Why The Healthy Sleep Guy Worries about EMF Exposure

Why The Healthy Sleep Guy Worries about EMF Exposure

Original publication date: Sep 23, 2021    Updated: Jan 25, 2023

People often wonder why the “healthy sleep” guy talks so much about EMFs.

I know some people regard the topic as quackery, but the facts along with my own personal experiences cannot be ignored. I am, after all, in the health business and this is a subject I cannot ignore.

Although the topic is gaining in popularity, it’s still relatively obscure and unheard of by most people and with a personal mission to help people be their healthiest, I feel obligated to help educate the public.

In my line of work, I talk to people about their sleep. This can quickly become an intimate conversation. Most of the time, we are talking or videoconferencing but sometimes I am literally in the bedroom discussing the most personal habits—Do you sleep with a partner, pet, or both? What is your bedtime routine? What health problems, if any, do you suffer from? …and so forth.

I take a holistic approach, so my mission is to help people get naturally healthy sleep without pills, devices, or apps. Of all the things influencing sleep, I have personally seen time and again the one thing that helps people sleep better—once they remove electronics especially their cell phone from the bedroom and limit use before going to bed, sleep occurs much more effortlessly. This is also why SAMINA sleep systems have a metal-free mattress.

Cell phone usage is, in my opinion, especially dangerous. It’s like Building Biologist, Angie Nicolucci says –

You can’t smell, see, or hear what the cell phone is emitting, so nothing is going on, right? Actually, something is going on, and in the words of Lionel Richie, it’s happening all night long.

Think about it: a cell phone is a radiation-emitting device used close to your brain and carried on your body that constantly pulses radiation: radiofrequency (RFs), Bluetooth, and WiFi. The NIH’S National Cancer Institute admits: “The human body does absorb energy from devices that emit radiofrequency radiation.” That’s why it makes me insane to see women tuck a cell phone into their bras! I personally have warned total strangers to stop this and know medical doctors who treat breast cancer and share the same concerns.

In my opinion, it is illogical to think that NOTHING HAPPENS to us when our bodies absorb radiation while the exposure levels are the highest in human history by about a billion times more over the last 100 years.

Yet what can we do?

The number one thing we can do is lessen exposure whenever and wherever you can. My friend, Nick Pineault, The EMF Guy agrees. That’s why I strongly support his educational efforts and encourage you to check out his upcoming EMF Hazards Summit. When he asked, I said “yes” to being a sponsor of this event in 2021 and I continue to support his efforts. He takes the time to verify the science and interviews the experts in his podcast, Smarter Tech. It’s worth your time to check it out, too.

With so much on my mind and so much information to share with you, I will be devoting the next few blogs to 5 compelling truths that removed my doubts and convinced me to lessen my own radiation exposure.

Learn more about why you should be concerned and how to mitigate your own and your family’s exposure to EMFs and RFs including wireless radiation.

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EMF Hazards Summit – February 2 – 5, 2023

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Claus Pummer