Invest in Your Health With A Luxurious, Organic Sleep System That Will Leave You Feeling Rested, Refreshed & Rejuvenated.

Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep.


The SAMINA Sleep System is essentially the eco mattress health nuts choose for their bed because it offers plenty of health benefits. From back pain to allergies, the SAMINA system is much more than just an eco mattress and has advantages for everyone looking to upgrade their sleep. The products we produce are all unique one-offs. Each individual slat made from pliant ash is tested for quality and carefully integrated without glue. Each topper, each blanket and each pillow is filled by hand and finished by sewing an elaborate cross stitch to hold the wool in place and prevent bunching and balling. This also prevents cold bridges, or gaps, from inflexible lock-stitch seams.

Back Pain

SAMINA can effectively reduce or eliminate back pain associated with a lack of support in bed. Many of our customers decided to make the investment because of their own back issues ranging from post-surgical pain to injuries and accidents, weight gain, and ordinary stresses from extended sitting in office chair, standing, walking and the effects of aging eventually felt by us all.The patented slat system contours to your spine supporting its natural shape all night long. Why is this important? Think about it. When we stress our bodies into unnatural shapes or positions, we tend to suffer consequences. (Ladies, think about the effects wearing high heels and the painful consequences of stressing your feet into unnatural form.) A bed with no back support can actually cause problems where there were none in the first place. On average, you spend about 7 to 9 hours nightly in bed and this can represent long-term stress on your back. The products we produce are all unique one-offs made in same design but with hand-selected wood slats. The SAMINA slats are a game changer.


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