Bio Ceramic

SAMINA Bio-CeramicTM Organic Cotton

SAMINA Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton is made from a patented combination of 60% organic cotton and 40% bio-ceramic yarn. Dr. Günther Amann-Jennson, the founder of SAMINA, succeeded in combining specific minerals and crystals with organic cotton to create the Bio-Ceramic fabric. He says,

“Once again we take nature and traditional knowledge from natural medicine as a model for our SAMINA Healthy Sleep Concept in order to utilize the forces and intelligence of nature for better sleep and thus for better health, performance, and vitality.”

SAMINA wraps this natural fabric around virgin sheep’s wool to create soft and supple mattress toppers, pillows, and duvets for optimally balanced heat and moisture during sleep. The special properties of the Bio-ceramic fibers promote detoxification, circulation, and warmth for deeper relaxation so you sleep better.


Organic Cotton

Power of Nature

Healthy Infrared Radiation

People often think of radiation as a bad thing as in, radiation from your microwave and your phone. But radiation is nothing more than energy that can travel at the speed of light and one of the largest natural sources is the infrared radiation of the sunlight to which healing properties are attributed. SAMINA Bio-Ceramic organic bedding contains minerals that have the ability to absorb and store the infrared radiation of daylight. At night, this infrared radiation is activated by body heat and released to the body. Infrared rays have a proven positive effect on the human body promoting important microcirculation to ensure optimum balance of the body’s natural energy. The difference is one of the reasons you awaken revived when you sleep in SAMINA instead of drained from sleeping on an ordinary mattress and synthetic blankets.

Negative Ions Promote Sleep

Similar to the word “radiation”, the idea of “negative” can be perceived as bad but don’t be confused with the term “negative” in relation to ions. In this case, negative ions help promote sleep. The minerals utilized to make SAMINA Bio-Ceramic bedding threads have different properties and some are able to convert absorbed heat into electrical charges. This produces negative ions which have a sleep-inducing effect. Due to their wavelength in the far-infrared region, the body will be naturally heated without increasing the ambient temperature. This is particularly valuable for people who feel cold quickly, are freezing cold when they sleep, or generally want more warmth while they’re sleeping. SAMINA Bio-Ceramic bedding has a positive effect on regeneration while sleeping so you benefit from gentle therapeutic “wellness while you sleep” every night so you can enjoy being more vibrant and feel better during the day.



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