Under the Covers: The SAMINA Sleep System Explained

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Under the Covers: The SAMINA Sleep System Explained

Under the Covers: The SAMINA Sleep System Explained

Nobody can deny how good it feels to get good sleep nor how important getting enough healthy sleep is for your general well-being and overall happiness.

Yet you’ve probably woken up feeling all kinds of discomfort in your body feeling grumpy because you didn’t get enough sleep or didn’t sleep well. People spend a lot of time attempting to figure out the key to good sleep, such as combining different mattresses, pillows, or duvets. Don’t worry, most of us do.

But what if we told you we knew the secret to the best sleep possible? Let us introduce you to the SAMINA sleep system — a multi-layered bed concept that combines several elements to make your sleepless and painful nights disappear. Although it seems complicated, we’ll explain the SAMINA sleep system by describing it layer by layer.

The Benefits of Improving Your Sleep Experience

According to recent studies, most adults suffer from sleep disruption or insomnia, and one in every three people in the United States believes they are not getting enough sleep per night. Also, more than 20% of people have tried sleeping pills at least once to help them sleep better. While genetic or physical reasons cause some sleeping disorders, others are influenced by external factors such as lifestyle behaviors, light exposure, and the bed they sleep in.

Most people require 7 or more hours of quality sleep per night on a consistent basis. However, your focus shouldn’t end on getting enough sleep because its also critical to focus on getting healthy sleep in order to wake up refreshed, energized, and well-rested. Let’s break down some of the ways that sleep affects your life and mental health:

  • Better sleep = a better mood and a higher level of motivation throughout the day.
  • Being rested increases your productivity and helps you stay focused.
  • Good-quality sleep decreases inflammation, improves cardiovascular health, and helps to maintain blood sugar levels, promotes healing making sleep essential for good health.
  • Sleep benefits weight loss and gives you motivation for your workout routine.
  • Healthy sleep reduces stress and anxiety levels to help you deal with depression.

So, what’s the secret to achieving good-quality sleep throughout the night?

How the SAMINA Sleep System Supports Restorative Sleep


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SAMINA has six parts: (1) an orthopedic flexible slat frame; (2) a natural rubber mattress; (3) a body grounding pad; (4) a climate-regulating wool pad; (5) bioactive duvets; and (6) orthopedic pillows. But the basic SAMINA sleep system, which can replace a regular mattress, box spring, or memory foam mattress, only needs three layers—the SAMINA slats; the natural rubber mattress; and the wool pad topper. [Pictured below] The other pieces can be used separately or in combination with the SAMINA sleep system.


The SAMINA sleep products are made in a small Austrian village with the most natural and organic materials. Traditional workmanship ensures that each SAMINA piece is lovingly made, painstakingly crafted, and refined with a love of detail in the pristine clear air and almost heavenly calm of the mountainside making it one of the most comfortable beds to sleep in.

Flexible SAMINA Slats Frame

The first layer of the SAMINA sleep system (on the bottom) is designed to provide the proper support for your back and spine while laying down.

The two-sided patented slats that are suspended on either side bend to support your body’s curves. The slats can be adjusted to fit your needs and sleeping position, giving you a fully supported sleep experience that is completely unique to you.

SAMINA slats are why so many new SAMINA customers discover their back pain disappears. For some, on the first night!

Natural Rubber Mattress

Choosing the right mattress is the most important factor that can improve your sleeping experience. Made entirely of eco-friendly and sustainable materials, the middle layer is a natural Talalay rubber mattress and an important part of the SAMINA sleep system. It offers high point elasticity with outstanding spring-back characteristics to relieve pressure points and tense muscles while improving blood circulation, so tingling arms and numb legs are a thing of the past. The material is also naturally anti-microbial.

Climate-Regulating Wool Pad Topper

The climate-regulating wool topper goes on top of the SAMINA sleep system and helps you sleep at a balanced temperature all year in every season.

Made with only 100% virgin sheep’s wool and organic cotton, the wool pad mattress topper completes your night of restful sleep. Its anti-rheumatic properties reduce moisture while you’re in bed making the incidence of stiff backs and necks go away. Wool fibers are hollow and have a naturally high absorption rate and self-cleaning characteristics. Plus, the naturally hypoallergenic nature of wool makes it an unbeatable material for bedding.

Three essential parts of the SAMINA sleep system.

Three parts are essential to the SAMINA sleep system. From bottom to top: (1) SAMINA Slats; (2) Natural Latex Mattress; (3) Wool Topper. 

SAMINA Lokosana Grounding Pad

The Lokosana® grounding pad utilizes conductive silver fibres that are woven into the pad and ground your body all night while sleeping. Its special construction ensures a relaxed sleep.  The Lokosana ground pad can be used with any bed or mattress. When added to the SAMINA system, it is placed on top of the natural rubber mattress then covered with the wool pad topper. It works with the principle of body earthing offering an antioxidant effect to restore your body to its natural bioelectrical state. This benefits your health with deeper rest throughout the night, allowing you to wake up feeling more energized in the morning.

Bioactive Duvets and Orthopedic Pillows

The SAMINA duvets are made with wool which has hollow fibers to balance temperature throughout the night, preventing you from sweating or freezing. They are available in different weights of wool according to the specific season and your climate. SAMINA orthopedic pillows offer the necessary support for your head and neck to reduce snoring, allowing you to breathe properly without straining your neck. Like all the other SAMINA sleep products, the bioactive duvets and orthopedic pillows are made only with natural, sustainable materials.

Discover the SAMINA Sleep System for Yourself!

If you’re looking to improve your sleep, look no further.

Try the SAMINA sleep system for yourself and see what a difference it makes. The beautifully handcrafted SAMINA sleep products will bring the tranquility of an Austrian village to the comfort of your home. Choose from the various products available for yourself and see how you can get a restful, pain-free night’s sleep.