SAMINA Slats: Are Wooden Bed Slats What Your Back Needs?

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SAMINA Slats: Are Wooden Bed Slats What Your Back Needs?

Many people have trouble sleeping, and you could be one of them. Are you tired and achy in the morning? Desperate for an afternoon nap? It’s time to take a fresh look at this common problem and see if wooden bed slats could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Your body is complex. Skin, tissues, connective cells, muscles, nerves, and other layers work and interact together. Each part of your body needs something different while you sleep, yet that’s often neglected. Sleep is a natural regeneration process that happens over time; it does not simply happen overnight. With the SAMINA Sleep System, you’ll get consistent sleep every night with support for your entire body.

But it is the bottom layer designed specifically for back support and to relieve back pain that make SAMINA Slats the featured component of the whole setup. A double layer of flexible wooden bed slats contouring to your spine while you sleep align it correctly with gentle spinal decompression. Let’s dive into the importance of sleeping on SAMINA’s wooden bed slats and the special characteristics that make the patented SAMINA slats so different.

The SAMINA Advantage: Wooden Bed Slats for Healthy Sleep

As we all know, the benefits of getting healthy sleep are undeniable, so don’t be afraid to invest in high quality sleep products. Most of us place more emphasis on the comfort of the mattress we sleep on and overlook the foundation of support for the spine. A good bed provides adequate support for your entire spine, which is critical for back pain relief. To put it another way, if your mattress lacks support, you will suffer and may struggle to sleep well.

Symptoms of sleeping on a mattress with little or no support

  • Tossing and turning
  • Aches and pains
  • General and lower back pain
  • Poor quality sleep
  • A “crick in your neck”

Your mattress might be the most comfortable one in the world to you but if it doesn’t support you effectively, you’re not going to enjoy the best sleep. The key is to have a proper foundation. A sagging mattress, for example, will put your body in an awkward, unnatural position. This causes muscle tension and stresses your body, causing you to wake up stiff and feeling tired from tossing and turning all night trying to find a comfortable position. An orthopedic bed like a SAMINA slatted bed provides spinal support allowing you to sleep comfortably so you’ll wake up feeling well rested and pain-free.

Bed Slats are Better for Sleeping on Your Back

Woman seated and folding SAMINA slats over her back.

SAMINA slats contour to the entire spine.

Sleeping on your back is considered one of the most beneficial sleeping positions for overall health and especially for relieving back pain. Yet people struggle to sleep on their backs. The slatted bed frame by SAMINA gives people the support they have been craving to sleep on their backs comfortably making SAMINA bed slats essential to a good night’s sleep.

When you think about it, we all have the same basic body architecture. Likewise, SAMINA uses one basic architecture in the design of its wooden bed slats. You won’t be perplexed by a plethora of style choices although you can be confident to get exactly what you need because SAMINA offers custom comfort options like additional hip or lower back support, shoulder bolsters, and more tailored just for you.

Bed Slats are Better for Healthy Sleep. Period.

The back support is reason enough but there are even more pro’s to sleeping on a SAMINA such as:

  • Wooden bed slats evenly distribute your weight across the mattress throughout the night preventing pressure points.
  • A slatted bed frame allows air to circulate freely beneath your mattress, keeping it dry, fresh, and cleaner.
  • Better airflow through wooden bed slats can keep you cooler while you sleep so your bed doesn’t retain moisture which causes mold and mildew growth. (The key here is that the other layers of a SAMINA sleep system are also breathable!)
  • SAMINA slats are adjustable to your sleeping needs and preferences. In fact, each side can be adjusted independently of the other, so everyone gets the support they need.
  • Flexible bed slats promote better blood circulation so your limbs won’t get numb allowing your body to rest and heal more quickly.

Taking a Closer Look at SAMINA Slats

SAMINA slats - a double layer of wooden bed slats for optimal support.

Patented SAMINA slats – a double layer of wooden bed slats for optimal support.

The SAMINA slats have an intelligent and innovative design connecting not one but TWO layers of wooden slats with natural rubber tubes between them. Beds with a single layer of slats are intended to hold a mattress. SAMINA Slats are double-sided so they contour to the human body. They are made of ash wood which tends to bend and flex instead of break. Made up of 90 independent unglued pieces of ash wood, each bed slat has been smoothed and its edges rounded by hand while carefully being inspected for flaws and imperfections. Traditional artisanship in the construction of each and every wooden bed slat is the SAMINA way!

The patented SAMINA slats are installed differently, too. Each set of slats rests inside of the bed frame on an outside molding sharing a center piece that runs from head to toe within a specially designed bed frame. This makes the SAMINA slats freely suspended while snuggled side-by-side so they are able to flex and contour to your body. In beds that accommodate two sleepers, SAMINA sleep systems have a set of wooden bed slats, one for each person that can be tailored to the individual’s needs. Each side moves independently of the other for maximum support and minimal motion transfer. Given the right specifications and some simple modifications, the SAMINA bed slats can be incorporated into your bed frame, too, for one less worry.

SAMINA slats lie in a bed frame side-by-side.

SAMINA wooden bed slats lie on inner moldings and a center piece inside a bed frame.

Your back has a natural “S” shape. When you keep this shape while you’re laying down, your back won’t be stressed. When it is forced into a concave position due to lack of support, which so often happens with a sagging mattress, your back will be stressed and you’ll eventually suffer discomfort, tossing and turning, and back pain. SAMINA’s holistic approach to back support ensures a good night’s sleep for you in any position including on your back, eliminating painful pressure points, numbness from poor blood circulation, and tense muscles.

SAMINA Slats Are the Right Choice for Spinal Support

SAMINA patented a two-sided wooden bed slat design.

SAMINA slats have two layers by design.

Orthopedic beds must have a basic characteristic: flexibility. The SAMINA Slats ensure the body’s perfect alignment and even distribution of weight, removing tension and pressure from the spinal discs, nerves, and muscles. The wooden bed slats also gently stretch your entire spine and its 26 vertebrae offering therapeutic benefits while you sleep.

People compare the experience of sleeping on SAMINA to a chiropractic adjustment.

SAMINA slats may be the magical element your back has been yearning for and they work without electro-motors, an app, metal springs, or synthetic materials because the SAMINA philosophy is to bring nature back into your home.

Say Goodbye to Bad Sleep

Right now, is the perfect time for you to give yourself the break you deserve! Why suffer any longer when you could enjoy pain-free nights and peppier days?

Be kind to yourself and take a closer look at the SAMINA healthy sleep system or, even better, schedule an appointment with us to get all of your questions answered. SAMINA is the brand born and made in the mountains of a small Austrian village that you can now enjoy in the comfort of your own home. We are here to ensure that you get the rest and recovery you need from a good night’s sleep!


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