SAMINA custom bed frame with living green wall

Installing SAMINA into your bed frame

natural wood bed frame for samina

The SAMINA healthy sleep system requires a bed frame for the slats to work properly and, with simple alterations, you often can use your own bed frame. It needs to box the SAMINA slats on all four sides so they move up and down to support your spine without sliding side to side. When you’ve already invested in a bed frame you want to keep, you can modify it to work for SAMINA. We offer free consultation from a master carpenter although the work itself doesn’t typically require one. If you’re handy or have a good handyman, the work can be done with materials purchased at a local hardware store. See examples below.

Using your own bed frame

SAMINA installed in custom bed frame

When you have your own bed frame, we offer complimentary consultation to advise on the suitability of the frame and any modifications or adjustments that you may need to make to accommodate the sleep system. Many people select this option and are pleased with the outcome.

People either do the work themselves or they employ a handyman. Although, it is not usually necessary to have a highly skilled carpenter for simple adjustments, the example on the right was professionally designed and installed. Keep reading for examples of how other customer’s installed SAMINA into their own bed frames.

Example 1

Modification required removing interior materials and installing side (right and left) and center railings.

grey upholstered bed frame with only side and center rails for SAMINA slats

Example 2

Simple modification to install side (right and left) and center railings. With accurate inside measurements, the double slatted wooden frames should fit snugly within the bed frame. No part of the wooden slats should appear above the bed frame.

Example 3

When there is not enough depth on the existing frame to contain the slats completely on all four sides, the simple solution is to install a box within the frame as pictured below. Using untreated wood, you can then match the stain to existing furniture

Example 4

Example 5

Some bed frames already have slats. Not to be confused with the SAMINA slats, these are a single row of slats designed to hold a mattress and not your back. Because they are also designed for typically much deeper mattresses, the simple solution is often to install side railings and center supporting foot above them leaving enough depth for the SAMINA slats.


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