Whether people invest in SAMINA for its innovative design and superior back support or because it is non-toxic and made exclusively from natural materials—whatever the reason your bed should also be comfortable. Almost everyone finds the system supremely comfortable, yet every body is also different and SAMINA appreciates the uniqueness of each individual—body shape, size, weight, age, injuries, state of health, and so forth.

Over 30 years of SAMINA experience confirms that most people adjust to a new system within the first couple of weeks to discover the most comfortable and restful sleep of their adult lives. We compare this situation to the patient who receives physical therapy or has chiropractic treatment; getting the spine in correct alignment may require the body to adapt.

Infrequently, some people may still want something above and beyond the standard system. The good news is that SAMINA can be modified to remedy their needs. Several of the more popular comfort adjustments are described below. With the investment in a SAMINA sleep system, every client is ensured lifetime consultation and we recommend contacting a healthy sleep advisor for the best advice on what and how to modify.

Comfort Adjustment: Soften Support When Too Firm

Removing every other slat from target areas such as neck, hips, or lower back or lessens the support from the slats while still providing enough for a delightfully comfortable, softer sleeping experience. Because each sleeping partner has his/her own set of SAMINA slats, it’s possible to make individual adjustments that won’t affect the other sleeper. (Figure 1)

Figure 1. Slats may be easily removed in target areas to lessen support from the slats.

Comfort Adjustment: Reduce Pressure on Shoulders

The Shoulder Pendere (or bolsters) were designed by SAMINA for people with broad shoulders to prevent the pain and numbness they may experience when sleeping on their side. When there is discomfort in neck, head and/or upper spine area, replacing several slats with the Shoulder Pendere, a pair of merino wool-filled cushions, can help. (Figure 2)

Figure 2. Shoulder bolsters are little cushions that replace several slats to lessen support on shoulders although they also may be used to target different areas of the body.

Comfort Adjustment: More Back Support

Reinforce support with additional rubber inserts added to the slats. Ideal solution when the overall feeling is “too soft”. Two short natural rubber tubes inserted between the slats generally satisfy people who may need additional support, for example, people with larger buttocks or extra abdominal weight. (Figure 3)

Figure 3. Hip supports installed on right and left of the center rubber tube for reinforced back and/or hip support.

Expert Consultation

The addition of accessories and other adjustments are best determined in consultation with a SAMINA adviser. This is done upon ordering to ensure the absolute best sleep from the first night and all SAMINA clients are eligible for life-long consultation to ensure they will always have the best quality sleep.


Our healthy sleep concierge service is available Monday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm PST.
Our aim is to reply to you within 24 hours.

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