Clinicum Alpinum

Clinicum Alpinum

Holistic Healing Center to Treat Mental Stress

In 2018, SAMINA partnered with Clinicum Alpinum, an innovative, private clinic designed as a holistic healing center that opened its doors in 2019. Located in an idyllic mountain environment, all 50 rooms are furnished with the purest organic beds, SAMINA sleep Systems.

A Special Place in a Special Location

Clinicum Alipinum is a therapeutic facility for the inpatient treatment of depression and burnout. The Clinicum Alpinum is located in a special place—Gaflei, Lichtenstein. With its topography, its alpine meadow, its mountain forest, the rocks of the Alpspitz in the background, and great panoramic views of the Rhine Valley, the founders felt obligated to develop a place that integrates itself into this epic landscape.

Natural Wellness Within Its Walls

Nestled in the majestic mountains, embraced by the breathtaking beauty of nature, Clinicum Alpinum takes inspiration from the world outside to also cultivate a nurturing, natural environment within its walls. For example, a lovely atrium is prominent in the middle of the building, and patients enjoy natural light from large windows with balconies in their rooms to enjoy nature’s splendor and the fresh mountain air.

Only all-natural, non-toxic materials and textures are used throughout the building. Consequently, SAMINA healthy sleep systems were the bed of choice for all patient rooms; sleep in its most natural form is part of the holistic healing journey at Clinicum Alpinum.

Holistic Healing and Healthy Sleep

The Clinicum Alpinum is a destination medical center for patients with stress diseases, including depression and severe burnout. The clinic promotes recovery treatments in a relaxing and calm atmosphere. Importantly, when it came to bed selection, there really was no choice other than SAMINA, which, on the one hand, was the simplest, purest organic bed and, on the other hand, was designed for holistic healing and healthy sleep.

Learn more about Clinicum Alpinum on their website.

Depression and Sleep

The late Dr. William C. Dement, formerly of Stanford University, summarized: “After 40 years of sleep research, I have found no factor that has a greater impact on our well-being and health than sleep.” Sleep is responsible for almost 90% of our health.” This also pertains to our mental health.

High-quality sleep is responsible for as much as 70% of our physical regeneration and 100% of our mental rejuvenation. Learn more about the connection between sleep and depression. 

When Loss of Motivation Could be a Symptom of Illness

Read the article Loss of Drive—More Than Just a “Lack of Motivation by Dr. Marc Risch, the Chief Physician and Specialist FMH for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Clinicum Alpinum in Gaflei, Lichtenstein. Republished with permission and translated into English from its original German language.


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