SAMINA Will Help Improve Healthy Sleep for Kids

SAMINA Will Help Improve Healthy Sleep for Kids

by Claus Pummer |December 6, 2018

Kids Need Healthy Sleep

Healthy sleep for kids has become a growing concern with parents. In today’s world, we’re thinking about how to make the planet a healthier place, and how to make our minds and bodies the healthiest they can be. Sleep is an important part of making our minds and bodies healthier. For children, sleep accounts for the largest part of their young lives which is why using SAMINA products is key for a good night’s rest for your children.

Natural Materials

Healthy sleep for kids starts with the right materials. SAMINA products are made from organically grown, organic certified and unadulterated materials. All of the products are carefully and gently produced in the best tradition of craftsmanship by hand so that the natural properties and benefits of the materials are retained.

Pure Wool

Children need warmth while they sleep, however they sweat faster than adults. This is why pure wool is ideal for warmth because it also provides the optimum temperature balance to prevent over-heating. In fact, the wool is not only helpful with temperature balance but it is a product of free-roaming, pesticide-free, living sheep. It’s also washed by hand and never chemically processed. This means that it’s safe for children (and adults!) to sleep with and, importantly, the sheep are ethically sheared. The high lanolin content in the natural wool is also a deterrent to dust mites making the bedding very hygienic even for the most sensitive sleepers.

Pillows for Babies and Toddlers

SAMINA has a special pillow filled with sheep’s wool. It was designed with a low profile to nurture little heads and necks with comfort. Speaking of babies, SAMINA has nursing and positioning pillows that are especially suitable for use while pregnant, during birth, while breast-feeding, or simply for the relaxation of mother and child. Handmade SAMINA quality goes into every detail and the pillow is made from unpolluted raw materials such as virgin sheep’s wool and organic cotton.

Rest Easy Now

Not only are SAMINA products some of the safest for you to use, but also for the use of your children. As detailed above, the products include organic, non-toxic sleep products with cuddly comfort to begin healthy sleep habits that last a lifetime. With SAMINA providing a healthy sleep for kids, you (and the little ones!) can rest easily.

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