A message from Angi Fletcher

ffMy mom had her marriage bed for 40 years – she bought it in Switzerland. It was one thing that intrigued me about SAMINA which is made in Austria; it reminded me of mom’s bed. The layers mimic the human body and really cover everything you need for a good night’s sleep. We love that there is nothing synthetic or toxic, no fire retardants, no petrochemicals – just pure natural and organic materials.

It took us a couple of months after learning about it to make the purchase because it is a huge investment. But I am convinced it is the best bed money can buy and it will be our lifetime bed and sanctuary—like mom’s was to her.

We are delighted to support Angi’s mission sharing her personal strategies and actions to live a healthier, more holistic, toxin-free, and more natural lifestyle for optimal mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing…to be happier and healthier.



We offer you a 5% discount towards your investment in a SAMINA sleep system—ultimately, an investment in YOU. When you make any SAMINA purchase, you also will be eligible for a surprise gift with purchase.

We encourage you to learn more and one of the best and most personal ways to do this is through a complimentary consultation so you can see how SAMINA could help you and, specifically, address any sleep issues, back pain or other health concerns you have. Click here to request a consultation.

SAMINA offers a complete healthy sleep solution where other mattress brands miss the mark. In fact, most mattress options would not give you what Brian considers to be a “safe night’s sleep”.

Common mattress brands can be harmful to your health in a number of ways including:

  • the exposure to toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and benzene;
  • synthetic polyesters, polyurethane, and petrochemical-based foams that don’t breathe trapping heat;
  • moisture from sweat and respiration encourages dust mites colonization and mold growth;
  • EMF’s that can disrupt your sleep and thus affect your waking life are attracted to the body while sleeping upon metal coil springs and box springs.

It’s estimated that as many as 40% of Americans are electro-sensitive and the prolonged EMF-exposure from a mattress containing metal can, among other things, be a contributing factor to insomnia, EHS, anxiety and more.

For these reasons and more, SAMINA is the metal-free, non-toxic brand Brian Hoyer, endorses as a safe and healthy choice for your sleep.

You sleep 1/3 of your life. That is four months a year in bed!

What is a sleep system?

A system is a set of different things that work together. In our case, what you would normally think of as the mattress is several different components or layers blending concepts of sleep medicine with natural sleep principles for a healthy, holistic solution. We call this the SAMINA sleep system.


There are only three essential layers: (1) the Orthopedic Flexible Slat Frame; (2) the Natural Rubber Mattress; and (3) the Climate-regulating Wool Pad topper. To enhance your sleep and comfort, SAMINA also offers optional items including grounding pads, pillows and duvets.

What the SAMINA Sleep System Offers

  • Best and most comfortable back support.
  • A bed made exclusively from certified organic, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic materials.
  • Fewer dust mites for better breathing.
  • Naturally better bed temperature so you don’t sleep too hot or too cold.
  • Improved sleep quality to awaken well-rested and feeling good.
  • To bring the body back into balance with the Lokosana® grounding pad especially recommended for people who are electro-sensitive (EHS).
  • …and much more.

Click here for a quick video overview of the product line.

SAMINA is sleep in its most natural form.


A Personal Welcome

Thank you for taking a nod from Angi to check out SAMINA. The fact you want to learn more about healthy sleep is great for you! People just don’t realize how important sleep is to their general health, immune system, anti-aging efforts, longevity and overall wellbeing.

Please know we especially value your visit to our humble website because we are also fans of the amazing Angi Fletcher (aka Angi Greene) and want to do right by you.

We are fortunate to know wonderful holistic practitioners and people seriously committed to living a life as healthy as possible, like Angi. She is remarkable in so many ways! Mother – wife – competitor – triathlete – model – fitness trainer – and yet she is not perfect, doesn’t feel perfect and she lets us all know that’s perfectly okay. A real inspiration to women everywhere!

We hope you find the answers you are looking for and personally assure that a real human being is ready to talk to you. We’re kind of “old school” and hands-on in that regard and promised Angi we would take special care of you.

Please call or email us today and we can get you on the road to better sleeping tonight.

Sleep well to stay healthy!

Claus Pummer

1.877.494.1091 Toll-free (in US and Canada)


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What People Say about SAMINA

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

Physician and scientific advisor, founder –
Sophia Health Institute & SAMINA sleeper

“There is no metal in the SAMINA bed and thus does not serve as a conductor or antenna for any EMF fields. If you sleep in a shielded bedroom, their grounding system can further help isolate you from an electrical fields and lower your body voltage which helps to radically improve the quality of your restorative sleep.”

Bob Ernst, California

“This bed has had a SIGNIFICANT impact on my health. Really bad insomnia for 12 years; I couldn’t imagine anything changing that – but the SAMINA bed did. I was sleeping significantly better during the first week of sleeping on the bed – Plus, more energy during the day. I believe the grounding pad has been a big part of this. I highly recommend trying the SAMINA bed.”

Angi Fletcher

“We met Claus and Denise at a Biohacking conference and are beyond grateful we did! There are very few companies that combine quality of product with quality of relationship. This sleep system has been one of the greatest investments we have made for our health AND the environment! Our restorative sleep has increased (even being in a season of raising young children) and our stress has decreased. I cannot recommend this bed (or the humans that build it) highly enough!!!”

Daria, San Francisco

“This bed has it all: organic natural materials, orthopedic layers, grounding solution, no metals, no irritants… It provides relaxation on a whole another level – mental and physiological. I have never been able to fall asleep so easy as right now. Since day one on SAMINA I’ve experienced a shift in my Circadian rhythm, going to bed early and waking up early has never been easier.”