Natural, Healthy Sleep By Way of a Warm Bed Climate

Natural, Healthy Sleep By Way of a Warm Bed Climate

by Claus Pummer |December 6, 2018

Sleep Warm and Natural

The state of your body temperature while sleeping is pivotal in order for you to get a restful sleep. In fact, two popular reasons people don’t sleep well is they are too hot and too sweaty. This is something that the SAMINA understands and we have the bedding and the materials to provide an ideal warm bed climate for a sound and natural sleep. Now that it is the winter season, the temperature will be dropping each day. The effects of cold weather on your sleep can disturb the quality of your sleep and alter your physiology of sleep. Combined with our sleep system and what you need to know about the effects of cold weather, we can provide you with the materials to keep a warm bed climate throughout the season.

Negative Effects of Cold Weather When You Sleep

One thing when it comes to snowy weather or very cool breezes is that it’s the time when the common cold thrives. Your immune system will be weaker in colder weather, giving conditions and viruses like the common cold and hypothermia room to infect a person’s body.  Here are several other ways the cold can affect your body:


  • With cold weather comes the fall of the barometric pressure. This is the pressure that is exerted by the weight of air in the Earth’s atmosphere. The result is sinus issues and migraines.
  • The REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep is reduced, making it difficult for the brain to relax while you sleep. This causes difficulty concentrating throughout the day.
  • Secretion of stress hormones such as adrenaline will rise which will lead to a rise in stress and blood pressure.
  • Lung spasms will occur and cause a difficulty in breathing for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.
  • Cold air can affect melatonin production in a negative way. This means that your sleep cycle could be disrupted and sleep deprivation could occur.


Pure Wool to Keep Your Body Warm

In order to secure a restful sleep in the cold, we must look at what you’re sleeping on. Fortunately, SAMINA’s wool comforters, also known as duvets, can help provide comfort for a healthy sleep. All duvets are filled by hand with pure sheep’s wool. The wool selected by SAMINA is from free-roaming, pesticide-free, living sheep that are sheared humanely and then the wool is entirely hand-processed into layers. This increases the lanolin within the wool to optimize the performance of the wool which is one of the best all-round fiber for any climate. The lanolin-rich wool used by SAMINA also enhances the warm, cozy bedding by its ability to absorb around 30% of its own weight in moisture which then evaporates into the surrounding air especially when used in SAMINA’s open air sleep system.

The Perfect Duvet for Icy Weather

SAMINA organic mattresses

When the temperatures begin to drop during the Autumn season, SAMINA’s Spring/Autumn Duvetis thick and heavy enough to balance your body’s temperature. The additional filling of virgin sheep’s wool will furthermore keep your body nice and cool while you sleep. And not only for the Fall, SAMINA has crafted duvets suited for each season of the year.

Bio-Ceramic Bedding

Samina Sheep


SAMINA’s Bio-Ceramic Natural Beddingcombines 60% organic cotton and 40% bio-ceramic yarn. This special Bio-Ceramic natural fabric is wrapped around pure virgin sheep’s wool to create soft and supple mattress toppers, pillows, and duvets. As a result, this natural bedding balances heat and moisture during sleep. The bedding also could make a dry and cozy warm bed climate while also promoting detoxification, relaxation, and stress reduction on the body.

Stay Warm With SAMINA

With SAMINA’s natural bedding products and materials, a warm bed climate is created to provide healthy sleep and maximize comfort in sleep. Make sure to go on our website to search for your perfect SAMINA product today. Stay warm, stay in comfort, stay SAMINA healthy.

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