What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

Back Pain

What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

The quality of your sleep greatly depends on how well your body is supported and its shape throughout the night. Ensuring proper support is crucial for a comfortable and restful slumber. Over time, the mattresses we own lose their suppleness and structure. This is especially true of foam and spring mattresses that suffer from wear and tear over the years. So, what is the best mattress for back pain?

When you lay on a saggy mattress your spine curves in a convex motion, resulting in a sore back and muscles the following day. To reduce the risk of hurting your back, you should instead choose a mattress that curves with the natural s-shape of your spine. Fortunately, this is where SAMINA comes in.

SAMINA recommends always choosing a doctor recommended mattress when back pain is part of your consideration. You should also be discerning about the materials, the chemical load and design before choosing. If you’re considering a new mattress to regain control of your back pain, here’s what you should know.

Best Mattress for Back Pain


Mattresses That Move with Your Body

For a long time, people thought that firm, sturdy mattresses are best for your back. Then, for a while, foam and memory foam that molded to your every movement was popular as the best mattress material. Now, we know that neither of these components makes the best mattress because your body requires both support and elasticity to truly benefit from a luxury mattress.

SAMINA  natural rubber mattresses are a great combination of flexible support. The porous, malleable material offers a supple comfortable foundation to rest your back. The natural rubber forms to your unique curves without completely losing its shape in the process. In fact, the certified organic talalay rubber used exclusively in SAMINA mattresses is known for its high-point elasticity. Instead of forming dents, it springs back into its original shape.

Mattress Toppers to Regulate Heat

Once you have the perfect green mattress in place, it’s time to consider what goes on top of that mattress to give not only support but also comfort. The end game here is not just a back that’s not sore when you wake up in the morning but a body that is well-rested from head to toe. A climate regulating wool pad covered in SAMINA’s Bio-Ceramic organic cotton is the perfect source of moisture-wicking, antimicrobial protection, and temperature control.

Applying heat and cold at varying intervals is a common way to treat back pain. Retaining a comfortable body temperature during sleep keeps your back from getting overheated or too cold before the night is through. This supports a good night’s rest and encourages regeneration at the cellular level.

Mattress Pads for Grounding

Biohacking is essentially self-experimentation for the purposes of altering chemistry or physiology to optimize one’s state of health and wellbeing. SAMINA is a popular choice for biohackers for many compelling reasons. Not the least is, the perfect biohacking tool — the LOKOSANA grounding pad. Experience the remarkable benefits of our eco-friendly mattress pad. By harnessing the natural bioelectrical energy from the earth, it creates a unique connection that restores balance to your body. This innovative technology not only mimics direct contact with the earth but also helps neutralize harmful free radicals. Elevate your sleep experience and embrace the harmonizing power of nature with our exceptional mattress pad.

Surprisingly, grounding has garnered full support from the scientific community. Sleeping on a grounded mattress pad offers numerous benefits for your back. According to recent research, the electromagnetic energy we receive from the earth offers immune system support, wound healing advantages, and reduces inflammation.

For those experiencing chronic back pain, the reduction of inflammation could provide lasting relief.

Orthopedic Slatted Bed Frame

It may not be a mattress, but it’s what provides your mattress with the support it needs to relieve back pain and keep you going through the day. Orthopedics is the medical practice focusing on bones and joints. Choosing a bed with orthopedic support is a good indicator that your back will find relief.

The SAMINA healthy sleep system represents a top line of luxury mattresses. The foundation of our system which makes it a best mattress for back pain are the customizable SAMINA slats for the healthiest sleep you’re back will ever have. SAMINA slats place support where you need it most depending on your height, weight, and type of back pain.

With the slats in place for orthopedic support, you will also need to address comfort, circulation and temperature for the best night ever. All that is offered by SAMINA with a non-toxic natural rubber mattress, a climate regulating wool pad, and for extra coziness, you can add our bioactive duvet. The addition of orthopedic pillows means you’re in for the best sleep of your life.


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At SAMINA we take sleep seriously, which is why we design each mattress and sleep product with a purpose. For customers with backaches, we recommend contacting our healthy sleep concierge service to offer insight on which of our certified green mattresses would work best.

It’s best when you can schedule an appointment to view our products and experience the SAMINA difference. Yet, you can also order on-line through our Shop or schedule a consultation with a SAMINA Sleep Concierge. Then, your specific concerns can be addressed to ensure you have the right system for your physical needs and specific sleep concerns.

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