Lokosana® Grounding Pad

Lokosana® Grounding Pad


The Lokosana® Grounding Pad is available in several standard sizes. Each is sold individually as a single pad, in other words, one pad per person. Queen and King size beds require a pair, or one per person, to cover entire bed for two sleepers. See ADDITIONAL INFORMATION below for size dimensions.

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The Lokosana® Grounding Pads by SAMINA are hand-crafted in Austria. The product contains:

  • A thin layer of virgin wool inside that serves as a moisture pathway to avoid direct contact with the silver within the pad.
  • A cotton/silver fabric and bio-magnets or no bio-magnets (light).
  • A cover made from 100% certified organic cotton that encases the thin wool and cotton/silver fabric.
  • A standard 3-pronged plug that connects directly to the ground in the electric panel.
  • A white coiled cord connects the plug with the grounding pad.
  • When used with SAMINA sleep systems, the pad is placed directly beneath the SAMINA wool pad topper & on top of the natural rubber mattress. When used with other mattresses, we suggest placing directly on the mattress and under a protection cover with sheets over both.
  • For additional information, see Lokosana Grounding Pad.

The Lokosana sleeping and grounding pad by SAMINA is a certified medical device (CE)[1] according to the EU standards established and administered by Swissmedic[2] for the promotion of sleep and quality regeneration. Learn more, see Sleeping Grounded.

[1] A medical device is not medicine, but something intended to be used by and on humans for the purpose of alleviating symptoms, to treat disease or injuries, or otherwise to support health. Medical devices are designated with the letters CE indicating the product meets the requirements for efficacy, safety, performance, and quality. Certified medical devices are then monitored continuously to ensure these requirements are maintained once in use by the public.
[2] Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, is the body responsible for monitoring medical devices and the system of compliance assessment and certification of medical devices for Switzerland and recognized throughout the European Union (EU). The certification process is overseen by Swissmedic which issues permits to test the device, conduct clinical trials (known as investigations in Europe), and then, importantly, owns the responsibility for after-market vigilance.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Size Options

32" x 80" [80cm x 200cm] = Half Queen
35" x 80" [90cm x 200cm] = Half King
40" x 80" [100cm x 200cm] = Euro Twin