SAMINA Healthy Sleep System + BED FRAME (California King Size)

SAMINA Healthy Sleep System + BED FRAME (California King Size)

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This special offer is a package that includes all three layers of the SAMINA sleep system and an adjustable solid wood bed frame suitable for both horizontal and inclined sleeping.


  • 2 x SAMINA Slats
  • 2 x Natural Rubber Mattresses
  • 1 x Wool Topper [also available with two toppers as pictured]
  • 1 x Protection Cover [not pictured]
  • Pummer® Adjustable Inclined Bed Frame”

* Other bed frame options available upon request.

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All of the essential components for healthy sleep including a solid wood bed frame custom made for the SAMINA Healthy Sleep System that can be adjusted to sleep inclined, or not—depending on preference.

This includes the three essential layers of the system (2x) SAMINA slats, (2x) natural rubber mattresses, (1x) wool topper, (1x) protection cover, and an adjustable FSC-certified solid oak bed frame.

  • Duvets, pillows, grounding pads sold separately.
  • Bed Frames are available in other woods, stains, and styles upon request.
  • Also available:
      • with head board;
      • different types of FSC-certified wood;
      • white wash and other stains;
      • complementary night tables, benches, and dressers;
      • other styles including four-poster bed frame.

All SAMINA products are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, biodegradable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and proudly made in a carbon neutral certified facility in Frastanz, Austria. Certified organic materials, humanely harvested sheep’s wool, sustainable hardwoods are all intentionally used to ensure your good night’s sleep comes with peace of mind and spirit.

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Untreated European ash wood slats, natural rubber (GOLS-certified organic latex), and organic cotton (GOTS-certified) are the only materials used in the flexible double layered slats giving each person head to toe support in all the right places. Read more about SAMINA slats.

Natural Rubber (latex) Mattress

Encased in certified organic cotton, each mattress is 3″ of certified organic latex (talalay rubber) providing you with comfort and circulatory support to stay asleep all night long. Learn more about the properties and benefits of natural talalay rubber.

NOTE: In the US and Canada, 3″ thickness is standard. This item is also available upon request in 2″ thickness for a much firmer feel.

Climate-regulating Wool Topper

Cover: Bio-Ceramic Organic cotton fabric. Filling:Humanely sourced, minimally processed, lanolin-rich virgin wool. Natural wool fibers offer great benefits for bedding. They wick moisture, prevent over-heating and maintain an even temperature under the covers.

Protection Cover (BIOFIX)

100% organic cotton with 4 elastic bands in each corner to secure the cover over the wool pad topper and mattress. This is not a SAMINA product. Brand Name: David Fussenegger. Product Name: BIOFIX

Pummer® Adjustable Inclined Bed Frame

Pummer bed frames are hand-constructed by a master carpenter in solid, sustainably sourced hard woods from Canada. Using only sustainably sourced solid wood, these sturdy bed frames are made without metal and may be adjusted to sleep at a 3.5-degree or 5-degree incline, or no incline at all. Standard delivery includes legs for 3.5 degree incline and no incline; legs to adjust the bed on a 5-degree slant are available upon special request only. Read about the benefits of sleeping inclined.

Additional information

Orthopedic Flexible Slat Frame

2 Units – 35" x 83" (90cm x 210cm)

Natural Latex Mattress (3")

2 Units – 35" x 83" (90cm x 210cm)

Climate-regulating Wool Topper

1 Unit – 70" x 83" (180cm x 210cm)

Protection Cover (BIOFIX)

1 Unit – 80" x 80" (200cm x 200cm)

Pummer Bed Frame - Oak

1 Unit – 70" x 83" (180cm x 210cm)