal aging process as I thought.

Natural & Esthetic Dentistry Center
Farmington, CT

As a craniofacial expert who continuously works to optimize the facial structures, cranial structures. airway breathing channels and of course patient’s dentition, I understand the benefits of proper spinal cord alignment and the importance of sleep for brain function. While knowing all the science, I had a difficult time appreciating that the Samina Sleep System could deliver the benefits of less toxicity in the brain, biomodulation of the autonomic nervous system, reduction in brain swelling, improved REM cycles, better blood circulation, etc. That is…until I bought my own custom Samina Sleep System…and the difference was incredible. Within 48 hours my wife and I had significantly reduced facial swelling, lower blood pressure, increased focus, felt rested and our osteopath confirmed our postural alignment had noticeably improved. While I cannot promise it will make you younger…I can tell you from personal experience it will make you FEEL younger, healthier more alive and vibrant.

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Steven Harris, MD
Pacific Frontier Medical, Inc.
Redwood City, CA

Now that we sleep on a grounded natural bed with no toxins, my wife and I are sleeping so much more restfully. The exceptionally comfortable mattress which lays on body conforming slats take off the pressure off my many sore areas so I wake up feeling 20 years younger than I did on our previous bed. The EMF protection has significantly decreased frequent and early awakening. I love this bed and believe it is the answer to so many patients with sleep disturbances.

Dr Justine G Anderson, DC, ND
Boulder, CO

We love the SAMINA grounding pads! I have always been an amazing sleeper until I hit menopause combined with Lyme and chronic pain- I started having such compromised sleep that I had grueling fatigue where I could barely function. One week after implementing the grounding pad- I now am experiencing less pain, 80% more refreshing sleep, no sweating or night sweats- and love the “yummy” chemical free organic feeling not to mention that it balances and protects against harmful EMF exposure! Thanks Denise, Claus and SAMINA for giving us back restorative sleep and therefore restoring our health!


Dr. N. Richard Pragnell, DC
Hockley Valley Naturopathic & Chiropractic Clinic
Ontario, Canada

“I fully endorse this unique sleep system to give a healthy night’s rest. It is a fact that after the age of 30, the blood nourishment that the spinal intervertebral discs receive is greatly diminished. The only way to counteract this is through spinal decompression. The breakthrough Samina bed, if used on a daily basis, will effectively accomplish this.”

Prof. emeritus Dr. Karl Hecht, MD
Senior sleep medical and space medicine specialist
Berlin, Germany

“My visit to the SAMINA headquarters in Frastanz was for me a medical and scientific experience in relation to sleep. I was very impressed by the theoretical and scientific background and the practical implementation of modern sleep concepts. The healthy sleep concept and the Lokosana® System with its protection against electrical smog (that I was able to experience with a sense of success in my hotel bed in Hotel Montfort, Feldkirch) are at the forefront of international work in this field.

I am very grateful to the founder of SAMINA, my colleague, Günther W. Amann-Jennson, for his scientific presentations with which I could identify one hundred per cent. I wish Günther W. Amann-Jennson and his team much success in the future with their development of new sleep concepts which we know are urgently needed. It is the quality, not quantity of sleep that counts as one of the most important factors for enjoyment of a healthy life and for the maintenance of good health.

Those who sleep well succeed professionally, protect themselves against becoming and being ill, feel well and give themselves the gift of youthfulness every night (Hufeland [famous German physician]). What is important is this: Your sleep can only be as good as your bed!”


Joseph J. Schlesinger, MD
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN

Since using the grounding pad, my sleep quality has improved. I sleep deeper, dream more, and feel well rested. This is exceedingly important, so I can be at my very best to take care of my patients in the operating room and intensive care unit. One does not realize how they lack in sleep until they have quality and deep sleep. Surrounded by electromagnetic radiation in the environment, and especially my work environment, it is reassuring to not be bombarded by this contaminant while I embark on a restful night of sleep.

Christian Tucker, MD
Cardiac Anesthesiologist, Cleveland Clinic
Bulletproof Coach

“Most recently I took delivery of my Samina Sleep System. I met Claus at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference and fell in love with the bed the very first time I lay down on it. While a big investment, my Sleep Scores have dramatically increased, and my back pain has decreased as well. To date I have experienced 7 nights in a row with NO “restless sleep”, whereas I typically had 30-90 mins before. Awesome!”


Dawn DeSylvia, MD
Founder Whole Life Health Integrative Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

“Without proper sleep and elimination of exposure to toxins and microbes that are harbored in most people’s beds, much of the healing interventions most patients are involved with are diminished and often counteracted. I have found it absolutely necessary to address both the EMF issues that compromise sleep as well as cleaning up the bed room with safe, non-toxic supportive sleep systems. The Samina sleep system is unparalleled in its design and components. And the Lokosana grounding mats as well. I have seen the difference it has made in the lives and healing of my patients.”

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, MD
Medical practitioner, psychotherapist and author of books: “Sleep – The Better Half of Life”, “The Big Book of Holistic Therapies”
Hitzendorf, Austria

“For five years or more I have been sleeping on a SAMINA bed system and relish every night. Not even the best hotels in the loveliest places in the world can compete – as far as beds are concerned – but I hope, in time, to change that. At the start it was a bit strange to be booking into a 5-star hotel with my own bed pad. Since that time I have done the same with the Lokosana® System, but with a clear conscience, for I know what a difference it makes.

Anyone like me, who doesn’t sleep much, has to sleep well and without being disturbed. The SAMINA System provides that and on my travels my Lokosana® certified organic bed overlay keeps interfering fields and similar from disrupting my sleep.

The reasons why you sleep better with a better bed system is explained in detail in my book, [“Sleep – the better half of life”]. I am pleased that SAMINA is able to realize these experiences in such a convincing way.”

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Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta
Chiropractor and author: “Rueckenschmerzen muessen nicht sein” (People don’t have to suffer back pain); “Die Intelligenz unseres Körpers” (Our body’s intelligence)
Hanover, Germany

“Healthy sleep is one of the most important prerequisites for the natural regulation and regeneration of all body systems. Good sleep is able to conserve by night all the personal and therapeutic efforts that we strive to attain during the day. An incorrect bed or mattress is a major cause of back pain, tension and many health problems. The holistic sleeping system by SAMINA offers excellent opportunities to counteract these problems. My personal experience; the SAMINA philosophy and their products have convinced me totally.”

Toni Hochreutener
Back and sleep expert, Author: “Erfolgreich gegen Rückenbeschwerden – Gelenkleiden – Haltungsschäden” (Success with back problems – joint disorders – posture damage)
Zürich, Switzerland

“Years of study and experience with hundreds of patients and customers have convinced me because of the excellent results achieved: SAMINA meets all the orthopaedic and anatomical requirements of sleep medicine, and concerns about materials and bed climate. The double-sided, highly flexible and above all freely suspended slat frame provides long-term traction during sleep – that is, a gentle lengthening of the spinal column. This is the only way in which optimal regeneration of the intervertebral discs can take place. The body is supported to maximum effect and stabilized. In addition, because of the system’s high degree of ability to adapt during sleep, tension in the joint capsules and musculature is avoided.

Biologically active virgin sheep’s wool provides a permanent, hygienic, dry and warm bed climate. There are more than 20 orthopaedically tested pillows to support the cervical spine. To sum up; the SAMINA healthy sleep concept is in my view, superb.”


Dr. Friedhelm Heber, MD
Specialist for orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery
Tschagguns, Austria

“Orthopaedically speaking, the SAMINA sleeping system meets all the important requirements for a certified organic bed that promotes good health. It retains the physiological position of the spinal column, supports the body and eases recuperation of the intervertebral discs through its traction effect. The SAMINA sleeping system aids stimulation of the orthopaedic metabolism and ensures a healthy bed climate. These properties can contribute to the prevention of disorders of the spinal column. In the case, especially, of orthopaedic conditions, the sleeping system adapts swiftly to individual requirements. Its natural properties ensure support for the patient, the medical practitioner and physiotherapist during the treatment period. Many of our satisfied patients and customers pass on that message.”