Natural by Design, Corp. (USA) and Natural by Design ND LTD (Canada) D/B/A/ SAMINA Sleep are also known as “SAMINA North America” – “SAMINA USA” and “SAMINA USA and Canada” and are collectively referred to as “NBD” or “the Company” in this warranty. NBD is the exclusive importer of the SAMINA brand of sleep systems and other healthy sleep products in North America. NBD representatives are qualified and trained to provide each customer with careful consultation for the optimal sleep solution. We offer the following as a guideline to assure a positive customer experience on the rare occasion a return is requested.


This warranty applies only to sales of new SAMINA brand products by NBD representatives. NBD warrants to you, the original buyer, that goods shall be free of defects in material and/or workmanship. Damage that occurs in transit during shipping from NBD to the customer will be covered so long as the customer adheres to the delivery process instructions including but not limited to inspecting product upon receipt and releasing carrier to deliver to addressee. Warranty is subject to normal use under normal conditions. Damage resulting from improper handling after merchandise is received or from exposure to weather or extreme conditions is not covered by the warranty. In the event of a defect in material, NBD will replace your product.

In the rare circumstance when the original buyer dislikes the bed, there are several comfort adjustments that can be made. These include but are not limited to the removal of slats to lessen the support, the addition of inserts to increase firmness, or the addition of cushions too soften support on certain areas of the body. Cushions and simple supports will be provided at no additional charge within the first 90 days from date of purchase. Should the customer require an additional component, one may be purchased at a discount from retail list price. Infrequently, when an adjustment is not satisfactory, the customer may request a return. See “Return of Product” below.

Floor Samples or As-Is Purchases

This warranty does not cover floor samples, sales marked “final” at time of purchase, or products designated “as is.” Any other exceptions such as special promotions will be marked as “final” on invoice.

Improper Care and Use

Proper care and usage are essential to preserving your rights under this warranty. SAMINA products require specific care and maintenance and proper instructions are provided to each customer upon purchase and also located on the website maintained by NBD for purpose of SAMINA information. This warranty will not apply in several situations including but not limited to: product deterioration as a result of the product care being neglected or poorly maintained; SAMINA bedding damaged by the use of detergents, abrasives or other harsh cleaning agents including dry cleaning chemicals which are specifically recommended not to use; if the natural rubber components are exposed to extreme heat, sunlight, heat lamps or used in a manner other than for their intended use as a surface upon which to lie and sleep.

Return of Product

Due to the personal use and hygienic nature of organic products, wool items are not eligible for return. All solid wood carpenter-crafted furniture is final sale and ineligible for return. Due to the complex nature of shipping, customs, and logistics, items purchased outside of the United States or Canada are also not eligible for return.

All other items may be returned upon request and approval of a Return Merchandise Authorization by an authorized NBD representative. If you are dissatisfied with your SAMINA purchase for any reason, contact the SAMINA dealer from whom you purchased the product. Buyers ordinarily invest in SAMINA for specific reasons, so it’s often worthwhile to discuss the adjustments and modifications, including additional supports that may satisfactorily address specific concerns, before requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization.

If dissatisfied for any reason, customers may return products purchased within 30 days of receipt, so long as they are returned in the original packaging at the customer’s expense and, upon receipt by NBD, the condition of the product must be approved as “like new.” Having satisfactorily met these standards, a refund may be approved less a 25% restocking fee. The original shipping & delivery costs are not refundable.

How to Proceed if You Observe a Defect or to Execute Warranty

In the unlikely event you should notice a manufacturing defect, it is important that you promptly notify the SAMINA Authorized Retailer where your purchase was made. To exercise your rights under this warranty, you must submit the original sales receipt when making a claim and be issued a Return Merchandise Authorization. For your convenience, you may contact us in writing, email or by phone as follows:

Natural by Design, Corp.
24 South Los Robles Ave. | Pasadena, CA 91101 | Toll-free 1.877.494.1091 | info@saminasleep.com

Replacement and Upkeep

One of the big advantages of the SAMINA sleep system over other mattresses is that individual components can be replaced over time. From a hygienic point of view, we recommend rejuvenating those products filled with sheep’s wool after 8 to 10 years of use. Why? Even with the best care, body wastes, salts and other metabolic elements sweat out of the body and are collected in the cover materials as well as in the filling.

The natural, simply processed sheep’s wool used in SAMINA products is unique for its ability to neutralize pollutants, referred to as its “self-cleaning” capabilities. After 8 years or so, these natural self-cleaning abilities diminish so it is advisable to change wool pad toppers and duvets at least every 10 years.

Under conditions of normal use (8 – 9 hours use per day, compliance with care instructions, etc.), the durability of the natural rubber mattress is typically 10 years or more.

The slat frame should be turned regularly as detailed in the Quality Care Instructions to sustain the elasticity of the rubber and the resilience of the ash wood slats for many years.. After 15 years of use, check the springy natural rubber parts which you can do easily by compressing the natural rubber tubes and/or unzipping to peek inside and examine the quality of the rubber. Upon purchase, when the slats are new, you will find the natural rubber to be very white, very springy and solid; over time, the natural rubber ages and, especially with exposure to air, it dries turning yellowish and small particles disintegrating into little “bread crumbs”. It is at this point the elasticity is diminished to the point you should consider replacing. The ash wood slats are durable and will sustain their shape and function indefinitely.

When in doubt, we advise you to consult a SAMINA dealer in your area where you will be provided with professional consulting at no charge. If any products are due to be replaced, your SAMINA dealer can assist you.

Most importantly, NBD and SAMINA intend for you to have a lifetime of healthy sleep so customers may call to have their sleep questions answered and for other sleep-related advice at any time.


Our healthy sleep concierge service is available Monday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm PST.
Our aim is to reply to you within 24 hours.

Phone: Toll-free in US and Canada 1.877.494.1091
Email: info@saminasleep.com