SAMINA knows that your body temperature in bed is very important to getting a good night’s sleep. Have you ever been so cold that you woke up in the middle of the night? Or really hot? Wool is a great material for bedding because it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. Therefore, you won’t sleep sweaty because it pulls moisture away from your skin. The hollow fibers help maintain a comfortable temperature under the covers.

The Eco-Luxury Addition to Your SAMINA Sleep System

The SAMINA sleep system was designed so that air can flow through each layer. The ultimate eco-luxury bed is a SAMINA sleep system with a SAMINA wool duvet. Inside a cocoon of pure virgin wool, you and your bed will stay  warm, dry, and comfortable. Learn more – see the video at the bottom of this page.


Organic Cotton Covers for Our Wool Duvets

Our natural wool duvets are available in a variety of sizes to suit any bed and in a few basic styles to choose from that are smartly matched to the environment where you reside. The duvets are all filled by hand with sheep’s wool and covered in luxurious Bio-Ceramic organic cotton fabric. You will want to air out and fluff your duvet occasionally but don’t wash it lest you ruin the natural qualities of the wool fibers. That’s why we recommend you place your SAMINA duvet in an organic cotton duvet cover that can be machine-washed. On occasion, shake it out and expose it to outdoor air and sunlight for a few hours. You’ll love bringing nature into your bed with SAMINA.




You will find the ideal duvet for your best sleep. There are options for everyone depending on where you live and the season.


Midsummer Night Dream Duvet

The lightest of all the comforters, this one is ideal for climates that have warmer temperatures year-round or for hot summer nights wherever you live. This lightweight duvet has an airy feel to it. You’ll feel snug without suffocating you when its warm outside.   SHOP NOW


Summer Duvet

This duvet is also light and airy but it’s almost twice as heavy as the extra-light Midsummer Night Dream duvet due to double the amount of wool filling. So, it’s perfect for summertime, warm evenings, and more temperate climates.  SHOP NOW


Spring/Autumn Duvet

This duvet is thicker with almost double the weight and filling of the Summer duvet. It’s ideal to use when temperatures transition from cold to cool in the spring or from warm to cool in the fall. Most importantly, the extra weight will keep you nice and cozy while the additional filling of virgin sheep’s wool helps balance your body temperature in bed as the temperatures get cooler.   SHOP NOW

Four Seasons Duvet

A Four Seasons duvet is not one but two duvets. It’s a set of duvets created by combining either the Midnight Summer duvet with the Summer duvet or the Summer duvet with the Spring/Autumn duvet. Each duvet comes with ties on the side that can be tied together to create a Four Seasons duvet. (A Four Seasons duvet set is pictured at the top of this page.)

The combination that’s right for you depends on your climate, the length and severity of your winter months, or your own personal preference. It’s worth noting that the Four Seasons duvet combination with the Spring/Autumn duvet has a heavier feel to it.  SHOP NOW – FOUR SEASONS LIGHT or SHOP NOW – FOUR SEASONS CLASSIC

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SAMINA duvet cross cuts showing thickness of wool



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