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Custom Bed Frames

Eco-luxury x Design

To complement the SAMINA healthy sleep system, we offer the finest custom  bed frames by Luxlet, a small carpentry business in Italy specializing in solid wood bed frames. SAMINA and Luxlet are European companies that share common values in terms of caring for the environment and a commitment to craftsmanship.

Your bedroom is an intimate space for you. Luxlet respects your individuality with many distinctive options. Each bed frame is made-to-order, so you get precisely what you want to express your personal taste. We also carry limited inventory for prompt shipment and flawless installation of the SAMINA sleep system in the USA and Canada.

For custom bed frames, you select the wood, size, style, headboard, and any additional furnishings like solid wood nightstands or dressers to make your bedroom uniquely yours by adding stunning nontoxic furnishings to your sleeping place.

What’s an organic bed frame?

Luxlet custom bed frames are made from 100% natural materials such as sustainably sourced, FSC solid hardwoods that are finished by hand with organic plant-based oil that reveals the natural wood grain and enhances its beauty. Furthermore, each Luxlet bed frame is metal-free making the custom bed frames easy to assemble without tools.

Why is a metal-free bed frame important?

Luxlet masterfully creates each piece so the final product has no screws or nails and can be easily assembled.  Metal has proven to be harmful in beds because it behaves like antennae attracting non-native electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s) towards your body that interrupt your natural Circadian sleep rhythm.

Custom bed frames can be ordered in a range of traditional European sizes as well as common US  sizes: California King, King, Queen, Full and Twin. Schedule a consultation to discuss the available options.

Custom Bed Frames for SAMINA Sleep Systems




A custom bed frame that suits you.
Good for you and the planet.


Small batch, individual production of custom bed frames integrating artisanship with nature is how Luxlet operates. You select the wood, size, style, headboard, and any additional touches to make your bed frame uniquely yours. Gorgeous furniture will be crafted from carefully selected raw timber to highlight the natural grain and beauty of the wood.

Additionally, side tables, nightstands, benches, and dressers are available. We are happy to work with your own creative designs and/or directly with interior designers, too. For consultation to discuss the all of the options, click here.


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