Clinicum Alpinum


Gaflei, Fürstentum Liechtenstein

Clinicum Alpinum is a private clinic that opened on April 1, 2019 and specializes in the inpatient treatment of depression, fatigue, and sleep disorders.

The clinic uses important findings from depression research using, for example, sleep studies (polysomnography) that can give hints about possible depression in advance. This is related to the fact that the sleep pattern of people who are suffering from depression, has very specific characteristics that can be used as a bio-marker. This finding can also be used in the review of treatment success in depression.

Sleep as Therapy

Clinicum Alpinum, located in the Principality of Liechtenstein, not far from the border with Austria, is breaking new ground in the treatment of stress disorders and depression. The clinic focuses on sleep as a central treatment pillar. The foundation for this treatment concept is based on the close cooperation between the head of the clinic, a psychiatrist, Dr. Marc Risch and the sleep psychologist Dr. Günther W. Amann-Jennson, a psychologist and the founder of SAMINA.

Clinicum Alpinum is the first clinic in the world to offer patient rooms designed for optimal sleep conditions in addition to its medical and therapeutic treatment for depression.

Clinic boss Dr. Marc Risch and his wife Mag. Michaela Risch focus on healthy sleep, nutrition, exercise, and a healing microclimate at 1,500 meters altitude in the midst of beautiful mountains as the central pillars in the treatment of stress-related illnesses and depression. This is in addition to more traditional medical treatment. A minimum stay of eight weeks ensures the best outcomes and recovery.

In order to improve the sleep quality in the clinic measurably, the clinic applies a number of innovative, passive sleep therapies. These therapies are being implemented under the direction of Dr. Günther W. Amann-Jennson. In addition to an organic bed system, the SAMINA BIO-ENERGETIC SLEEP® CONCEPT includes grounding the body (also known as Earthing), musical therapy while asleep, and sleeping in an inclined position (using the effects of Gravity). This activates important biological effects during sleep. As a result of these measures, the sleep process is positively influenced in a short time, the quality of sleep increases measurably, and the physical-mental regeneration is supported at the highest level. At the same time, the sleep measurements are used diagnostically and therapeutically while being supplemented by sleep coaching techniques developed by Dr. Amann-Jennson for “sleep-friendly days” that lead to efficient sleep at night.

The Orthopedics of Lying in Bed

Many people suffering from mental illnesses and notably depression often are additionally burdened with back, joint, or muscle problems. In the orthopedic area, the “SAMINA Healthy Sleep” concept achieves impressive results during sleep through a “passive orthopedic therapy” positively affecting those stress-related problems in the back, muscles, fascia and joints. People have discovered astonishing and lasting improvements as well as pain reduction in non-specific and non-organic findings, especially for those patients suffering from back and neck pain.

Healthy sleep requires elementary and variable key factors. From a biological point of view, the bed is the most important piece of furniture, as we statistically spend over 30 percent of our lifetime in bed. SAMINA is 100% organic and many health and wellness professionals regard it as “The Healthiest Bed in The World”.
Dr. Günther W. Amann (l), Michaela Risch (center), Claus Pummer (r)
Clinicum Alpinum, Lichtenstein, 2019

Musical treatment for anxiety disorders

An additional application of special chronobiologically effective music compositions yield great results and experiences in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, and burnout syndrome. Together with the renowned music researcher Vera Brandes (MSc) of the Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg’s Research Program in Music Medicine (Austria), Prof. Amann-Jennson developed the SoundLife® Sleep System for audio therapy while sleeping.

Audiotherapy has two key advantages: Compared to other therapies for the treatment of depression and disorders with depressive symptoms, receptive music medicine has a very fast onset and significantly shortens treatment due to daily use. Because patients feel better after only a few days, there are practically no treatment discontinuations.

Many years of experience show that patients with depression and anxiety disorders can benefit greatly from this musical therapy because it addresses deep brain areas that are difficult to activate with other therapies. Especially for patients who do not want or are not allowed to take medication, this new form of therapy is sometimes the only alternative. At Clinicum Alpinum, for example, receptive music therapy is used primarily as a supplement to the medical-therapeutic treatments.

Healing time-out in the clinic

To our knowledge, this is the first clinic worldwide to use the above mentioned innovations and the healthy sleep concept as a central treatment pillar—diagnostic, medical, and therapeutic. The patient rooms are designed as a healing architecture retreat, but also designed for holistic sleep regulation. The natural environment and all natural elements have been taken into account such as the microclimate at 1,500 meters above sea level, the duration of daylight and sunlight, which plays a very important role in both sleep regulation and in the treatment of depression.

The holistic approach of the Clinicum Alpinum in combination with the SAMINA HEALTHY SLEEP CONCEPT offers all medical, biological, climate, and thermoregulatory requirements for the highest possible regeneration of the body, soul and spirit through sleep. Thus, the stay in the Clinicum Alpinum is always focused on the optimal recovery of the patient, so that the patient is equipped and prepared to to live a healthy, fulfilling life again after their stay.


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