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  • Delta Pillow


    Delta is the most popular SAMINA pillow. It has a highly elastic natural rubber core that adapts to the neck-head line and the design prevents strain in the neck. The natural rubber core is surrounded by virgin wool and encased in Bio-Ceramic®  organic cotton. This is the best pillow for side and back sleepers. High pillow recommended only for people with broad shoulders. Inserts available to increase height.

  • Balance Pillow


    The SAMINA Balance supports correct positioning of the neck and head to benefit the cervical spine with its narrow natural rubber insert positioned behind the neck. Filled with virgin wool and encased in the Bio-Ceramic Organic Cotton fabric, the Balance is ideal for anyone who sleeps on their back.

    For more information about the innovative Bio-Ceramic Organic cotton material exclusively available from SAMINA, see Bio-Ceramic® Bedding.

  • SAMINA Bio-Ceramic Wool Pad Toppers


    Although intended for use as one of the three essential layers in a SAMINA healthy sleep system, the SAMINA wool toppers may be used on any mattress to luxuriously upgrade your sleep.

    The Climate-regulating wool topper is the top layer of a SAMINA healthy sleep system and, with consistent care, will last for years. SAMINA recommends the topper be replaced every 10 to 12 years.

  • Protection Cover for Bed


    These protection covers (mattress cover) are made in Austria from high-quality organic cotton and have 4 elastic bands in each corner to secure the cover in place.

  • Shoulder Pendere


    SAMINA sleepers can modify the system for optimal comfort. The Shoulder Pendere are pads specifically designed to alleviate shoulder and neck tension for side sleepers and people with broad shoulders. By removing several slats and replacing with a cushion on either side of the middle rubber tube of the SAMINA slats, the pressure on the shoulders is greatly relieved.

  • Neck Pillow


    The Neck pillow by SAMINA is called the Hörnchen meaning croissant in German. It is a long, narrow orthopedic pillow designed to fit in the sway of the neck with little other support for the head. Filled with virgin wool and encased in Bio-Ceramic® organic cotton exclusively from SAMINA.

  • Hip Intensifier


    SAMINA sleepers can modify the system for optimal comfort. The Hip Intensifier was designed to boost support where its most needed in the lower back area. Ideal for people with lower back pain or those who carry extra weight around their abdominal area or people who want firmer support for their backs. Additional natural rubber inserts boost support and are easy to install in the SAMINA slats.