SAMINA Bio-Ceramic Organic Cotton — An Exclusive SAMINA Innovation

SAMINA Bio-Ceramic Bedding for health benefits while you sleep.

SAMINA Bio-Ceramic Organic Cotton — An Exclusive SAMINA Innovation

SAMINA takes inspiration from nature which is where every innovation starts and is especially true for the patented SAMINA Bio-Ceramic organic cotton fabric for bedding. From observing nature and traditional natural medicine concepts, founder Dr. Gunther Amann-Jennson says,


“SAMINA utilizes the forces and intelligence of nature for better sleep and thus for better healthy, performance, and vitality. This involves two important elements of nature: one is the health-promoting far-infrared radiation, the other is atmospheric electricity, in particular negative ions. Modern man receives too little of both compromising well-being, vitality, and health.”

The SAMINA Sleep System combines all elements needed for proper rest into handcrafted layers made with the highest quality natural materials. Let’s uncover the unique benefits of Bio-Ceramic® Organic bedding, one of SAMINA’s secrets to a good night’s sleep.


What is Bio-Ceramic?

Before we dig into the benefits and why SAMINA developed its bio-ceramic organic cotton in the first place, let’s answer the question, “What is bio-ceramic?”

Bioceramics are made when various ceramics and mineral oxides are mixed together and heated to nearly 3,000 degrees [Fahrenheit]. Once the material is cooled, it becomes bioceramic. The bioceramic material then naturally emits FIR [far infrared radiation].[i]

Bio-ceramic materials have been used broadly in medicine to replace bone in hips and knees. They are also used for dental implants. More recently, because bio-ceramics emit far infrared radiation (or FIR), their use has been expanded to athletic clothing and even the pajamas worn by elite athlete, Tom Brady.

Bioceramics interact with the body where appropriate, and don’t interact where we don’t want them to. [ii]

Benefits of Bio-Ceramic Bedding for Sleep

SAMINA’s founder, Dr. Amann-Jennson, along with other scientists, fused mineral oxides and crystals to create a bio-ceramic coating for organic cotton threads. This resulted in the SAMINA Bio-Ceramic® bedding that’s used in many SAMINA products such as duvets, wool mattress toppers, and pillows.


Bio-Keramik or Bio-Ceramic Organic Cotton by SAMINA

“SAMINA Bio-Keramik” in German is SAMINA Bio-Ceramic in English.

Minerals and crystals release electro-magnetic waves at their inherent frequency and have unique properties. For example, some minerals have frequencies matching the human body. Quartz crystals can convert pressure into electric charges while tourmaline converts heat into electrical charges. Serpentine has antibacterial and deodorizing properties. SAMINA uses both and more to promote health benefits from their unique properties while you sleep.

Like its use in athletic wear, bio-ceramic material has advantages to ensure that you wake up fully rested and recharged. See our list of top reasons to consider bio-ceramic bedding to improve your nightly sleep and your daily wellbeing.


1.   Balance Body Temperature Throughout the Night

Sleep disruptions are a real problem. When you wake up in the middle of the night, you break the cycle of healthy sleep which makes you feel tired and grumpy in the morning. When you’re too hot, this increases alertness and decreases slow-wave and rapid-eye-movement sleep, which is why your core body temperature is so important in determining the quality of your sleep.

In addition, exposure to humid heat increases the thermal load while you’re asleep, affecting sleep stages and thermoregulation. A recent study showed 41% of primary care patients sweat during the night causing sleep disruptions due to an improper body temperature.

The materials used in SAMINA Bio-Ceramic organic cotton bedding are of vital importance since they have properties that help balance temperature and absorb humidity. This effective combination offers  the ideal foundation for a dry, warm sleeping environment with fewer sleep disruptions and a cleaner bed and bedroom.


2.   Infrared Energy for an Elevated Sleeping Experience

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We tend to link infrared radiation to something harmful, yet it can also have some positive effects on the human body. SAMINA’s bio-ceramic bedding uses the combined synthesis of several minerals and crystals that give the fabric the ability to absorb and store light during the night. In the morning, the infrared radiation in the atmosphere activates body heat and is sent into the body.

Positive effects of far infrared radiation in the human body promote vital microcirculation for optimal energy balance. Infrared radiation can ease muscle tension and encourage localized blood circulation. Moreover, infrared energy has a positive effect on pain relief and recovery, therefore ensuring healthy sleep all night so you wake up feeling good the next morning.


3.   Negative Ions for More Restful Sleep

The minerals in each bio-ceramic thread produce negative ions that, in turn, promote sleep. The negative ions convert stored heat into an electrical charge. Again, don’t be taken back by the word “negative” because when it comes to ions, they’re actually good for your sleep.

For instance, negative ions have several benefits to overall health including: fewer symptoms of depression, a positive influence on cognitive performance, and antimicrobial properties.

Incorporated in SAMINA’s bio-ceramic bedding, negative ions can also improve sleep. The body spontaneously warms up due to the far-infrared wavelength without raising the temperature outside, which is extremely beneficial for those who tend to be “freezing” when they sleep or generally feel cold during the night.


Therapeutic Benefits While You Sleep

Bio-Ceramic Organic Cotton bedding on a SAMINA bed.

Bio-Ceramic Organic Cotton wraps SAMINA duvets, wool mattress toppers, and pillow.

The SAMINA Sleep System combines all the layers needed to support the body during the sleep process. Each layer, combined with the others, ensures fewer disruptions to your sleep. Now, you can stay asleep all night, keep the proper body temperature to not overheat and sweat, and have no back pain. With SAMINA, you can wake up feeling rested and ready to go!

SAMINA Bio-Ceramic bedding uses a blend of 40% bio-ceramic yarn and 60% organic cotton. This unique material is in most styles of SAMINA duvets, pillows, and mattress toppers as a cozy covering around fresh sheep’s wool.

Experience the unparalleled benefits of SAMINA Bio-ceramic bedding – a groundbreaking patented invention meticulously crafted to provide gentle therapeutic support for your health as you indulge in restful slumber. This is the SAMINA healthy sleep concept. In summary, some of the benefits from sleeping in bio-ceramic bedding vary from additional comfort in bed, optimal warmth and body temperature, and physical benefits like micro-circulation and better sleep.

Elevate Your Sleep with Bio-Ceramic Bedding!

SAMINA Healthy Sleep System for your naturally healthy sleep.Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to being well-rested!

It’s time for you to consider the SAMINA sleep system more closely, or add SAMINA Bio-Ceramic organic cotton coziness to your old bed. Even better, call us to get all the answers to your questions. SAMINA is made in a small Austrian village that captures the essence of pure Alpine air and nature. You could soon enjoy SAMINA in the comfort of your own home. Contact us for more information.

We’re here to provide you with the best sleep advice and the most comfortable sleeping experience!

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