Lokosana Is Now a Certified Medical Device


Lokosana Is Now a Certified Medical Device

SAMINA Sleepers didn’t need a certification to prove what they’ve known for years—the Lokosana™ Sleep and Grounding Pad helps them sleep better.

The Lokosana™ Sleep and Grounding pad by SAMINA is now a certified Medical Device (CE)
for the promotion of sleep regeneration according to EU Standards.

Although people remain skeptical about the benefits of grounding the body while sleeping, the rigorous Swiss certification process validates what we’ve said all along; sleeping grounded can improve some sleep disorders and offers no harm otherwise.

Grounding the body can impact all of the body’s systems. Study results have shown that the long-term effect of body grounding during sleep can have a mild blood-thinning effect. Lokosana users are advised to monitor drug dosages.  Likewise, body grounding can improve thyroid function and blood sugar regulation.

Specifically, the pad has been approved as a device for the improvement of sleep disorders including insomnia, hypersomnia, and disrupted sleep/wake cycles such as shift workers.

Thousands of people use the Lokosana Sleep and Grounding Pad to sleep better such as Sandra in Ontario, Canada who says,

It took me a few days to feel the benefits and the difference the Lokosana grounding pad made to my sleep. Now, as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m gone, into a blissful night sleep. Something I have never done since my childhood.

Another client from New York proclaims,

The Lokosana™ grounding pad on my bed has definitely helped to combat my insomnia! I wake up in the morning in disbelief that I stayed asleep all night—a rare occurrence before the Lokosana!”  

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As important as individual experiences are, the numerous recommendations by medical doctors is also compelling. Highly respected in the field and an instructor for other physlayicians, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., who practices medicine in the US and the UK, says,

I am most impressed with the Lokosana grounding pad which far exceeds other versions on the market. I always seek to sleep in an EMF-free and natural environment and recommend the Lokosana grounding pad to my environmentally sensitive patient population in need of grounding and EMF-free sleep.

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To our knowledge, Lokosana by SAMINA is the first and only grounding pad to have been approved as a medical device.
Bring the outdoors inside with all-natural, organic healthy sleep products by SAMINA.

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