Sick and tired of spending good money on a bad mattress? You’ve come to the right place.

The bed of your dreams is a SAMINA Sleep System.

The SAMINA sleep system is the science-based organic mattress recommended by doctors for your healthy sleep. Our system has three layers of custom comfort and individual back support for the ultimate slumber. Additional options make SAMINA uniquely yours.

SAMINA offers everything you need for naturally healthy sleep so you can wake up feeling well-rested without aches and pains. Learn why, layer by layer, SAMINA is the bed of your dreams! Read what doctors who sleep in SAMINA themselves have to say about why they chose a system instead of an ordinary mattress.


Eco-friendly materials


Hypo Allergenic


Non-toxic & Metal Free

Doctor Recommended

Doctor Recommended


Pure Sleep, Reimagined: Layer by Luxurious Layer

It’s not an ordinary mattress; SAMINA is an extraordinary system designed exclusively for sleep. Each layer has a different purpose. Combined, they work together to give all the support you need to fall asleep and stay asleep in superior comfort. Then you can say like Wali and many other SAMINA sleepers do

“I’ve never gotten better sleep  ever. SAMINA beds will change your life.”


Sustainable Woods | Gravity Inclined | Metal-free

We offer the finest solid wood bed frames to complement the SAMINA healthy sleep system. Steadfast in our eco-friendly values, we only use organic oil finishes and no synthetic varnishes or paints that can off-gas harmful fumes. Similarly, master craftsmanship, not mass production, means our bed frames are crafted without metal (no screws or nails) yet are easy to assemble without tools.

Handcrafted in Austria


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