Pummer Inclined Bed Frame in different views

Inclined Bed Frames for SAMINA

SAMINA promotes sleeping on a slant for its significant health advantages over the more common horizontal sleeping style. Because sleeping inclined enhances the flow of energy in the body, it is especially important for people who are involved in sports and wish to improve their health or recover from ailments and diseases.

Our Inclined Bed Frames are designed for flawless installation of the SAMINA healthy sleep system, and the degree of incline is manually adjustable without tools. You can choose different angles of tilt according to your preference from horizontal (0-degrees) to 3- or 5-degrees. The maximum level is recommended for people who have GERD (acid reflux), sleep apnea, heavy snorers, and other disorders.

The Pummer Inclined Bed Frame

Our proprietary design was created exclusively for SAMINA healthy sleep systems. Side and center railings hold the SAMINA slats on each side so they sit freely suspended to work as designed supporting the entire length of the spine. The SAMINA slats also encourage open air circulation so moisture evaporates into the ambient air instead of being trapped within the mattress. Air flow is one of the brilliant features of the SAMINA sleep system and also one of the biggest flaws of most other mattresses.

The Pummer Inclined Bed Frame is available in a variety of sustainably sourced solid hardwoods, stains, and custom two-tone combinations. See the available wood options below and in the Gallery at the bottom of this page.

SAMINA slats lie in a bed frame side-by-side.

SAMINA wooden bed slats lie side-by-side inside of an inclined solid wood bed frame .

Our Wood Selection

The Pummer Inclined bed frames are designed exclusively for the SAMINA sleep system. Only FSC-certified woods that are sustainably sourced are used to craft our metal-free, solid wood bed frames. No particle board, no harsh varnishes or paints are used…ever. We only use organic oil finishes and Old World craftsmanship to make a nontoxic bed frame that can be assembled easily without tools. (See the video below “Assembling the Pummer Bed Frame” or click here now.).  We offer standard designs but we can also collaborate with designers for custom requests.

Standard Woods Available

From left to right: (1) Oak with dark walnut stain; (2) Solid American Walnut; (3) Elm; (4) Oak; (5) Maple; (6) White Washed oak. Inquire for additional selections and stains.

Cherry Wood

Solid Walnut

White Oak

Wilde Oak Wood

Black Stain on Solid Oak Wood

White Wash Stain on Wood

Adriano Inclined Bed Frame by SAMINA

The newest inclined bed frame design is the Adriano by SAMINA. This solid wood bed frame allows you to choose your desired sleeping angle.

SAMINA stands out from every other mattress brand with bed frames that incline with a unique open-air design. These factors help moisture from sweat, drool, and respiration evaporate naturally. A dry bed is a cleaner bed because it will have fewer dust mites and micro-organisms such as bacteria and mold.

The Adriano is available in Swiss pine, oak and wild oak. See samples below.

Adriano Swiss Pine (Zirbe)

Adriano Oak (Eiche)

Adriano Wild Oak (Wildeiche)

The Adriano Inclined Bed Frame

Benefits of Inclined Sleeping

The powerful force of gravity can improve your sleep as well as your health and overall well-being. When we stand upright, the head is elevated above the heart which pumps enough blood to the head despite gravity. This lowers the pressure required for arterial blood transport. When you lie down horizontally, your head and heart are in the same position, so gravity does not have the same effect on blood circulation. Because the resistance is lower, this causes increased intracranial pressure, which can have a variety of health consequences such as sinus pressure, headaches, migraines, and difficulty breathing.

Learn more about inclined sleeping >>> click here.

Assembling the Pummer® Inclined Bed Frame

Features of the Pummer Inclined Bed Frame

Pummer Bed Frames have an open design to encourage air flow through the SAMINA slats and other breathable layers of the healthy sleep system.

There are a pair of SAMINA slats in all but the twin size. One set of slats per person provides custom back support for each sleeper. The slats fit perfectly in the Pummer® bed frames with each resting on a side rail sharing the center supporting foot.

Both slats are nestled snugly within the Pummer bed frame assuring no gaps so they work as designed moving vertically to support your spine.

The side view of bed frame in solid oak inclined at 5-degrees (foot on left, head on right).

Pummer Inclined Bed Frame Design Details

Designed exclusively for SAMINA, the Pummer inclined bed frames are suitable for the slats and can be assembled without tools.

Inner side rails on the left and right together with the center support are all the SAMINA slats need for air flow and optimal flexibility. Back support in bed has never felt this good!

The center support is crafted from a solid heavy piece of poplar wood that lies upon inserts at the head and foot of the bed.

The Pummer bed frame assembles easily with each side securely attached to head and foot board using old-world craftsmanship, no metal screws or nails.

The beautiful workmanship is evident in each piece of carefully hand-selected wood and the smooth connections featuring the gorgeous grain of natural wood.

The feet are higher and angled accordingly at the headboard. Ease of use was critical when developing the unique design.

The feet are lower and angled appropriately at the foot of the bed frame for solid support.

The feet are connected to each leg of the bed frame for solid support. No particle board – no metal screws – no electro motors for the healthiest sleep environment.

Gallery of Pummer Bed Frame Examples

Pummer Inclined Bed Frame (Oak)

Pummer Inclined Bed Frame with Headboard (Oak)

Pummer Inclined Bed Frame (Cherry – 5-degree incline)

Pummer Inclined Bed Frame with Headboard (Maple/Walnut)

Pummer Inclined Bed Frame with Headboard and Matching Night Table (Cherry)

Pummer Bed Frame with Headboard and Matching Night Table (Walnut)


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