The power behind the Sleep System is understanding that your entire bed is important to your wellbeing. Just like the slat frame was built to support your spine, SAMINA created a range of pillows to support your neck and head. Many people have declared SAMINA’s pillows the best for neck pain. Developed in collaboration with physicicans, chiropractors and physical therapists, SAMINA pillows offer orthopedic support to support your neck and head while sleeping. With the correct orthopedic pillow on your SAMINA Sleep System, you should receive gentle support below your neck, gently opening your throat to aid breathing and lessen snoring.

SAMINA pillows, like the entire product line, only use materials that meet the highest and purest quality standards – from the natural products used to the processed raw materials: Bio-Ceramic® Organic sheep’s wool from German sheep roaming in the pesticide-free outdoors of the Austrian alpine area.




Since people come in many shapes and sizes, so do SAMINA pillows to help support the unique contours of your head and neck with the special attention and care SAMINA is known for by using all Bio-Ceramic® organic, natural materials encased in soft, organic cotton. SAMINA makes the best pillows money can buy.

SAMINA Delta: The most popular selling pillow, the Delta has a highly elastic natural rubber core that adapts to the neck-head line and is very orthopedically effective. The design prevents positional strain in the neck. This is the best pillow for side sleepers. Available in different heights (Delta High and Delta Low). Available Sizes: SAMINA Queen available only in standard height (approximately 4.5” on high end, 3.5” on low end). SAMINA King available in different heights, Delta High (approximately 5” on high end, 4” on low end) and Delta Low (approximately 4” on high end, 3” on low end).

SAMINA Balance: Provides correct position of the neck and head to benefit the cervical spine, Narrow insert of natural rubber positioned in the back of the neck. Especially suitable for long necks and pronounced inward curvature of the neck. Available Sizes: SAMINA Queen (20” x 27”/W 50 cm x L 70 cm), SAMINA King (16” X 31”/W 40 cm x L 80 cm)

SAMINA Combi-med: Designed with a shaped neck area and is filled with narrow natural rubber nuggets and organic sheep’s wool. It adapts well to the normal inward sway of the neck and the shoulder area. Size: 20” x 31” (50 cm x 80 cm)

SAMINA Papillon: The perfect travel pillow for car, train, and airplane. We all know what it’s like, particularly during a long commute when you’re stuck sitting upward. Well the Papillon is filled with organic sheep’s wool and offers support on both sides of the head while in that sitting position. This makes the Papillon a great travel companion. Please note: This pillow is a travel pillow so it is smaller than the rest of the pillows. Available Sizes: (20” x 31”/50 cm x 80 cm)

SAMINA Standard: Filled with pure organic sheep’s wool and encased with 100% organic cotton. The Standard comes in two models: Light and Extra Light. Standard pillows are suitable for children. Available Sizes: The Standard comes in three models: Regular, Light and Extra Light. Light and Extra Light pillows are suitable for children. Available sizes: SAMINA Queen 20” x 27” (W 50 cm x L 70 cm); SAMINA King 16” X 31”  (W 40 cm x L 80 cm)

SAMINA Body Pillow

Filled generously with pure virgin sheep’s wool and encased with 100% organic cotton cover, this pillow should be ordered with custom pillow case that is machine-washable organic cotton.

Ideal during pregnancy, with newborns, or anybody that needs extra support. Available in one size: L 80” x W 15” (200 x 38)

The SAMINA nursing pillow is ideal for pregnancy, birth, nursing, for relaxation for mother and child and can be used by other family members, too. Crafted with SAMINA quality standards in every detail, the nursing pillow is hand-made of non-toxic raw materials virgin sheep’s wool and organic

During pregnancy the best sleep position is sleeping on your side which becomes more comfortable while positioning the pillow between the legs with one arm on top and the other beneath (as pictured).

While mother is nursing, the pillow relieves her arm, shoulder and neck area while the baby, cradled in the mother‘s arms, actually rests on the SAMINA nursing pillow. This pillow is also frequently used by the elderly or people needing additional care and support when lying in bed. It can actually be an indispensable friend for the whole family.


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