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Lokosana® Grounding Pad


The Lokosana™ Sleeping and Grounding Pad (“Lokosana”) was created by SAMINA to improve sleep quality by grounding the body. This is also known as “earthing” and it works by stabilizing the earth’s natural magnetic fields. See “What is Grounding?” for more information.

Lokosana is an important component of the SAMINA Sleep System but optional. It also can be used with other mattresses to improve sleep quality and improve your health.



A Certified Medical Device

The Lokosana® sleeping and grounding pad by SAMINA is a certified medical device (CE)1 according to the EU standards established and administered by Swissmedic2 for the promotion of sleep and quality regeneration.

Lokosana has demonstrated efficacy for use as a medical device for the following indications with their corresponding ICD-10 classification codes3.

Indications for use of the
Lokosana Sleeping and Grounding Pad

Non-organic sleep disorders F51

These are sleep disorders not due to a substance or known physiological condition.

Non-organic Hypersomnia F51.1

Hypersomnia is defined as a condition of either excessive daytime sleepiness and sleep attacks (not accounted for by an inadequate amount of sleep) or prolonged transition to the fully aroused state upon awakening.

Non-organic Insomnia F51.0

A condition of unsatisfactory quantity and/or quality of sleep, which persists for a considerable period of time, including difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, or early final wakening.

Non-organic disturbance of the sleep-wake rhythm F51.2

A lack of synchrony between the sleep-wake schedule and the desired sleep-wake schedule for the individual’s environment, resulting in a complaint of either insomnia or hypersomnia.

Other non-organic sleep disorders F51.8

Non-organic sleep disorder, not specified in detail F51.9

Including emotionally induced sleep disorder

1 A medical device is not medicine, but something intended to be used by and on humans for the purpose of alleviating symptoms, to treat disease or injuries, or otherwise to support health. Medical devices are designated with the letters CE indicating the product meets the requirements for efficacy, safety, performance, and quality. Certified medical devices are then monitored continuously to ensure these requirements are maintained once in use by the public.
2 Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, is the body responsible for monitoring medical devices and the system of compliance assessment and certification of medical devices for Switzerland and recognized throughout the European Union (EU). The certification process is overseen by Swissmedic which issues permits to test the device, conduct clinical trials (known as investigations in Europe), and then, importantly, owns the responsibility for after-market vigilance.
3 The ICD – 10 classification is the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems – 10th Revision, German Modification Version 2005.

Grounding is Harmless: Contraindications and Exclusions

There no evidence to suggest that the use of this device could be detrimental. In medical terminology, there are no concrete contraindications to this medical device. As grounding the body can positively impact all of its systems, it is advisable for individuals to monitor their drug dosages. By doing so, one can optimize the effects of medication and promote overall well-being. In particular, study results have shown that the long-term effect of body grounding during sleep can have a mild blood-thinning effect. Likewise, body grounding can improve thyroid function and blood sugar regulation.

For patients with electromedical implants (e.g., pacemakers) there is a version available without bio-magnets (Lokosana™ Bio-Energy).


Lokosana: Materials and Structure

Dr. Günther Amann-Jennson, the founder of SAMINA, created Lokosana using an unconventional approach over 25 years ago. For better health benefits, he incorporated a thin layer of bio-active sheep’s wool, Swiss bio-magnets, a layer of fabric interwoven with pure silver threads, and encased these layers inside of pure organic cotton. It’s the high amount of silver in the composition of the pad that impacts the expense of this product.

Unlike other body grounding devices, Lokosana works through indirect contact with your body meaning you don’t touch the silver fabric inside of the pad. Our bodies are conductors of electricity, so to be in direct contact with metal could cause electrical shock, which has been reported with other grounding products. The indirect contact method is, therefore, much safer.

Grounding Pads Inspection
Claus Pummer inspecting fabrication of Lokosana Sleeping and Grounding pads. SAMINA headquarters, Frastanz, Austria – 2019
Lokosana Grounding Pad
Cross-Section of Lokosana grounding pad with virgin sheep’s wool on bottom, silver-organic cotton fabric then more wool, all encased within organic cotton.

The sheep’s wool is unbelievably soft, keeping the pad from feeling stiff and providing a moisture pathway from your body.

The bio-magnets stabilize distorted electromagnetic fields especially common in urban living and help re-orient your body in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic providing an antioxidant effect. The pad effectively has you sleeping in a head north – feet south position regardless of the position of your bed for optimal healthy sleep.

Lokosana is grounded with a plug that goes directly into a common household outlet. Recent innovations have improved this connector to remove any concerns about so-called “dirty electricity”.

When an outlet has 3 holes, it is likely grounded meaning that it goes through the electrical panel connected to a grounding rod that goes at least 8 feet below the ground. When you order a Lokosana sleeping and grounding pad, you will receive an electrical outlet tester to ensure your outlet is grounded for safe use.

There is no electric current flowing between the grounding pad and the outlet. The pad works because of the connection with the grounding rod whose sole purpose is to dissipate static electricity like lightening. This is how your household appliances are protected and why they don’t shock you.

The plug has undergone a re-design to ensure even safer use with Lokosana. There is now a diode on the cord which ensures that current can only travel in one direction removing concerns about “dirty electricity” and there is now a universal adapter so that the pad may be used internationally by plugging in specific adapters by country.

Restoring our lost connection to Earth while sleeping at night is a passive way to improve health and wellbeing with proven studies to support that it improves sleep quality, helps people fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and improve symptoms of some sleep disorders.


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Lokosana™ Seat Cushion for Home and Office

Never before have human beings been exposed to so much electrosmog or electro-pollution and that is why SAMINA developed the Lokosana™ grounding cushion as a daytime complement to the Lokosana sleeping and grounding pad. Like the night-time version, the daytime seat cushion is made of pure silver, organic cotton, Bio-Magnets, and encased in a blue cotton cover. It is designed to be placed on the seat of your office chair and should remain always plugged in.

16 x 14 inches (40 x 35 cm)

The plug does not have any electric current; it is for grounding purposes only. Lokosana™ then becomes a better conductor of electricity than your body due to the high content of pure silver it contains. This helps protect you from the direct exposure of EMFs in your environment from common items such as:

  • PC (personal computer)
  • Cell phone
  • Wireless phone
  • Notebook or tablet
  • Bluetooth devices
  • WiFi networks
  • Wireless printers
  • Cell phone towers
  • Power grids (Notably of more concern in the USA and Canada as many European countries have restrictions on proximity of power grids to residential areas)


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