Positioning & Nursing Pillow (Body Pillow)

Positioning & Nursing Pillow (Body Pillow)


Filled generously with pure virgin sheep’s wool and encased in Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton, the pillow comes with a custom removable pillowcase made from machine-washable 100% organic cotton cover. This pillow is ideal for use during pregnancy, for nursing moms and their newborns, or anybody that needs extra support or wants additional comfort when lying down.

The SAMINA positioning & nursing pillow includes a custom-made 100% organic cotton pillowcase that is machine-washable. (not pictured)

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Handmade SAMINA quality in every detail, the Positioning & Nursing Pillow by SAMINA is made from unpolluted raw materials such as virgin sheep’s wool and Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton. It was originally designed for expectant mothers to support their changing bodies and then to support their newborns for nursing. Yet, many people want additional support when lying down and find this pillow a delight. Use it to comfort and cushion for general relaxation as well as sleep. It can be used in numerous ways for the whole family!

During pregnancy, it makes sleeping in the side position more comfortable by providing support for an arm and leg above and below. While breastfeeding, it relieves weight on the arm, shoulder, and neck area for mom while the baby is resting on the SAMINA nursing pillow in her arms. See the diagram below for ideas on how to sleep with the pillow in front of the body and behind the body.

example of using the body pillow position shown in the picture

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80” long x 15” wide [38 x 200 cm] This pillow narrows slightly at both ends.

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Filled generously with pure virgin sheep's wool and encased organic cotton. This pillow includes a removable custom-made100% organic cotton cover.