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Nighttime is for Brain Detox

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Your brain is the most powerful organ in your body, so when it’s not functioning as it should and could, it’s very noticeable. While there are several things that you can do – from diet to cognitive tests – to improve your brain health, sleep is one of the most impactful habits that you can build to support brain health.

Sleep and Brain Health

Throughout your daily life, you come into contact with countless toxins. Your body is built to withstand a large number of the common toxins, but only to a certain degree. The body’s armour against toxin relies on sleep, health and wellbeing in order to detox effectively. Essentially, sleep cleans the brain, ridding it of harmful toxins that inhibit vital function.

According to a press release published by the National Institutes of Health, research has found that sleep is a period during which the brain cleanses itself of toxic molecules as a result of more space allowed between brain cells.

More specifically, research demonstrated that the mice that were asleep experienced a reduction in brain cell size temporarily, which allowed better circulation of cerebrospinal fluid through the brain and nervous system. Essentially, sleep makes space for your brain to detox.

Toxins commonly found in the brain have been attributed to neurodegeneration. This means that if a person is consistently deprived of sufficient sleep, their likelihood of neurodegenerative issues, such as Alzheimer’s, will increase. The good news is, your sleep hygiene is in your control.

Developing an Effective Sleep Routine

The first step in getting the restful sleep you need to promote brain detoxification is to create a sleep routine that allows you to sleep peacefully every night. Every person is unique and it’s important to find a routine that works best for you, but here are some tips to follow that have been proven effective over time.

  • Try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule
  • Aim for a bedtime that allows at least 7 hours of sleep
  • Try to keep electronics out of the bedroom at night
  • Create a quiet, relaxing space with a cool temperature
  • Make your bedroom as dark as possible
  • Avoid caffeine later in the day
  • Don’t eat large meals before bed
  • Exercise regularly and focus on a healthy diet
  • Reserve your bedroom mostly for sleeping

Harmful Effects of Sleep Deprivation

When you are deprived of sleep on a regular basis, not only will you miss out on the brain detox benefits of a good sleep, but you’ll also increase your risk of several health issues. These include:

  • Poor cognitive and motor function
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Increased risk of infection
  • Decreased insulin sensitivity

Not everyone is going to suffer every potentially dangerous consequence by not getting proper sleep, but the risk is there and it’s easy to see how serious the problem can be. Taking your sleep quality seriously is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health.

Finding an Optimal Environment for Rest and Recovery

Most conventional mattresses are not designed to create an environment that promotes rest and recovery. If you sleep on a mattress that is made from synthetic foams, petrochemicals, fire retardants, metal springs and other materials that off-gas as you sleep, the likelihood of your brain detoxing the way it should is minimal because your body can’t rest properly. The key is to find the ideal mattress that will encourage a restful sleep and let you avoid any harmful chemicals and byproducts.

The Samina Sleep System for Detox

The Samina Sleep System was developed to improve comfort and increase your quality of sleep. In doing so, Samina’s luxury mattress and other products help you to develop habits that will promote better cognitive function and improved health.

You can supplement your current bedroom setup with pieces from the Samina Sleep System or completely revamp your bedroom with the entire line to support your brain function and detox through quality sleep. Here’s what to expect from the Samina Sleep System.

Samina’s thoughtfully designed sleep system features a set of complementary components: a climate-regulating wool pad topper, the Lokosana® grounding pad, a latex mattress and a flexible slat frame designed with orthopedic health in mind.

The Samina mattress is crafted with all-natural materials and careful attention to detail. The natural rubber mattress provides the elasticity needed to support the spine, joints, bones and muscles, with the added benefit of natural antimicrobial properties. The result is comfort both during sleep and during the waking hours of your day.

Feel grounded, comfortable and physically supported when you try out the Samina Sleep System! More on Samina’s luxury natural mattress and other sleep system products here.

Find Your Perfect Sleep

A good night’s rest is worth its weight in gold – we can all agree on that. Samina’s natural bedding products and materials provide a comfortable place to rest, therefore providing healthy sleep and maximizing comfort in sleep. Head to our website to find your perfect Samina Sleep System product today or contact us for more information here.

Mattress Influences Immune System

How Your Mattress Influences Your Immune System

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Have you ever wondered why the human body needs a sufficient amount of sleep every day? Besides feeling well-rested and energized for the day ahead, you rely on sleep for keeping your body in a healthy state and providing it with the rest it needs to keep you functioning and your immunity high.

Another component of the sleep / immune system connection is your mattress. It’s no secret that an uncomfortable mattress can disrupt the quality of your sleep, which could have immune repercussions, but did you know the mattress itself could also influence your immune system?

Standard Mattresses and Your Immune System

Most mattresses are manufactured using harmful chemicals that have the potential to harm your health and damage your immune system. Some of the common chemicals you can expect to find include:

Synthetic Latex – This material is made from the volatile organic compounds (VOC) styrene and butadiene. Additional chemicals may be used in processing.

Foam – Many foam mattresses are petroleum-based and break down over time, which off-gases VOCs into the air you breathe.

Fire Retardants – Chemical flame retardants are created so they don’t completely bind to materials and will be released into your bedroom over time.

Vinyl – When vinyl is produced, chemicals are used throughout every step of the process and will leach out into the air over time.

Sleep and Sleep Deprivation

The comfort level is another important aspect of your mattress that could be affecting your immune system. According to the National Sleep Foundation, cytokines, a type of protein in your body that targets infection and inflammation, is created while your body is at rest. Cytokines, in addition to being created during sleep, are also released during sleep, giving your body’s immune system the fighting power it needs.

With that in mind, it’s not hard to explain that chronic sleep loss can have detrimental short-term (like catching a cold or flu) and long-term effects. Without enough sleep, your body won’t have the opportunity it needs to produce the number of cytokines required to effectively fight off viruses and other illnesses. In fact, in addition to heightening your chances of getting the common cold or influenza, chronic sleep loss has been shown to even increase your risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Proper Sleep Means Better Daily Function

Looking to biohack your way to better productivity, health and wellbeing? Sleep is the first place you should start. An article in Clinical Education outlines just how impactful sleep is to every aspect of your life:

  • Cognitive and motor performance
  • Mood and depression
  • Stress management and feelings of burnout
  • Ability to feel and show empathy
  • Vulnerability to infection
  • Weight management, especially weight gain
  • Insulin sensitivity

These are all very important elements of our lives – from mental to physical capabilities. Even moderate sleep deprivation has drastic negative effects on all of the factors listed above. This is why having a mattress that allows you to sleep peacefully for the entire night is so important.

Your Mattress vs. The Samina Sleep System

Not every mattress is the same – even when it comes to purchasing a luxury mattress, there are many factors to consider when looking for a sleep system that will support high-quality sleep. The Samina Sleep System is an all-natural luxury mattress that was designed with the highest quality natural materials that improve comfort and wellbeing.

Benefits of the Samina Sleep System

  • Bioactive natural approach, which means that the luxury mattress is made of natural materials and free of metals
  • Orthopedic flexible slats help to prevent bones, joint and muscular pain
  • Organic wool offers warmth and stays dry for maximum comfort and longevity
  • Traditional craftsmanship ensures that the mattress is constructed with holistic support in mind – quality assured and careful attention to everything from materials to stitching technique
  • Body earthing principles are the foundation to the design and construction, which harnesses the earth’s natural electricity to then promote powerful healing energies in humans.

Samina’s luxury mattress and sleep system stands apart from the standard mattress; instead, the Samina Sleep System provides spinal support for every moment that you are asleep. In the end, spinal support and orthopedic design promote higher quality sleep and therefore a higher quality of life!

Support Healthy Sleep

Switching your mattress can have a profound effect on your immune system and your overall health. When you eliminate the harmful chemicals that you’ve been breathing in night after night and surround yourself in nurturing, natural materials instead, you’ll allow your immune system to function just as it intended.

Support your body’s natural detox and immunity functions by investing in the proper sleep solution. Learn more about how the Samina Sleeping System can elevate your health by requesting more information here!


Easing Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression With a Samina Sleep System

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Sleep is necessary for everyone, whether we want to admit it or not. When you’ve experienced disturbances with several nights’ sleep, you know exactly how important it is to ensure your quality of rest. Unfortunately, many chronic conditions are linked to sleep (or lack thereof): insomnia, anxiety and depression.

The Effects of Sleep Debt and Deprivation

According to a 2018 study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, the average person needs seven to eight hours of sleep each night in order to maintain optimal mental and physical health; much less than that can be harmful to an individual’s health.

But how exactly does this translate to your daily life? According to the same study, many individuals with ‘sleep debt’ or sleep deprivation experience changes in their mood, even to the extreme of anxiety and depression. With so many people experiencing these mental health conditions, it is time to take a closer look at our sleep hygiene.

Tips for Improving Your Sleep

For many biohacking experts, sleep is the number one focus for all-natural performance enhancement. If you experience sleepiness throughout the day, mood swings, anxiety and depression, introducing better sleep hygiene, such as a quality green mattress, can be highly effective and yet holistic.

In addition, if you’re taking too long to fall asleep or are experiencing disturbances in your sleep throughout the night, it’s time that you consider evaluating your sleep routine – including screen time, daytime habits and, of course, your bed.

Sleep Hygiene Tips

  1. Stick to a regular bedtime
  2. Create a relaxing bedtime routine
  3. Stay active throughout the day
  4. Avoid coffee, tea, cigarettes and even chocolate after 4 p.m.
  5. Create a comfortable and healthy sleep environment

One of the best ways to improve your sleep is to make your bed irresistibly comfortable. This includes your mattress, bedding and pillows. Besides comfort, a luxury mattress should be healthy for you too! A non-toxic mattress is more important than you might think – you spend seven to eight hours a day on it after all!

How A Luxury Mattress Can Affect Your Mental Health (For The Better!)

A luxury, eco-friendly mattress can be a highly effective way to ease your mental health in a holistic way. In fact, many biohacking experts have seen some if not all of these improvements:

Better Temperature Regulation

Optimal ambient temperature is very influential to the quality of your sleep. A quality mattress is constructed to meet requirements for temperature control, but a luxury mattress will exceed these requirements to ensure that you sleep comfortably and more deeply.

Stopping The Stress Cycle

Stress is inevitable in everyone’s life, whether it’s related to personal and professional causes.  However, how we manage and react to stress is up to us. Stress management comes down to routines and developing a ‘toolkit’ that helps you manage the daily struggles that you face. Within this toolkit should be habits and items that contribute to quality sleep.

The ‘vicious cycle’ of bad sleep and stress, according to The American Institute of Stress, means that stress brings on insomnia for many people. After that, a lack of sleep makes it much more difficult for a person to constructively manage stress – and the effects continue to cycle.

Rejuvenate Performance

Your memory is, of course, highly linked to your mental health. In fact, one could view mental health (such as anxiety and depression), memory and sleep as three intertwined health concepts. Sleep deprivation has been, time and again, linked to forgetfulness and ‘unlearning’. By investing in your sleep, from bedding to an eco-friendly mattress, you are investing in your own mental and physical well being.

Higher Quality Sleep

Of course, all of the above benefits of a quality luxury mattress amounts to the most important benefit: a better quality sleep and, for many, improvements to mental health.

Adding a quality eco-friendly mattress to your sleep routine can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. The SAMINA sleep system, including the non-toxic mattress, supports you physically, so your sleep can support you mentally. A luxury mattress from SAMINA supports the neck and loins so that other heavier body parts like the shoulders and hips don’t sink into your mattress and contort your spine.

Sleep Disturbance

A Step Towards Better Sleep

Start biohacking your sleep and find a holistic treatment for mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. To be on your way to your best sleep ever, request more information here.