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The Pummer® Adjustable Inclined Bed Frame

The Pummer Adjustable Inclined Bed Frame was designed exclusively for SAMINA healthy sleep systems. With side and center railings to hold the SAMINA slats on each side, the bottom layer of the system will sit freely suspended and work as designed to support the spine as well as to encourage open air circulation so moisture evaporates into the ambient air instead of being trapped within the mattress. Air flow is one of the brilliant features of SAMINA and also one of the biggest flaws of most other mattresses.

The breathability of the natural materials and open-air bed frame design sets SAMINA apart from virtually every other mattress brand and style. Importantly, these factors lead to the natural evaporation of moisture from human body (sweat, drool, etc.) and a dry bed inhibits the colonization of dust mites and growth of micro-organisms like bacteria and mold.

No Metal – No Varnishes, Paints or Lacquers – No Flame Retardants

The Pummer® Adjustable Bed Frame allows the sleeper to choose different angles of tilt for personalized healthy sleep. The bed frame may be adjusted easily from horizontal (zero-degrees) to 3- or 5-degrees by manually inserting the appropriate feet into the bed frame’s legs. Each bed frame comes with three sets of feet that are angled just right to assure the bed frame stands solid at every angle.

The feet are higher and angled accordingly at the headboard. Ease of use was critical when developing the unique design.

The feet are lower and angled appropriately at the foot of the bed frame for solid support.

The feet are connected to each leg of the bed frame for solid support. No particle board – no metal screws – no electro motors for the healthiest sleep environment.

Bedframe Features

Pummer Bed Frame has an open design to encourage air flow through the SAMINA slats and other breathable layers of the healthy sleep system.

In all beds except twin, there are a pair of SAMINA slats. One set of slats per person provides custom back support for each sleeper. The slats fit perfectly in the Pummer® bed frames with each resting on a side rail sharing the center supporting foot.

Both slats are nestled snugly within the Pummer bed frame assuring no gaps so they work as designed moving vertically to support your spine.

The side view of bed frame in solid oak inclined at 5-degrees (foot on left, head on right).

Pummer Bed Frame Options

The SAMINA sleep healthy concept is all about custom comfort and configuration for your body and your sleep. Although we offer standard design options for the Pummer bed frames, when you have custom design requests, just ask.

Standard Sizes





California King

Standard Options

Solid Oak

Solid Walnut

Solid Elm


Wood stain (ex., white wash)

Night Tables


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